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Cranberry Anorak Jacket

I love jackets. Something about a good jacket just makes me so happy. While I have …quite a few… jackets in my wardrobe, I didn't have a nice basic fall jacket. I was looking into buying an anorak but it was hard to find one that wasn't an army green. Don't get me wrong, I love the green! But I love to be unique just a little more.

cranberry anorak- mini pip

I decided on Simplicity 2153 after reading over some reviews and looking at other finished projects. I found the site Fashion Fabrics Club and bought a few yards of the Cranberry Red cotton twill.

cranberry anorak- mini pip 

  cranberry anorak- mini pip

I made view D, which is the full sleeve option. This was a very slow project. I cut the fabric out back in September and finally finished sewing it last Wednesday. But thankfully the fall weather has been kind and it got a few wears this weekend alone!

cranberry anorak- mini pip

The pattern was decently easy to follow. I didn't have a problem with the instructions until attaching the collar. The thing I had a huge problem with was the sizing. I get this is supposed to be a jacket so a little over sized, well, that's natural. But following my body measurements I cut out a size 10 and this thing was huge! I chopped off at least 4" from the bottom and took in the sleeves and sides about 3". I hate making muslin versions of apparel before the real one because I'm impatient and want instant results. But I think I'll make a size 8 next time I use Simplicity.

cranberry anorak- mini pip

  cranberry anorak- mini pip

cranberry anorak- mini pip

Anyway, besides my issues with sizing, this pattern is awesome. I love how large the pockets are and I love the waist gathering. The fabric is perfect for fall because it's light enough to breathe but put a sweater under it and it's warm. I would make this again, but probably not for a while. I'm ready to go back to my quick sewing projects. And with Halloween at the end of the week, my costume is next on the sewing list!

cranberry anorak- mini pip




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