Band of Florals Tee #selfishsewingweek

What a difference a week can make! These past few days have been a glorious mix of sun and higher temps (and yes, at this point, 50 degrees is AMAZING).

Monday morning I opened the window in my studio and haven’t shut it since. It made me want to clean. So I started with my fabric stash, of course. I began pulling out all the fabrics I wanted to work with for some new clothes this spring. Which led me to think about what to make with those fabrics-which then led to opening up pattern books and picking pieces out. I quit cleaning pretty early on to make this adorable top.

 Band of Florals Tee - Trish Stitched

I can’t stop stalking pinterest and this top has been on my mind for some time. I love the simple band of floral at the top and definitely wanted to recreate it. I made a boxy top a few weeks ago that I never posted so I had a pattern for this and after some Franken-cutting, the pattern was perfect.

Band of Florals Tee-Trish Stitched

I still have a million yards of this grey left over from Mood so whenever I can put it to use, I do. I picked up the floral at a large garage sale so I don’t know exactly what it is but the print is cute.

Band of Florals Tee-Trish Stitched

The biggest issue I had with this top was where the band should fall. I didn’t want it in the center of my torso because that would make me look way too short. I started with it a few inches below my chest but it looked strange so I moved it up. I wish I did the band on the front alone because I’m not thrilled with the look on the back.

Band of Florals Tee-Trish StitchedDSC_0029-001Band of Florals Tee-Trish Stitched

This top is so comfortable. And I didn’t even have to hem it. Win-Win. Happy Spring!

Band of Florals Tee-Trish Stitched


4 thoughts on “Band of Florals Tee #selfishsewingweek

    1. Thanks! It’s actually seamed, so there were quite a few pieces involved. I didn’t even think about just sewing it right over the knit but it’s possible! Might have been harder to keep the lines straight though.


  1. Nice shirt! I love that Cal Patch book, too. I haven’t gone beyond it with pattern designing, but it really empowered me to create my own clothes and to realize that I could figure how to make a pattern if I really wanted to.

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