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2015 Sewing List

Can you believe it's almost 2015!? All around the blogosphere, wrap up posts are in full swing. I wanted to share some of my favorite projects from the past year and the projects I'm looking forward to next year.

Handbags & Accessories : Mini Pip

This year I went from working 7 days a week between Anthropologie and my parent's farm to just full time on the farm with THREE days a week to dedicate to sewing! This was a huge life change and it has allowed me to think more seriously about where I want my little bag business to go. 

This year I introduced three new aprons, a new bag and started sewing for the farm.

For 2015, I really want to focus on the construction of the bag. I've started adding a lot more hardware to each design and would love to continue with that theme. I've already designed a cross-body to put into production in the new year and have a few more bag ideas looming in my mind.

Clothing: Personal Sewing

2014 was a huge year for personal sewing and I already have a list of clothing I want to make for 2015. 2014 saw a few refashions, some adorable dresses and lots of pattern making. Since farming isn't the best place for a handmade dress, 2015 will be geared towards more wearable items.

Apparel sewing-003

Apparel sewing-004

I conquered my fear of swimwear a few months ago - and got into knitwear – but this year my new challenge is active wear! I'm currently training for my first marathon so I've been running 5 days a week which is taking a toll on my current running wardrobe. Running apparel is SO EXPENSIVE and since I make almost everything else in my wardrobe, why not try running gear? Fehr Trade has some amazing patterns I want to try out.

Some other items on my must sew list are:

Waffle Pattern Caramel Jacket

Jamie Jeans (or Ginger Jeans, haven't decided)

Some cozy sweatshirts

Boxy Tops (I'm loving this style lately)

And some more refashions (I'm looking at these for inspiration)


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!  


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