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Pneuma Tank, Running Top with Added Bra Cup Pockets! 

Hello, hello! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, mine was pretty spectacular and I can’t wait to use my new luggage from Drew for our upcoming vacation. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Cath Kidston here before but for those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with that woman and have been eyeing her travel bags for some time. This is the newest piece added to my collection. It’s gorgeous.

 With the holidays coming to an end, I can finally get back to my regular schedule. I made this top last week but haven’t had the chance to photograph it. So here’s my new workout top, featuring my brand new hair cut! I got about 11″ chopped off and I love having my bob back. Also, if you have been considering making a large cut, please think about donating your hair! This will be my third time donating my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Here’s the link to the site, if interested.

Anyway, back to my top. The Pneuma Tank has been high on my wish list to make because it is a pattern with both a sports bra and a top. I really want to invest in making active wear but want to start with patterns that will give me options to form a wardrobe. So this one is like two patterns in one.



I have issues with sports bras. Because my active wear is mostly meant for running, I need the upper chest support, even though I don’t have much to support. If a bra doesn’t have cups in it, I won’t buy it. I feel uncomfortable without cups and very self conscious, especially if it’s cold outside. So while the pattern doesn’t have an option to add cups, I found this AMAZING tutorial on how to add them. It’s from La Petite Josette and it’s full of photos and details for every step of the way. I did a few things differently because I was making the full top, not just the bra, but still used almost the full tutorial.



Based on my measurments, I made the XXS, and could still shorten the length just a bit. The bra is a little tighter than desired but I think that’s because I needed to add extra layers for the cups. Fabric for the tank is from Fabric.com, it’s called Cool Max Knit and the turquoise is sold out now but some other colors are still available. The bra fabric is a fat quarter from Spoonflower. The design is Plus Plus Cross Geometric Modern Patterns by LittleSmileMakers, printed on Performance Pique. I love this print, and love even more that the colors go so well with my turquoise solid.



Making active wear is definitely an accomplishment for me. Some sewing projects are rewarding but running wear is even more enjoyable to make because I get to use it more than a pretty dress or skirt. I have so many ideas for active wear and plan on taking that “New Year” motivation and running with it! (pun kind of intended).

Also, can you believe it’s the end of the year already? I feel like I didn’t accomplish my sewing goals- doesn’t it always go that way?! I want to write a yearly wrap up post and hopefully it will be up before the year is over.


5 thoughts on “Pneuma Tank, Running Top with Added Bra Cup Pockets! 

  1. Hi Trish,
    Your pnemona tank looks great! I have this pattern too and I am now sewing the soma swimsuit from papercut patterns, after that I plan on sewing this one. I am also very much into sewing active wear. I have always been into sports and as you said, these are some of the items that I use most in my wardrobe. I also love the design and construction of active wear in general. Moreover, like you I cannot wear anything without cups so I’ll definitely check out this tutorial. The swimsuits also did not have cups so I kind of had to improvise to get them in there. What you said about sizing is interesting because I had the same problem. I came out as XS in sizing but when I made the bikini top, it came out a bit tight. I guess because of the cups. Happy new year!


    1. Medi, thank you! I love the soma suit pattern, and was thinking about making one too! I had the same problem with another bra pattern that didn’t have the option of cups so it’s great having a tutorial to look at to get the piece perfect for wearing! It is wonderful how much the sewing world has adapted to the active apparel world recently- makes fueling our addictions so much easier haha! Happy New Year!

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