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Knit Circle Top

One day Mood was having a sale. It just popped up on my instagram feed and suddenly, I was on the website purchasing 5 yards of this oatmeal knit fabric. ("Heathered Oatmeal Cotton Blend" is the actual name) It was only $5 a yard and I really wanted to do some experimenting with knits so it was a good opportunity. Right? I'm allowed to tell myself that? Anyway, I have a lot to play with.

So because of this wonderful purchase, I've been browsing the web for quick, simple knit patterns to make. The first one that caught my eye was the "Circle Top" by Raechel Myers. Although it was a top for a toddler, I put in my own measurements and poof! top completed.

minipip - circle top

This is basically a rectangle with a neck hole and two seams for arms. Realistically, this top could be sewn in as little as an hour. Because I started re-watching LOST on netflix, my time was not within the hour.

Let me tell you, this top is so comfortable. With the measurements I used it came out a little over-sized, which I like, but if I make it again, I would probably make it a little smaller. 

minipip - circle top

minipip - circle top

minipip - circle top

minipip - circle top

I wore it to work today because the air conditioning makes the store pretty cool. I really can't wait to make more items with this fabric because it is gorgeous. I was looking into a skirt pattern so that might be the next thing. Do you recommend any patterns? I'm open to suggestions!




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