Stripes & Florals Boat Top

There are a few things I need to talk about before getting into this post. First, THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who commented about my craft show experience. You are all so sweet and it was so touching to read all your kind words. Secondly, the bag I made for Drew was on BUZZFEED! I frequently post projects on the site Kollabora– an awesome craft site. Well, the site editor puts craft/DIY posts together for Buzzfeed and my bag was included in the last round up! I just needed to say these few things because I am so grateful for all the love I’ve received over the past few days.

Now onto my new top! When I’m a little low on money but have the urge to craft I take a gander on the internet for patterns. My last search came up with this lovely top from an Australian fabric store! The Mandy Boat Tee is 100% free! ( I think you have to enter your email address, but come on – it’s worth it). The pattern is one size fits all, so I did take the pattern in before cutting out my fabric.

Stripes & Floral Boat Top- Trish Stitched

Stripes & Floral Boat Top- Trish Stitched

The fabric is from JoAnn’s (I swear it’s like I’m becoming their spokesperson). I just couldn’t resist it when I had to go in to pick up a few things. It’s called Stripe Garden Black Slub Knit, and it’s on sale so get it while it’s available!

Stripes & Floral Boat Top- Trish Stitched


Stripes & Floral Boat Top- Trish Stitched

It’s a quick, comfy, (almost) free top!


13 thoughts on “Stripes & Florals Boat Top

  1. I’m not surprised your bag was picked – it was brilliant! I am now printing out the pattern for the Mandy Boat Tee so thank you for that link.


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