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Me Made May: Last Two Weeks and Overview

Sorry for the small absence, work on the farm has been crazy and this past weekend was the estate sale at my grandparents house, so the prep for that was very stressful.

Me Made May started out really strong, but by the end, I was so over coming up with outfits because I didn’t have enough pieces. I did manage to wear handmade everyday but by the last week, it was all repeats.

Day 15: Anorak Repeat

This was my first repeat, which has actually pretty good to get to day 15 without a repeat.

Day 16: Kimono

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

My recently handmade kimono was worn this day. I love this piece, and it is perfect for summer.

Day 17: Handmade Tote

In search of a job tote

I now use this as a gym bag when I just have a few items to tote around.

Day 18: Infinity Top (unblogged)

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

I don’t wear this top much because it’s a little heavy. I also didn’t make the chest section long enough so if I’m wearing this on a day with a lot of physical activity, the straps shift quite a bit. But I love the color and the versatility. I would love to make an infinity dress one day, just wish it didn’t take so much fabric!

Day 19: Refashioned Skirt

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

This was a dress my mom didn’t want, but didn’t do much for my figure. A quick cut and stitch and a skirt was made!

Day 20: Handmade Tank

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

Took my basic tank pattern and made a new tank with leftover active wear fabric. I’ll be posting this tank later to show the back off (there’s color blocking in this one!)

Day 21: Refashioned Hoodie

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

I made this a few years ago after my favorite hoodie had some holes in the cuffs.

Day 22: Handmade Leggings

Another repeat!

Day 23: Bombshell Bathing Suit

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

Did some planting in my bombshell. I like to be in the garden in a bathing suit because the fabric keeps me cooler than cotton and the tan lines aren’t as bad 😉

Day 24-31: All repeats

I didn’t take photos of all the repeats but these days I mostly wore more handmade tanks, my anorak and my cross body.

Overall, Me Made May was slightly successful. I needed more easy tops for days on the farm. I really want to find the perfect t-shirt pattern and just make a ton of them, like I’ve started doing with my tank. Before this challenge, I basically wore running clothes to work in my sewing studio but actually thinking about what I was going to wear and dressing up a little- even just to sew- was fun!

In other news, I will be doing my first real craft show this weekend! This is the first event where I’ll need a tent and a full on display, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio, making as many bags as I can. I will be putting my shop on vacation for that day (Sunday) so I have enough product to fill my booth! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Me Made May Week 3 and 4


10 thoughts on “Me Made May: Last Two Weeks and Overview

  1. I like the infinity top and the bathing suit a lot. Where’d you find such cute swimsuit fabric? Good luck with the craft show, sounds like lots of fun!


  2. Very cute clothes!! You make me want to make more clothes for myself! which I barely have time for but you are truly inspiring me 😉
    And congratulations on your first craft event I’m sure you will be a success!! and yes please keep us posted


    1. Thank you so much! Your work is fantastic! It is a huge talent to sew for other people, something that I hope to get better with in more time. And thanks! I will do another post all about the show!

      Liked by 1 person

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