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Vacation: Part 2 (San Diego)

After our quick trip to Arizona, Drew's vacation pick was next. We originally planned to go to Napa Valley but because neither of us are too interested in wine, he thought San Diego would be better.

vacation part 2: mini pip

The first night there we decided to order room service and stay in the hotel and sleep. After the adventure of Arizona and all the traveling, we were exhausted.

The first day we went to the zoo! This was my favorite part of San Diego and it was clear why this zoo was so popular. I think we vacationed at a good time because it wasn't very busy but it was hot!

vacation part 2: mini pip

vacation part 2: mini pip

vacation part 2: mini pip

After a long day at the zoo, Drew picked the restaurant, Fogo de Chao. This was the most unique dining I have ever experienced and the service was phenomenal! It was similar to a buffet style with a salad bar but the main part of the meal was the meat. There were 16 different meats to choose from, each one brought to your table by a server. It was up to you what meat you wanted and how many "rounds" of meat to be brought over. I highly recommend this restaurant.

The next day we went to one of the beaches for a hike. The view was beautiful but we didn't prepare for any beach going so we didn't stay long.

vacation part 2: mini pip

vacation part 2: mini pip

There were a few fabric stores I wanted to stop in since we were in the area. The first, Beverly's, was incredibly disappointing. It was another version on JoAnn fabrics, without the huge amount of sales and coupons. The next Discount Fabrics, was great and I bought a vinyl remnant and two yards of this stretchy print.

vacation part 2: mini pip

We ended the trip with a visit to Old Town, which was cute and worth the stop but very tourist oriented.

I know this post seemed 'short' compared to Arizona but I just didn't have the same feeling about California. While we had a good time in San Diego, I don't want to go back anytime soon. My problem is that you have to really plan your trip. It's a little difficult to just go off and explore and most activities are expensive. We chose not to do Disney or Sea World because we didn't want to spend the money and since we didn't pack for the beach, activities were limited and there was only so much hiking we wanted to do.

The trip as a whole was much needed and I'm so happy we had time to get away but I'm excited to be back because I have so many projects coming up! Fall is here and that means I need to add some new apparel to my wardrobe and my etsy needs a MAJOR update (shop will remain in vacation mode for a bit longer) so come back and visit for some new sewing adventures.


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