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Aztec Popover Poncho

A few weeks ago, the lovely blogger Jordan from Resliced By Jordan posted her version of April Rhodes Popover Poncho on Instagram. I fell in love, even though I had seen the pattern many times before. But this time, I wasn’t thinking about sewing it for myself, but rather for Drew’s sister Lauren.

I am always incredibly nervous to sew for others, I think I feel my sewing skills aren’t good enough when it comes to making a piece for another person. But as the Popover Poncho comes in sizes S/M, L and XL, I felt more comfortable sewing this pattern for someone other than me. I made a size L but used the hem from the XL pattern for added length.

Aztec Popover Poncho - Trish Stitched

A few interesting things happened when sewing this poncho. I had bought a beautiful fleece from fabric.com along with a coordinating solid for the cowl neck. I cut out my fabric and immediately got the sinking feeling in my stomach. While I was so concerned with getting the print to match up on the sides, I failed to have the print centered on the front! I decided to continue making it just in case it wasn’t as bad as I thought but when I was just about done, I couldn’t accept giving it as a gift. I showed my mom and my sister and they agreed that I could do better, but they were both also happy to take the failed piece, so it will still go to a good home. (I just have to do some hand stitching)

Aztec Popover Poncho - Trish Stitched

I needed the gift for this past weekend, and only had two days to buy fabric and make a new poncho. I headed over to my local JoAnn’s and picked up this beautiful Jacquard and matching grey sweatshirt knit. This pattern sews up pretty quick and I had no problem finishing in time. I love the final poncho!

Aztec Popover Poncho - Trish StitchedAztec Popover Poncho - Trish StitchedAztec Popover Poncho - Trish Stitched

When I gifted the poncho, Lauren had just gone to JoAnn’s to buy fabric for her Halloween costume and saw this print in the store. She said, this poncho is just about the same print as the one that she saw and she wanted to buy it because she loved it but didn’t know what to do with it. When I told her it was, in fact, the exact same fabric, she asked if I made the poncho. Isn’t it so funny how some things work out? I am so happy I went with the Jacquard and SO happy she loves it!

Aztec Popover Poncho - Trish Stitched

A few comments about the pattern, it comes together very quick but if you have a longer torso or would like the poncho to cover your behind, make it longer than your size calls for. You can always cut off length but it’s much harder to add-  this might mean needing to buy extra yardage! Other than that, it was extremely easy to follow. I do love April Rhodes, I even made a quilt from her tutorial and fabrics, and have the pattern for the staple dress (which I still have to make). If you are looking for a quick, fun, and useful apparel project, this is a great pattern.

And on another note, JoAnn’s has a whole collection of these Aztec Jacquards. There were a few prints I was torn between- and I’m pretty sure they are selling out fast. The online photos don’t do these prints justice so head over to JoAnn’s if you want something similar!


4 thoughts on “Aztec Popover Poncho

  1. You are too sweet – Thank you for the shout-out! I love how yours turned out! I was at my local JoAnn’s not long ago and saw another similar print fleece. I totally considered snagging it to make another poncho! 😀 Isn’t it surprising (and delightful) how quickly this pattern sews up?! Great job! What a thoughtful gift!


    1. Hello Lynette, the designer may no longer be selling the pattern. There are several other poncho sewing patterns available though. I googled “poncho sewing pattern” and lots came up! I know they aren’t the same pattern but maybe you can find something similar!


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