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Mint & Floral Rain Coat

Back in January I realized a hole in my wardrobe during a trip to Florida. We got caught in the rain several times and I tried so hard to find a basic coat with a hood at the parks but had to cave into the awful poncho all the tourists wear. I couldn’t find something simple, lightweight, and something I could wear without it screaming “Minnie Mouse”. Of course this was my fault for not planning properly but it did give me a new sewing goal!

Back when I made my Winter Caramel Coat from Waffle Waffle Patterns, I mentioned I wanted to make one for every season because the shape is great and I love that it has a hood. And I’m so happy I went with the pattern again for this coat!


Fabric came from Denver Fabrics, and I was a little disappointed when it arrived. The image online was much more “mint” than it looks in person. I do wish it was a little darker in color but I wasn’t about to throw 3.5 yards out the window. The fabric is called “jacketing” and while I won’t be protected in a torrential downpour, I wanted a light rain coat for passing showers and this fabric fits the bill. One day I hope to make a more heavy duty one but that wasn’t the plan this time around. The floral print is also from Denver Fabrics and I’m so happy with how perfectly the floral looks with the mint!


The biggest requirement for this coat was to have a hood. I have multiple trench coats but NOT ONE has a hood! What was I thinking when I bought them? They were cute and I couldn’t pass them up. But this time- no way. I needed a hood. Thankfully, the Caramel Coat is cute and has a great hood so, win-win!


For some other details: I did extend the length of the pattern by about 2″. I had a problem with the cuffs. I just couldn’t seem to get them in properly and they are a little longer than I like so I’ll have to go over them again. I’m also now looking at the photos and seeing a small problem on the front hem and will have to redo the stitching there.

We’ve been getting a decent amount of rain this Spring but I didn’t get to finish this coat until most of it had passed. I’m looking forward to wearing it the rest of spring and summer though.



And just throwing it out there but any other bloggers get an irrational fear of moving when doing a photoshoot?  I had just ironed this and didn’t want to move a muscle until the camera went off. I also realized just how bad this stuff wrinkles! I’ll be starching this piece but any other tips for keeping it crisp?


8 thoughts on “Mint & Floral Rain Coat

  1. That raincoat is adorable! Where I live, we’ve been getting quite a bit of rain, and I’m sure this will be a useful piece for you. As for wrinkles and ironing and such, I too have that fear. I don’t really do much more than use fabric softener (on occasion) and air dry my pieces, then iron them right before a photoshoot. There really isn’t much else you can do.


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