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Floral Shorts

I’m attracted to bright, bold prints. What can I say, I’m a color girl. My mom and I purchased this fabric from JoAnn’s last year as a cover for the counter in our farm market. It is called “outdoor fabric”, descriptive right? It’s pretty heavy but not too heavy to deal with- but it does keep its shape! We bought a little too much and I had planned on making some fabric baskets for the market but just never had the time. We have since changed the fabric on the counter-to the same print in a different color. (still available)

Earlier in the year, after some pinterest-ing, I fell in love with printed shorts. Usually these shorts are made with beautiful, flowing fabrics, but of course I have to make things difficult. I remembered back to the counter fabric and hoped it would work out.

  Floral Shorts by Trish Stitched    Floral Shorts by Trish StitchedFloral Shorts by Trish Stitched

I brought home the extra fabric about a month ago, but the weather wasn’t very welcoming for shorts so I kept the project in the back of my mind. When it started heating up in the city, I pulled out my shorts pattern (Iris by Collette) and got to work. I didn’t want the print in inappropriate places but think I spent too much time focused on where the floral should go, that it got messed up anyway. The print is just too large.

Floral Shorts by Trish Stitched

This is the third time I’ve worked with this pattern. The first time I shared in my last post, and the second is undocumented as I just never photographed them! The first time I made the pattern I cut a size too large, but of course forgot about that while making these! I wound up cutting about an inch and a half from the sides. I like the pattern, the fit is nice, but I’m a little tired of making this same pattern over and over. I would really love a shorts pattern with a front zipper, a technique I would love to learn.

Floral Shorts by Trish Stitched

Floral Shorts by Trish Stitched

Floral Shorts by Trish Stitched

In other news, I’m currently in the market for a new sewing machine! My little Janome isn’t able to handle all the sewing that I do. I’m having problems with layers and a lot of my stitches are getting caught. It is a very old machine, given to me by my mom and for the past 9 years, its been a dream! But I need something more industrial- without being an industrial machine. I love Janome and the HD3000 looks awesome but I welcome opinions!


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