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New Year’s Eve Sequin Tank

While New Year’s Eve has come and gone, I forgot to share the top I made for the evening!

New Year’s Eve is all about the sparkly dresses and tops and I thought back to my fabric stash. I didn’t want to make a party dress and remembered I had almost a full yard of this sequin fabric from my Rainbow Fish costume and have been wanting to use it for some time. Since the fabric itself was so loud, I thought a simple top would be cute. I browsed pinterest for inspiration and loved the look of the sparkle tee shirt, but wanted something that flowed a little more.

I was really hoping to find a tutorial online for a tank with interesting straps but I was spending too much time searching and not enough time sewing, especially since this was a last minute project. I turned to the Sparkle Dress pattern that I made over the summer. It was a easy pattern that I’ve been wanting to try as a top so I went for it!



The fabric is very sheer so I needed to add a lining. I had some wicking fabric from fabric.com that would work and prevent from any scratching on my body. So if I ever go dancing in this top, the sweat will just wick away from my body haha!


This top is three rectangles. So. Easy. Originally I made each square 20″ by 20″ but the length was crazy long and it looked like a strange tunic. The sides were a great length but the points came down way too far so I did a weird hem job to keep the sides the same but the points shortened. The measurements of each piece came to something like, 17″ x 17″ x 20″ x 20″, in that order. Here’s a picture of the back with the measurements…


I needed to add bra cups to the Sparkle Dress when I first made it and knew I would have to add cups to this top. The only ones I had were these from JoAnn’s– originally bought to put in a sports bra. These cups are so firm. They are made out of this crazy hard foam and I will not be buying another pair of these, although it does look like my shirt has boobs just when it’s sitting on a hanger.

For New Year’s Eve, I paired this top with an awesome black blazer I have, jeans and black booties. I felt a little like a disco ball but love having this fun top in my wardrobe!






9 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Sequin Tank

  1. I love love this top I have to have something similar in my life! I love how glittery it is and how you toned it down with jeans, blazer and boots. Perfect sytling in my book! Thank you for sharing and linking the pattern. Saving it now. 🙂


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