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Day 18: Crafting Gone Wrong.

Oh where to begin?? Most of my sewing adventures have gone wrong, at least sewing clothing. One of the first dresses I attempted, I put the zipper in upside-down…and I don't even know how.

When I was just starting out, and only knew how to hand sew, I wanted to make Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I thought this would be an easy project since it is just pieces of fabric stitched together anyway right?! Silly me forgot to measure…I used an old dress as my canvas and didn't take into account that by adding patches all over, without a care if those patches made the dress tighter, it would actually make the dress smaller! The night before Halloween, I tried the dress on and it wouldn't go up past my thighs. I knew I was in trouble. And I cried for a good few hours while ripping out seams and trying to figure out how to fix it. It wasn't possible and the dress was ruined.


I promised myself the next year, I would make a dress that fit. And after days of properly measuring, sewing and starting out with a dress that was a little too big (just in case) I had Sally completed.


This is one of many problems I've had with clothing. I do get very frustrated with clothing doesn't come out right, especially after seeing how easy it is for some people to whip items up with no problems. But it just makes each completed AND GOOD piece worth it.

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Day 15, 16 & 17: Catching Up

This weekend was a little hectic and before I knew it, I forgot to blog! This is going to be a long post because three separate blog posts might be a little much.

Day 15: A day in your crafting life. A typical day that is committed to sewing usually starts with waking up early, watching the news while drinking coffee, then going upstairs to my studio. When I sew bags for etsy, I usually plan on making a while batch at once, and not one at a time like I used to.


A whole group of bags takes a few hours, and I sew while watching netflix and usually take a break every couple hours. I make a lot of coffee throughout the day, but have recently been drinking green tea, so I always need time to make a beverage. Sometimes I will get bored with sewing the same thing over and over and I'll break after the first batch of bags and work on clothing. Since moving, this break consists of cleaning the apartment or getting dinner ready. After Drew comes home and making dinner, I go online and either blog, edit photos, post on etsy or hand sew. While this description is the ideal day, this rarely happens. It has been getting really hot in my studio and I haven't been able to sew for long, so everything important needs to get done before noon.


Day 16: When you aren't crafting what do you do?  If I'm not crafting, I'm usually working on the farm. I usually work in the farm market, when my mom is at a farmers market, but when summer is in full swing, I'm usually in the garden weeding.



When I'm not working on the farm or crafting, I'm either hanging with Drew or running. Boring right?


Day 17: Craft something with the color red in it.

I'm going to share an older project since I've never shared this before. Two years ago, I wanted to be Captain Hook for Halloween. I wanted to give it a "feminine" vibe, since Captain Hook can be really detailed. I made this jacket the day of our Halloween Party: 



I have pictures of me wearing it, but they are so bad I can't bring myself to post them. It was college! I would like to get better pictures of the jacket as well but I don't have it in Hoboken with me.

Ok, I'm all caught up!

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Day 14: The Five Senses

Day 14: Name your favorite smell, taste, view, sound and texture.

Favorite Smell: My favorite smell is my boyfriend, especially when he is gone and it's all over the pillows. That sounds sappy, but when you just got through being "long distance" it's really just an amazing smell.

Favorite Taste: I'm gunna go with my favorite food here. And that's bacon. But not any kind of bacon, the bacon I get on my parents farm. It isn't super greasy, and when cooked in the oven I eat a whole pound by myself (not kidding).

Favorite View: The beach, specifically my favorite island Anguilla.


This is my favorite place in the world.

Favorite Sound: My favorite song, "Far" by Coheed and Cambria. It is so beautiful and inspiring to me.

Favorite Texture: This is tough. Can water be a texture? I love the ocean and I love swimming so one of my favorite things to do at the beach is just skim my hand over the water. But since I don't think water can be a true texture, t-shirts. That super soft cotton that's kind of worn in from washing and wearing.


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Day 13: Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial

Just over a month ago, I posted this bracelet and said I would post more later. Well, it's later! Day 13 of the June Challenge is to craft something with stripes. I've been wanting to write a tutorial for this bracelet (cuff?) for a while, and thought I could make one with stripes to use for the challenge!

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

I was inspired to make a fabric bracelet because I saw a leather version on a daily deals site, and knew I could make one, completely out of fabric. I wrote up a little tutorial, in case anyone wanted to make one themselves. And if you make one, be sure to post your link in the comments!

What you will need:

  • Basic Sewing Supplies (scissors, seam ripper, thread, machine, iron, etc)
  • 1 Button: 3/4"-1"
  • Cotton Fabric and interfacing

** I used a 1/4" seam allowance for all pieces because I do not like trimming (I like to cut steps out of sewing). If you aren't comfortable sewing a small allowance, add another 1/4" to all the pattern pieces. **

Step 1:

Cut 2 "floral" pieces for the bow

Cut 2 "stripe" pieces for the wristband

Cut 2 "Stripe" pieces for the center of bow

For the bow:

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

These are the measurements I used, I have a small wrist so something larger than this size is overwhelming.

For the wristband: Measure around your wrist, and add 2". This is the length of the band. The height is 2".

For the center of bow: Cut two strips 1" x 4"

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Step 2: Interface all pieces. With right sides together, pin all of the same pieces to each other. Sew pieces.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Leave one side of wristband and one side of bow center open to turn inside out. Leave side of bow open to turn.

