A Change In The Wind

Things in my little life have been all over the place lately and it has taken a few weeks to settle the dust.

Last thursday was my last day working at Anthropologie. It was a decision that took weeks to come to but it was necessary. I had been feeling incredibly unmotivated and very frustrated with management and decided that it was my time to leave. I love the people I worked with so it was incredibly sad to say goodbye but now I will get time to refocus on my sewing and making my dreams a reality.

mini pip

 As you might have seen, it has been quiet around here with sewing projects. Just a little sneak peak as to whats coming up, here's a list of projects on my sewing table…ok they are in piles on the floor until I get a proper sewing table…but anyway,

  • my halloween costume
  • anorak jacket
  • new clutches
  • new totes
  • mini skirt

My list…right now. This is probably going to grow but for now, these are project that are started or almost compete.

And in other news, I finished my third half marathon yesterday! My dad and I ran the Shades of Death Half Marathon and finished under 2 hours! Drew ran the Devil's Run, which was 6.66 miles WITHOUT TRAINING and won first in his age group!

mini pip

My dad and I are now thinking about doing a full marathon but it wouldn't be for at least a year. I hear that's a lot of mental prep and a lot more training than I'm used to. I'll be resting for about a week before jumping right back into running!

Lots of life changes coming up, but everything is exciting and I'm really looking forward to the future.


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