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#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit

Happy Holidays everyone! Things around here have been crazy busy! With Christmas sewing and getting together with family, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time sewing for myself.

A jumpsuit has been on my sewing bucket list for a few months, but because of my petite shape, I honestly didn’t think I could pull off a “onesie” of fabric without looking swallowed whole. I tried a few ‘ready- to- wear’ jumpsuits on, and even from the juniors section, the proportions were all wrong. I figured I might as well try to make one, just to see if it could work for me!

Since this was a brand new experiment, and I didn’t want to waste expensive fabric on something that wouldn’t look great, I dove into my refashioning pile for fabric. This extra-extra-extra large stretch velvet dress was perfect! This dress was a 5x, and looked so miserable on the hanger, I don’t think it would have been touched by anyone else. It was also very clear anything and everything attaches to the fabric, so experimenting with this $4 dress felt like the way to go.

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

I started research for what was selling in stores at the moment, and came across this jumpsuit at Anthropologie. I loved the wider leg and belt that attaches at waist. Knowing my body type, I needed to find a specific pattern. Something that wouldn’t cover my entire body, something with a defined waist, and something with just a hint of detail. New Look 6493 had what I needed, and would allow me to adapt the pattern for what I wanted.

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

Since the pattern didn’t have the best reputation online (large bodice), I decided to make a muslin. After that, I found I needed to size down in the bodice and bring the waistline up about an inch. Then it was onto the real fabric!

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

This refashion was all about the creative cutting. I used almost every inch of the dress, and using anything smaller, I wouldn’t have been able to make this.

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

Besides the bodice being drapier than expected, I would consider it a great pattern. I had no issues sewing or following the directions, which is always a win for me! Following the tie detail on the Anthropologie jumpsuit, I made my own waist ties, and attached one in each side seam.

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

Pattern details:

New Look 6493 – View D

Bodice Size: 8

Pant Size: 10

Alterations made: Waistline moved up 1″, Belt sewn into side seams, Front neckline tacked down.

I originally measured to fit in a size 10 bodice but needed to size down to the 8. I still have plenty of room on top, and could go tighter, but it is comfortable. (For reference, I am a size 00-0, 4’9″)

I am now a converted jumpsuit lover! This thing is so comfortable, I can’t believe it took so long to make one. Now I just need a holiday party to wear it to!

(Below photos were taken before I hemmed the pants and cut down the belt by 1″)

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit - Trish Stitched


Refashion Inspiration: 

This is such a great idea for bridesmaids dresses! Throw on a jean jacket and some fun jewelry and it’s the cutest outfit! See it here.


How about making a mini romper for your little one! I LOVE this idea from Heather (heatherhandmade.com)



In other news, last Saturday night, Drew proposed to me! After 7 years of dating, he asked me to be his wife! We went out to dinner where we had our first date, and then took a walk in the park. I was so cold, and a little nervous because it was really dark, I made Drew turn around after about 2 minutes of walking. On the way back to the car he told me he had a confession to make. The previous weekend he told me he was getting lunch with his friends, when he really drove out to see my parents. He asked both of them for their blessing, and showed them the ring.

We were walking towards the only street light in the park, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! The moment is still a little blurry, because as soon as he opened the box I jumped back and said “holy shit!” haha super romantic, right?

I’m still in shock that I’m engaged, and I still think it was all a dream until I look down at my finger and see it actually happened! I’ve actually been wedding planning in my head for years, so it’s a ton of fun to be contacting the people I’ve been dreaming about working with!

I am so, so excited to be marrying my best friend, it’s really a dream come true.

Since I started sewing, I’ve wanted to make my own wedding dress, and it will be happening! You’ll probably be seeing glimpses of wedding planning and dress making, but I won’t be showing the full thing until after the wedding!

Happy Friday!

Trish Stitched

Trish Stitched

Trish Stitched


10 thoughts on “#RefashionFriday Dress to Jumpsuit

  1. Congratulations!!! I am SO looking forward to see your wedding dress 😀

    It feels silly to comment on your jumpsuit now… But I’m going to do it anyway 😉 I love the way it looks, it’s so classy with the red velvet. I’m also rather short (1.63) and I haven’t dared to make a jumpsuit myself because of my length, but if you can pull it off, I might be able to do so too. Great idea to add the sash btw!


  2. I think a jump suit is one of those items which works well for all heights and figure types, and it especially works in velvet so you made some good choices. Its dressy, its comfortable and in that colour and fabric it looks expensive the only downside is visits to the toilet? I am not surprised you needed such a big dress to use as a fabric source, even though you are a small person, and you were lucky/chose well, there were few seams and large expanses of fabric to work with. Possibly the top and bottom sections could be cut from different items but I don’t recall seeing any jumpsuits made up like that and perhaps they just look better in the one colour.
    Has there ever been a cross over neckline that didn’t need securing down? Also wise to do your research about the pattern fit beforehand and test it with a muslin.
    Congratulations on your engagement and I look forward to seeing the dress though I suppose that will be made from new fabric. I was in awe of https://charityshopchic.net/2015/12/14/wedding-dress-part-7-the-big-reveal/
    but also at the same time a little disappointed that she hadn’t made something out of old men’s t-shirts which I had been hoping for.
    Lastly, I know I probably shouldn’t say this but I can’t help myself – let this be the last time you ever spend 7 years waiting for a man to do something.


    1. Thank you for your comments! This jumpsuit has a gathered waist so taking it on and off for the bathroom is thankfully very easy! The original pattern called for a drape front and omitted directions to tack it down, so I just wanted to clarify for anyone else trying the pattern!

      I haven’t seen any jumpsuits with a different top and bottom but have heard people find two of the same dress who want to try this! So that is another option for more fabric (if you can be lucky with that kind of find!)

      I am trying to make my wedding dress from reclaimed fabrics, although it totally depends on what I can find! I can see why refashioners would choose to not refashion their wedding dress, it really depends on the overall vision (which I’m still figuring out!)

      And waiting 7 years to get married may seem like a long time for some but for us, it is perfect timing! We aren’t the traditional couple, so this is what works best for us! =D


  3. I love the idea of the jumpsuit with a flashy necklace for a party, and comfortable as a bonus! Congratulations on your engagement and make sure your wedding is about the two of you, and not about having the perfect centerpiece lol.


  4. I’m a bit of a lurker but wanted to say congratulations! Your ring is gorgeous. Also, I love your jumpsuit! It looks classy and comfortable, which seems like a rare jumpsuit combo. I find that your refashions are always pretty original in design (aka not always just taking in something and removing the ugly parts) and well executed! Here’s to 2019 projects and big plans!


    1. Thank you so much Caroline! I am a lurker in a lot of blogs haha!

      Thank you for your sweet comments on my refashions! They are certainly some of my favorite sewing projects! Happy new year!


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