Step 3: Turn all pieces inside out. Fold raw edges in and iron flat. Top stitch all.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Step 4: Place wristband over your wrist and measure the overlap to where it feels comfortable on your wrist. Mark where this overlap lands.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Save this mark for later. On the end that faces the outside, mark where your button hole will go. (You can see on the striped fabric this end has an orange stripe). My button hole started a half inch down from the end, depending on the size of your button, this measurement will change.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Open button hole with seam ripper. Line the end with the button hole up with the mark you made earlier. Mark where your button will need to be sewn.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Sew button on other end of wristband.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

*Some of the next few steps were photographed with a different bracelet*

Step 5: Take the center bow piece and wrap it around the bow. Pinch center leaving only a little space for the bow to move. Sew the ends of the bow center together.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Step 6: Cut the ends off, but leave just over 1/4" left. These raw edges will be sewn to the center of the wristband. Much like when you iron open a seam, this is what you will do to the raw edges and pin each end down to the wristband. I did a zig-zag stitch to make it secure.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

Step 7: Flatten center bow just a bit and hand stitch the the bottom down.

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

All done!

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}

And if you make a whole bunch of bows, you can swap them out on the wristbands!

Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}


Fabric Bow Bracelet Tutorial {Mini Pip}


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Day 12: Mediums and Sports.

Day 12: Blog about your favorite medium or craft something with a sports theme. I think I'll do both! So in terms of my favorite medium, with sewing I'm not really sure how to answer that question. I think I'll answer it by fabric type, since sewing is my "art".

Cotton is my favorite medium. I love cotton prints and solids, and learned to sew using cotton. When I started buying fabrics, I always gravitated towards the floral prints (that is still true today but I've broadened my horizons to other fabrics). I've built a pretty nice collection, but I can never have enough. 




Some past projects, all made with cotton.

I also wanted to share an old craft I did for my now brother in law. I made him a blanket a few years ago…it has a sports theme!


yay old crafts! hopefully I'll get time to actually craft something new soon.

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Day 11: Crafting Splurges, Organic Fabric

Today's topic is the biggest crafting purchase I've made. I haven't been too insane with my purchasing because I've been lucky to have been gifted many of the "big ticket items" I own. My sewing machine was my mom's, and my dress form was a christmas gift.

The biggest purchase I can think of was for my business. I bought 4 bolts of organic fabric from Monaluna. I'm not going to reveal the cost, but it was a large amount. I'm making aprons with the fabric, so I do expect a return on the purchase *I hope*.

Mini Pip-002

Mini Pip1

Mini Pip2

These are the aprons I've been making. I plan on doing another post on these when I list them on etsy, but here's a little introduction!

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Day 10: Crafting Purple…

Today is to either rant or craft something with the color purple. Well, I really think I've ranted enough on my blog before, so I don't want to get into anything. I also spent most of the day working on aprons and have no more purple fabric left! (anything I want to use anyway) so this isn't really a craft, but it's purple!


I'm painting my nails.




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Day 9: Crafting for men & 9/11 Memorial

This is one day I was not necessarily looking forward to. Today's topic is to talk about who your favorite crafter is or craft something for a man. Like some of the other challenge participants, I don't really have a crafter I look up to. But I'm also not in the mood to craft so I'm going to share some past things I've made for Drew.

I've showed the iPad pillow before…


But I've never shared the bow ties I made him last Christmas. I've been trying to get him to wear bow ties for the past year. He is tall and skinny, the perfect body type to pull a bow tie off. Now this was my first attempt at sewing these, so I knew he would never wear them but I hoped it would encourage him to buy some. It hasn't yet.

Photo 3-010
Photo 4-012

Photo 2-011


I also wanted to blog about what Drew and I did today! We went to the 9/11 Memorial in New York. We can see the new Freedom Tower from our apartment, but it is just so beautiful close up.



Then we walked around looking for my Grandma's Brother's name. He was in the north tower when the plane hit.

Photo 3

If you ever have the opportunity to go to the memorial, go. It is so beautiful.

Photo 1

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Day 8: My Craft Space

Day 8 is already here! I think all of us in this challenge are saying the same thing, it is going by so quickly. Today's topic is share your craft space or craft something with a Christmas theme. I really don't feel like thinking about snow and cold in this beautiful weather so today is all about my craft room.

When Drew and I were first looking at apartments, my only requirement was a place to put my sewing machine.  The first place we looked at had barely enough room for one person (and it was way overpriced). So when Drew's friend mentioned they had to move and the apartment had a loft, we jumped at the chance to see it. And now, this is "home". (I'm still working on the homey feeling). I get the whole loft to myself, which is amazing. I'm still working on storage and decorating and I really want to paint, but for right now, I'm happy I have a place to put my machine.

Photo 1-006

This is the little alcove where my desk stays. I want to get a better system for those bins of fabric but I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

Photo 1-011

We were left almost all the furniture in the apartment because the previous renters really didn't want to move it. I think we will be doing the same when we move out. We are three flights of stairs up…with no elevator so moving a couch and bed frame does not sound fun. This rack was left behind so it is holding part of my button collection and threads. My button collection is very important to me. As is my dress form.

Photo 4-011


Photo 2-010

The other side of the room has my ironing board and a small closet for the rest of my fabric. The past few years I've gone from my room, to a dorm room, back to my room, to my sister's room and now I finally have my own place for my sewing. It's also crazy to see how my collection of fabrics, buttons and handmade items has grown. I love it!

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Day 7: National Donut Day!

Today's craft topic is something with a food theme! Now, I don't know if this was intentional, but today just happens to be National Donut Day…so it was only appropriate to make a donut!

Photo 1-009
Photo 2-007
Photo 3-006
Photo 4-009

My little pincushion donut! I was thinking about making a tutorial, so let me know if you want instructions on how to make it! (It's really easy, promise).

And a few "in progress" photos

Photo 1-010
Photo 2-008
Photo 3-007
Photo 4-010

Happy National Donut Day!