The Skirt That Will Never Fit

When I received the book "Sew Serendipity" for Christmas a few years ago, I knew the skirt on the cover would be mine. So I made it last year. What I didn't mention was that I had made the skirt before. This project was a giant flop for multiple reasons, but I still love it so I wanted to share (even though it's a few years late).

The fabric was bought on vacation in Anguilla with my family, my first fabric shopping trip on the island so it's a pretty special piece. I only had a yard of it so whatever project I made couldn't be messed up.

When I decided to use this fabric for the skirt I was extremely careful about cutting out the print to make it as symmetrical as possible. The skirt has a decent amount of pieces but I was only using the majority of the print in two places, front and back.

Mini pip

Construction was simple but I took so much time on every step because I wanted this to be perfect. I actually ironed open each seam after sewing it, which is something I never do (I know, a big no-no). The one step I forgot to do correctly was use my measurements properly. When I made this skirt I had no experience with altering patterns to fit me and just never wanted to take the time to learn. I always figured I could fix it later.

Mini pip

Mini pip

Except I wouldn't fix it later. Once I finished and tried the skirt on, I realized that pencil skirts are not a good style for my body. There was no way I could alter this to make it flattering without just chopping half off and making it a mini skirt. I decided to leave it as is. For now, it's a good piece for my portfolio.

Mini pip

Mini pip

This was also one of my first attempts at zippers, needless to say it didn't go so well.

Mini pip

Mini pip

Even though this one didn't fit, for some reason I thought the same skirt in different fabrics would have worked! Not all projects are perfect, and it's ok that they aren't. This was a great learning experience even if I can't show it off by wearing it.


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