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Aires Workout Leggings

The latest issue of Seamwork Magazine came out right before leaving for vacation and I instantly fell in love with the workout leggings on the cover. Maybe it’s because I was starting marathon training again and quickly running out of clothes to wear, or because I had the perfect fabric in mind for these pants-whatever the reason my mind gravitated towards these, and I had to make them ASAP. So, the day after returning from the Bahamas, these pants had begun.

I made Aires out of some performance fabric I bought from Fabric.com. This fabric was heavier than typical active fabrics I’ve worked with- which I’m hoping translates to “warmer” as I’ll be using these for outdoor runs. I do wish the fabric stretched a little more, as the pants are tighter than I would have preferred – but I think working them in will help. I made the XS, as per my measurements, but the hem on my calves are so tight they have to be worn a little higher. If I make these again, I will be leaving my calves a little more room.


I love the design detail on Aires and had been wanting to use a swatch from Spoonflower on a pair of leggings but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it, and this was a great chance to show it off! Aires also features a small pocket on the back waistband which is the perfect size for a Gu, which I like to carry for a shot of energy.



I definitely recommend the pattern. It’s a quick sew, and a great chance to use some fun fabrics!


I wanted to photograph these pants against the New York skyline because I always feature my parent’s farm in photo shoots. I live about a 10 minute walk from the pier in Hoboken and the view is always spectacular. I’m also not used to people being around when taking pictures so these were taken 7:30 Sunday morning so no one would see!


This morning was particularly cold so my actual run for the day I wore fleece lined running leggings and a few more layers on top so I can’t yet comment on the fabric and it’s wicking capabilities but I’ll wear them this week at the gym for a test.

I’m also looking to make Rio, the t-shirt pattern from the same Seamwork issue, but need to find some colorful fabrics for that one! Seamwork has been a great resource. The articles are fantastic and the patterns are cute, and usually quick makes. (I’ve made the Nantucket Shorts previously). Check it out if you haven’t already!


16 thoughts on “Aires Workout Leggings

  1. I love your pop of color with these! When I saw the pattern, I wasn’t crazy about the mesh, but hadn’t thought about (duh) using a contrast knit.

    I have the Rio (with the hack for the criss-cross back) on my “to make” list. I can’t wait to see yours!


    1. I had the same thought with the mesh!! I wasn’t a fan and was happy I already had a fabric in mind when seeing the pattern. The cross back Rio is so cute! If my first version goes well I might make that one! Looking forward to seeing yours as well!


  2. These look great! It’s amazing how different fabric can look in real-life photos rather than on fabric.com. Thanks for the note about the fit around the calves—I’ll keep that in mind!


  3. These leggings look great! and I love the scenery you used for the pics too 😀 You also inspired me to create my own leggings now since I am running out of clothes to wear to the gym! Thanks!


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