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Drew’s Christmas Cardigan

Happy Monday! I am back from vacation- and while I am not happy to be away from the beach and the 80 degree weather, I am thrilled to be back in my sewing studio. I’m a little behind in my posts, and have so many finished projects to share so I’ll start with this one.

 As I’ve mentioned before, Drew is incredibly hard to shop for so whenever a holiday rolls around, it takes lots of time to think of a good gift. Thankfully there is an awesome men’s sewing pattern company that has my back and made Christmas easy this year. Thread Theory is one of the best gift ideas for a seamstress to her boyfriend. The Newcastle Cardigan was the perfect intro into sewing Menswear and is a style that my suit wearing boyfriend is comfortable wearing for a casual look. I would love to make Drew the Finlayson Sweater or a few pairs of the Comox Trunks in the future.

I tried making this for Drew a few holidays ago but I made it way too small, and out of fabric that wasn’t the right fit. After that failure, I was weary to try again but wanted to attempt it one more time- because a girlfriend has to prove she can do it. I wanted this to be something Drew would want to wear so the gift wasn’t a surprise. Drew helped pick fabric and the collar style. I have a very picky man on my hands so having him involved was a sure way to make something he would truly love.



The pattern went together quickly, and the instructions were very easy to follow.  I wish I added a little more length to the body but the sleeve length is great. The fabric came from JoAnn’s, a really pretty knit. I’m not able to find it online but it has a quilted diamond pattern, which I thought was a cool feature for a cardigan.





I also have to give Drew some credit for actually letting me do a photo shoot. I asked him if it would be ok and he was all for it! We went to my parents house, on a frigid cold day, and took some pictures. For me it was weird being behind the camera for an apparel shoot but I was able to direct him without needing to take 20 photos for one good shot!


Thankfully he loves his Cardigan and I redeemed myself for sewing him apparel. He now wants a custom suit. Not happening.

Also, our vacation was fantastic! I’ll have a post soon about the trip and my fabric shopping experience in the Bahamas!

4 thoughts on “Drew’s Christmas Cardigan

  1. WOW! You did a great job on the cardigan! It looks and fits perfect! This makes me wish I had a boyfriend to make clothes for lol…he also did a great job modeling it 😀 Good to hear you had a great vacation and can’t wait to hear about it. As always you are such an inspiration xoxo


    1. Thank you! He was a good sport, I got pretty lucky haha but it’s more fun to make myself clothing. I’m actually thinking of making a cardigan for myself because it looks so cozy!


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