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Shawl Collar Plaid Jacket

Have you ever had a project that sucked out all your sewing motivation? This was that project for me. This jacket was a struggle from start to finish but I’m glad it’s done and didn’t just wind up in my unfinished project pile never to be picked up again.

Lets start with a story. Months ago, I saw this amazing jacket (which I should have bought on the spot) and said to myself, well I can make that, and save some money doing it! I get myself in a lot of trouble this way. I should also note (for my non sewing readers), chances are you spend more money trying to make the item than the actual item costs!  This was back in August, when plaids were just starting to emerge in all the fabric stores. The problem was, I couldn’t find a red buffalo plaid that would make a good jacket. I searched and searched, and just gave in to one of JoAnn’s plaid options. Now the red plaid is so readily available, it’s depressing.



The next problem I faced was picking put a suitable pattern. The collar was what I had to watch out for. I fell in love with one pattern, but did not want to invest in a $30 pattern for this jacket. I was trying to save money by making my own… remember? So I settled for this Burda Style Pattern. And THAT is a whole ‘nother story! I’ve never sewn Burda successfully before. One of my first apparel projects was a sweater pattern from Burda and it was awful! The sizing was all wrong and the instructions weren’t helpful, but I was convinced it was my lack of skills.



This pattern was difficult. I didn’t buy enough fabric to match all my plaids, and I got lost about 10 times while making this jacket. I wish the instructions came with images, especially with attaching the collar and lining. I ran out of fabric for the collar facing, which is why it is finished in black.



Overall, I’m happy I finished the jacket but I don’t think this is the style for me. I knew it would be a much different style than the original jacket but I still went for it. Unfortunately, the large collar is way too much for my petite body. Now that I look back at the photos, the jacket isn’t awful, but ultimately, it just isn’t “me”.


 Have you ever had a project that just didn’t work out? Does it sit in your closet? Do you donate it? I know I can draft a new collar for this, but I’m just done with it. I hate for it to sit there unloved but maybe I’ll turn in into a refashion project..one day.


2 thoughts on “Shawl Collar Plaid Jacket

  1. I’m so glad to see you finished the coat! On the bright side, you didn’t leave it in “time out” nearly as long as I often leave my projects 😉

    Rather than donating it, you should consider auctioning it off on your Instagram account. I’ve seen some sewers do that pretty successfully. It may not be your style, but it’s a beautiful coat and people love handmade stuff (especially at a “discount”).

    If nothing else, hold onto it until a friend your size passes a big milestone and you can win “best gifter”! Or just cut it up and refashion 🙂


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