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Western Stripe Peplum Top

Working from home has it’s perks. Comfy clothes, good coffee, and Netflix playing in the background to name a few. But it can also be very isolating. I find myself getting sucked into “work mode” where I forget it’s daytime and things are going on around me. A few years ago, I started getting into the habit of looking outside my window just to jump back into reality. We live across the street from an apartment building for retired individuals, so there isn’t much to look at but old people. But a few weeks ago, walking on the sidewalk was a woman wearing an awesome dress. Since we only have two windows facing the street, I had just a few seconds to see the dress but got enough of a look to be completely inspired.

It was a boxy dress with a gathered waist in a white and blue thick stripe. I fell in love, and wanted to make my own, and jumped on fabric.com to see my fabric options. I searched blue and white stripe and this beauty popped up. It wasn’t what I was looking for but it called to me and landed in my shopping cart.

I’ve also been trying REALLY hard to think about making wearable, basic pieces. And since I changed the fabric, I thought I could go from a dress to a top. I already had a boxy top pattern, and would just need a few modifications. This is the result!

People Watching Peplum Top - Trish StitchedPeople Watching Peplum Top - Trish Stitched

The pattern is the Lou Box Top by Sew DIY. I’ve made this pattern 4 times since buying it in May, so it is certainly a keeper. To make my adjustments was very simple. The Lou Box Top has multiple bottom options, and a line where those options become attached. I nixed the bottom portion and cut my top out of the basic bodice. To create the peplum, I cut a rectangle the length of the bodice plus 10″ x 6″.  This gave me 10″ to gather. If I were to make this again, I would lengthen it to 8″ instead of 6″. It isn’t too short to wear, but I would prefer it a little longer.

People Watching Peplum Top - Trish StitchedPeople Watching Peplum Top - Trish Stitched

After finishing, I decided to bring the side seams in by 1″ on each side. This kept the boxy look but a little more polished. I did keep the button close in back, and used a silvery button that’s been sitting in my stash.

People Watching Peplum Top - Trish StitchedPeople Watching Peplum Top - Trish Stitched

A little detail about the fabric, it’s a Robert Kaufman Chambray called “Western Stripe”. The print feels woven into the fabric, not printed, which makes the quality well worth it. The design isn’t raised like embroidery, but gives you the same feel. It’s really beautiful and sews up with such ease. I’ve sewn with Kaufman a few times before and it is never a disappointment. If you click the “Shop Now” photo below, it’ll take you right to the fabric!


So there’s a little insight to how my mind works! It’s so much fun to take something as inspiration and put your own spin on it. I do have the girl in the blue and white stripe dress to thank for this top, and I’m so happy she walked by as I was looking out the window! It was meant to be!

People Watching Peplum Top - Trish Stitched


7 thoughts on “Western Stripe Peplum Top

  1. Your top is lovely, I think the bottom is fab and looks great in that fabric. I love people watching, especially when it’s sunny and my sunglasses disguise my staring 🙂 reading blogs is similar and I get very inspired, your blog is fab for this.


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