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Oslo Tribal Print Cardigan

The past few mornings I’ve been getting out of bed and running to put on warmer clothes. 65 degrees in the morning? Say it aint so but it feels like fall is coming. To be honest, I love the summer heat. It’s glorious and I know most people complain but I will take heat waves over snow storms any day. The only thing that makes me look forward to fall is the fashion and the beautiful colors.

Now that the temps are going down, my everyday wardrobe is going back to jeans and sweaters. I always have a few cardigans/sweaters close by because I get cold easily but when I realized that there are only a few on constant rotation in my closet, I knew I needed to make a new one.

Tribal Print Oslo Cardigan- Trish Stitched

I found this awesome tribal print in the remnant bin at JoAnns. It was about a yard and I thought I would have enough for Oslo, the cardigan I’ve been wanting to make from Seamwork Magazine. Turns out it wasn’t enough so onto fabric.com I went to get a solid black. The biggest debacle I faced was whether the print should be on the sleeve & collar or on the body. When I wear anything with long sleeves, I tend to push them up, so I knew the print wouldn’t be utilized to its full potential being on the sleeves – so on the body it went!

Tribal Print Oslo Cardigan- Trish StitchedTribal Print Oslo Cardigan- Trish Stitched

Changes I made to the pattern: Overall, I had to take the sleeves in quite a bit because silly me cut a size too big. (I cut xs for the body) I was nervous when cutting because with cutting my Astoria from Seamwork, the sleeves were too tight and I didn’t want the same thing to happen. I would rather make something smaller than be unable to wear a garment for being too tight. I opted out of the cuff because the fabric is a little too thick and having it in a cuff was way too heavy. I also hemmed a few inches off the bottom. It was long on my short body, so now it looks normal! The last thing I changed was omitting the front buttons. I never button my sweaters/cardigans (what’s the difference between those two anyway?) so I wanted to keep the open feel.

Tribal Print Oslo Cardigan- Trish Stitched

I love this piece and think it is going to get so much use in the coming months. I would love to make a few more Oslo’s, the pattern is a wonderful staple and it is easy to make changes.

Also, can you tell I love my new couch? It’s taken three years to invest in our own living room furniture (we bought all the furniture from the previous tenants, Drew’s friend) and in one shopping trip we got a new couch and coffee table! I just need to find the perfect rug to add. If you are in the market for a couch, I highly recommend World Market. Affordable, cute, and small enough pieces for apartment living!

Trish Stitched

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Day 8: My Craft Space

Day 8 is already here! I think all of us in this challenge are saying the same thing, it is going by so quickly. Today's topic is share your craft space or craft something with a Christmas theme. I really don't feel like thinking about snow and cold in this beautiful weather so today is all about my craft room.

When Drew and I were first looking at apartments, my only requirement was a place to put my sewing machine.  The first place we looked at had barely enough room for one person (and it was way overpriced). So when Drew's friend mentioned they had to move and the apartment had a loft, we jumped at the chance to see it. And now, this is "home". (I'm still working on the homey feeling). I get the whole loft to myself, which is amazing. I'm still working on storage and decorating and I really want to paint, but for right now, I'm happy I have a place to put my machine.

Photo 1-006

This is the little alcove where my desk stays. I want to get a better system for those bins of fabric but I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

Photo 1-011

We were left almost all the furniture in the apartment because the previous renters really didn't want to move it. I think we will be doing the same when we move out. We are three flights of stairs up…with no elevator so moving a couch and bed frame does not sound fun. This rack was left behind so it is holding part of my button collection and threads. My button collection is very important to me. As is my dress form.

Photo 4-011


Photo 2-010

The other side of the room has my ironing board and a small closet for the rest of my fabric. The past few years I've gone from my room, to a dorm room, back to my room, to my sister's room and now I finally have my own place for my sewing. It's also crazy to see how my collection of fabrics, buttons and handmade items has grown. I love it!

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“In Search of a Job” Tote Bag

I've been applying to jobs in the city every few days, and am getting all my interview content ready if I get a call. I don't have a nice bag that fits my portfolio so I made one today! I've been making tote bags for a few years now, mostly out of denim and cotton, and wanted something a little more professional. I had vinyl left over from my Coheed Concert Skirt and went with a cute striped fabric for inside. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of fall, but it will work for now!

It's about 13" tall and opens 17". The bottom is flat, 3" wide by 11.5" long and has a layer of plastic for structure. I was going to add a snap closure but decided against it. I was also going to add a pocket inside but I've found I don't use pockets as much in a tote since I keep a clutch inside with all my small things. The straps are 22" long.






