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Darth Vader Quilt – Handmade Christmas Gift

Each year, it gets harder and harder to surprise Drew with an amazing Christmas gift. I love handmade gifts because they are typically kind to the wallet but still have a huge impact. Back in October when I was searching ideas for our anniversary, I thought about making Drew a quilt. Since I only had a week for that occasion, I decided to make the quilt for Christmas, leaving me plenty of time to research and make.

Since I have so many fabric swatch books for bag making, I thought it would be fun to make a scrappy fabric quilt, with all darker colors, in a geometric design. I started looking up a lot of quilt patterns, but nothing jumped out at me. Thankfully, when you start researching a topic on Pinterest, other pins magically appear and that’s where I found the Darth Vader quilt pattern.

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

Drew loves Star Wars (personally, I never got into the movies) and I sent him a secretive text message asking if Darth Vader was cooler than R2D2 or a storm trooper (because there are quilt designs with them as well). Obviously he chose Darth Vader, and I started combing through my stash to use up any fabric I had.

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

I am not a quilter. I’ve made one quilt, and swore them off. But this quilt seemed like a good second quilt since it was just a bunch of squares. I had almost all the fabric in my stash, and only had to buy a little extra silver and the actual Star Wars print for the backing. I even had leftover batting from another project.

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

This quilt came together very easily. The cutting was pretty time consuming, but it was a calming process. The original pattern is for a lap quilt, and since Drew is 6′ tall, I added a few extra lines on the top and bottom for a little added length. I also decided to only actually quilt the grey area, making Darth Vader “pop” a little more.

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

My local Joann’s only had 1.5 yards of the Star Wars fabric in stock, so I had to add extra material on the sides to fit the entire backing.

Darth Vader’s details were made with bias tape, and was the most nerve wrecking part. Thankfully the diagram for the pattern was great, and it all worked out. To make it easier to sew (and instead of wasting time pinning) I marked the outline with a water soluble pencil and lined the tape up as I sewed. This technique worked really well.

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

I finished the quilt on Christmas Eve at 10 pm. Drew fell asleep watching tv and I ran downstairs to wake him up asking if he wanted to open presents that night. I couldn’t wait to give him the quilt! He said yes and I gave him the quilt unwrapped!

He loves it! He couldn’t believe that’s what I was working on and how much time went into it. He has yet to decide if he’s going to hang it or use it!

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

Darth Vader Quilt - Trish Stitched

Quilt Pattern from Shwin & Shwin

Star Wars Fabric from Joann Fabrics

Drew can also be really great with gift giving and I received a Kitchen Aid Mixer! After squealing with excitement, I asked him if he got it on sale. Since it was half off, I had no problem keeping it (those things are expensive!).

A few other items I made for the holidays:

Christmas Stocking! I asked Drew to come shopping with me and let him pick out his own fabric. Can you guess who’s is who’s haha! I found a free pattern online, and used the tutorial by Meredith from Olivia Jane Handcrafted.

Trish Stitched

And a Tree Skirt! This was the first year we had a full size tree and I made a simple tree skirt for the bottom. We borrowed Drew’s parent’s fake tree and half of the bottom lights are broken, so the whole thing doesn’t light up. We said we would fix it before putting the ornaments on, but didn’t get around to it before Christmas Eve. So our decorations weren’t perfect, but the tree skirt looked great! (I since added ties)

Trish Stitched

Trish Stitched

Whew! Only took a week after Christmas to post about my holiday makes! Not too shabby!

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Drew’s Finlayson Sweater

I’ve mentioned it before – but I’ll mention it again. Drew is SO hard to make for. A few weeks ago it was our 7 year anniversary and I wanted to make him something really special. We’ve had a big year, with buying a house and finally moving out of Hoboken, and I wanted something handmade to give him.

A few of my ideas fell through when I couldn’t find the proper fabric and I was frantically trying to find a new pattern to make. I did a quick search on pinterest and came across the Finlayson Sweater by Thread Theory Design.

Besides finding a pattern, picking the fabric was daunting. When I pick fabric for my wardrobe, it’s easy and I have to talk myself out of several options! But when it came time for shopping for a guy, who has a very minimalist wardrobe, it was tough.

I came across this knit fabric that was “reversible”, and since I wasn’t sure which side to use in the store, darker or lighter, I thought having options within one fabric was a good call. I decided to go with the darker grey on the outside, so that the cozier grey would be on the inside. The light grey has a more casual feel, but with the dark grey on the exterior, he can actually wear this on a casual Friday at work!

