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“Put a Ruffle on It” Swimsuit

A few months ago, I was browsing around online and came across this swimsuit. I’m so in love with one piece bathing suits and this one caught my attention. I “pinned” it so it remained in the back of my mind, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the suit. It’s a beautiful design in a stunning print, but I knew I could challenge myself to make it.

The thought sat in my mind for a month. A whole month before I decided to look up fabrics and patterns. I finally gave in, thinking I could finish it with a little time left in summer to enjoy wearing it. Fabric came right before vacation, so I had to wait another three weeks to make it! That gave me plenty of time to decide on patterns to use and how to construct.

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

Ever since I made the Bombshell, here and here, I’ve loved the full coverage of the swim skirt, and decided to use the bottom of that for this version. The top design seemed to match well with the Watson Bra, from Cloth Habit, and adding a ruffle in between seemed easy enough.

Put a Ruffle on it Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

This piece took two days to make. The first day I focused on the skirt. Since I’ve made it before, I wanted to start the project with what I knew. Next day was the top. The Watson Bra has fantastic instructions that go with it, but because this was my first time sewing any sort of underwear, there were many things I wish I had done differently. First of all, I didn’t use “lingerie elastic” like the pattern called for because I didn’t have any on hand. I also should have sewn the elastic just a little tighter and added a piece to the back (which I plan on going back to do). I completely changed the bra straps because fussing with closures on bathing suits always leaves room for a wardrobe malfunction.

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit

The only issue I had was where to add the ruffle. Adding it to the top I thought the ruffle would be too high. But if the ruffle was added to the skirt, it would be impossible to put on! I realized that once I tried to shimmy into the ruffle piece after making it- it didn’t get very far over my thighs haha. I sewed the ruffle to the top and tried the whole piece on together and it was perfect.

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

My favorite part about this suit (besides the totally awesome floral galaxy print) is how versatile this suit can be! I can wear the bottom with a different top and vise versa. I would like to make a black two piece just for this purpose.

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

I can’t recommend the Bombshell Bathing Suit, by Closet Case Files, enough. My third time with the pattern and I just want to keep making them! And I’m so happy I went with the Watson Bra, by Cloth Habit, for the top. I never thought I would be interested in making my own under things but it takes such little fabric, and so little time! I think I’ll start focusing more on underwear and bras once my etsy shop gets its full update. Yes, fall is coming, then holiday season is right around the corner!

Fabric for this suit is from Fabric Fairy. It looks like it’s sold out right now (it’s completely off the site) but they have so many great prints for swimwear so I suggest still looking them up if you are in the market.

Put a Ruffle on It Swimsuit- Trish Stitched

The more I make my own swimwear, the more comfortable I get in my own skin. I don’t believe you have to wear skimpy suits to look good, and you definitely don’t have to wear tiny two pieces to feel good. Now I need a trip to the beach!


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