I also made a couple pillows for the apartment! I had to ask Drew about the fabric choice so these took a few days before production. Luckily he doesn't mind floral…




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My New Sewing Space + Current Projects

I finally got my desk into the apartment! The space still isn't super inspiring but I now have a proper place to put my sewing machine…even if I can't reach the foot petal while sitting on my current stool.

Photo 1-006

It is also serving as a nice backdrop to some photos for etsy.




I have to edit all the photos for etsy but I'm just not in the mood. How do you get in the mood to do the tasks you don't want to do?

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Coffee Table Coasters Tutorial

I am so tired of walking up stairs. Three flights really don't seem like much, but it becomes tiring very quickly after lugging boxes up and down those three flights at least 20 times in one day. But if that's what it takes to move into a beautiful, wonderful, spacious apartment with my boyfriend, I'll do it. And I did! Drew and I are moved in and (almost) settled in.

We were fortunate enough to have gotten furniture from the previous renters so we moved into a partially furnished place. There is even a loft for my own sewing space! I have to bring my desk here so for now, my sewing space is crammed.



As soon as we sat down and had a drink to relax, I realized we needed coasters for our coffee table! But why spend money I don't have on something fairly simple to make? Here are my new coasters and a tutorial! I didn't want coasters that were very thick so these only have one layer in between the cotton squares. These can be extremely customizable not only in fabric choices but in size, stitching design and thickness.


This is a great project for beginners who want to practice straight stitching or for those who have bits of leftover fabric just laying around and an hour or two for a project.

What you will need:

  • Fabric: (It took less than a quarter yard of cotton to make 4 but it depends on how many coasters you are going to make)
  • Interior Batting: I used a light felt but if you have another type of batting, that can be used as well.
  • Marking Tool: A pen is my favorite tool but for beginners, a water soluble marker or pencil is best.
  • Sewing machine, Thread,  Ruler & Scissors


I'm going to be writing the instructions based on 4 coasters, but these can be used for any number you decide on.

Step 1. Cut 8 5"x5" squares of your cotton fabric. And 4 5"x5" squares of interior (felt). At this point, if you would like thicker coasters, cut an additional 4 squares.


Step 2. Pin layers together. Interior first, then lay first square of cotton right side up, and second square of cotton right side down (so both of your right sides are together). Pin together. At this point, you can mark where to leave an opening to turn the coaster inside out. I first left about 1" but realized 2" is best.


Step 3. Sew around square leaving 1/4" seam allowance. I lined the raw edge of the fabric up against the side of my presser foot. If your foot has a larger or smaller side than 1/4" you can still use 1/4"  as seam allowance. This will make the final size 4.5"x4.5". If you want to make it 4" x 4", leave a 1/2" seam allowance.

Step 4. Trim the corners. Turn right side out, using a pointed end to poke out the corners. Iron your coasters, turn in the raw edge and pin.


Step 5. Sew around coasters at 3/16 ths of an inch. (I have lines on my sewing machine to show me where this is, but it is the line after the 1/8th). These measurements are the ones I used, you do not have to use them if the small seam allowance is not something you are used to as a beginner.

Step 4. The final step is to do my version of quilting! This is a good spot to use your marking tool to mark where you want your lines to be. Again, I used my presser foot to gauge the lines and it just happened to turn out evenly. If you used different seam allowances, it is best to mark your lines. My lines are all 1/4" apart. You can choose to make them bigger, smaller or you can do any crazy stitching you would like!


And you are done!

I made a few extras out of the leftover fabrics that I'll hopefully get on etsy soon.


If you make some of your own, be sure to share!

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Apartment Shopping

I am getting excited over cutlery. Needless to say, I'm ready to start shopping for my new apartment. A few days ago, my boyfriend and I got the final approval for an apartment in Hoboken, so we will be moving in May 1st! That date is just a few weeks away so I've been looking for some good deals. We don't need much because we are getting a lot of furniture that was already in the apartment (Drew, my boyfriend, knows the previous renters) and we have furniture from home, so it's really just accessories. If you have seen my products, you know I love color and lucky for me, color is everywhere at Macy's.



Martha Stewart Collection Cutlery     $49.99 (originally $84.99)


Fiesta flatware
Fiesta Flatware. $12.99 for a 5-piece set (originally $19.00)

This set is "lemongrass" but I also love Peacock.


I still have a lot of things from my apartment at school, mostly bathroom and bedroom accessories, so I'm being more conscious about what I purchase. I plan on making pillows for the living room, but it doesn't mean I can't lust over these!


Trina Turk Wave Stripe Decorative Pillows ($69.99-$84.99)


Just a couple things I'm looking at now.


I've been going back and forth with my "future plans" and have gone from wanting to do my business full time to reality setting in and realizing I need a real income for these student loans. I've been applying to jobs in the city to hopefully stand out,  I set up my online portfolio: http://tris00.wix.com/minipip

tell me what you think!