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Week 1: Me Made May 2016

I am happy to report Me Made May is going well! Granted we are only on Day 11 as I am writing this but I haven’t had any wardrobe repeats yet! As I mentioned previously, I’ll be posting daily on Instagram then going over the week of handmade here on the blog!

Here’s the past week all together:

apparel sewing11

And for the breakdown:

Day 1: My dad and I ran our second Marathon on May 1st! I didn’t have time to make running wear that I could properly test but I made my after race jacket. The entire day was raining and cold- over four hours of running in rain is not fun. But 26.2 miles later and that finish line never looked so good. I finished this jacket just before race day so I haven’t blogged about it yet but it is McCalls 7026 made with fabric from


Day 2: Total rest day after the marathon. I wore my handmade leggings from Spit Up and Stilettos and a handmade racerback tank.


Day 3: Just blogged cardigan refashion!


Day 4: Tribal print Dress- which I’ve never blogged! It was very chilly in my apartment and this dress was the perfect piece to wear. Cozy & warm for a day of sewing.


Day 5: Handmade Jeans! This was my first full day of wearing them and they are SO COMFORTABLE. The fabric (from has a great stretch that makes moving around a breeze.


Day 6: Gold Polka Dot Astoria. I am so happy to have three Astoria’s in my handmade wardrobe so I don’t have to keep wearing just one. I will probably wear the other two in no time!


Day 7: Floral & Stripes Boat Tee and Cranberry Anorak. I wear this combo very often, and separately these are the two pieces I wear the most. The boat tee is a super easy wear and the print is fun so it’s an automatic wardrobe staple. The anorak is the perfect lightweight jacket and I reach for it every week. I would love to make a heavier one as well- and one with a hood!


This month started out very chilly. The temperature has picked up here and there but I’m still cold. I love that Me Made is the month of May because I do still get to wear some warmer pieces- and hopefully wear my spring pieces later in the month!



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