The only thing left was getting Drew’s measurements. Obviously he knew I was making him something, but since I took every measurement I could think of, he had no idea what I was making! I took leg measurements, arm, back, etc, so for all he knew I was making him a full suit! This gift wasn’t a total surprise – but I could still keep him on his toes!

The Finlayson Sweater came together very quickly, and easily. The instructions were fantastic, and the only time I referred to the sew-a-long was to attach the neck band. I cut out this sweater on a Sunday night, to make on Monday, and was finished Monday afternoon!

Finlayson Sweater - Trish StitchedFinlayson Sweater - Trish Stitched

Drew typically wears a size Large in ready to wear clothing, and I wound up making a Large in the sweater. It fits perfectly and he loves it!

Finlayson Sweater - Trish StitchedFinlayson Sweater - Trish Stitched

It was such an easy pattern that I offered to make him another with fabric that he picks out and he was super happy to hear that!

Finlayson Sweater - Trish StitchedFinlayson Sweater - Trish Stitched

Don’t mind the fold on the front, I meant to iron it out but forgot before giving it to him and he wouldn’t let me iron it out before he put it on!

It’s been a few weeks and he’s already worn his new sweater a couple times, which makes me happy – and I can’t believe he even let me photograph him in it!

I won’t share what I plan on making him for Christmas – just in case he happens to read this post – but I wanted to share some other patterns on my radar, if you want to make something for a man in your life!

Comox Trunks  – boxer shorts

Trailblazer Vest 

Sage Tee – this one’s free!!

Albion Coat – for the ambitious!

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Handmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston

Happy Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love making costumes, as evident by October’s most popular blog posts, (Rainbow Fish and Dumbo). I’ve had this costume planned for over a year now and I’m calling this one a huge success! And I think I finally got Drew on board with costumes! In the beginning of our relationship, I couldn’t get Drew in a costume; he hated dressing up but I was determined. After easing him in with a simple costume like Dumbo and Timothy, where all he had to wear was a t-shirt and ears, I thought I would take my chances and go big the next year. He finally agreed to a full on costume, it just had to be good.

I really liked the idea of Belle and Gaston because it reminds me of how Drew and I met. I didn’t like Drew back in college, and thought he was cocky- but VERY persistent much like Gaston. Belle is also one of my favorite Disney Princesses, so it felt like a great fit.

Handmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish Stitched

For my costume, I didn’t want to go full handmade and opted to refashion some thrift store finds. I got super lucky on my trip to Salvation Army (the same one where I found the printed jeans for my bomber jacket) and found the perfect dress. Alterations to the dress were simple, remove the sleeves and collar, and cut into the bodice to create the square. I needed to remove some length but wanted to keep the detail in the hem. To do this, I removed the bodice from the skirt and took length from there. After reattaching, the dress was done!

Handmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish Stitched

Handmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish Stitched

I also found the white top at Salvation Army and only had to add a little elastic to the sleeves for them to stay on my arms. Interesting story, the top is clearly handmade, no tags, unfinished inside, and small threads not cut off. So even though I didn’t hand-make it, it’s kind of cool that it went into a handmade costume!

To complete my look, I made a white apron and a book clutch! The book clutch is my favorite part of the costume, I modge podged rose fabric (Beauty and the Beast reference!) onto a book and hollowed out the interior to hold my phone and money. It worked so well!

Handmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish StitchedHandmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish Stitched

Handmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish Stitched

For Drew’s costume, we bought a colonial wig, a muscle suit, belt and boot covers to bring Gaston together. I made yellow gloves (not pictured), and Drew wore a yellow button up under a red top. I couldn’t believe how well his costume came together, and it wasn’t completed until minutes before we went out so it was a total surprise seeing it all.

Handmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish StitchedHandmade Halloween: Belle and Gaston - Trish Stitched

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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Drew’s Christmas Cardigan

Happy Monday! I am back from vacation- and while I am not happy to be away from the beach and the 80 degree weather, I am thrilled to be back in my sewing studio. I’m a little behind in my posts, and have so many finished projects to share so I’ll start with this one.

 As I’ve mentioned before, Drew is incredibly hard to shop for so whenever a holiday rolls around, it takes lots of time to think of a good gift. Thankfully there is an awesome men’s sewing pattern company that has my back and made Christmas easy this year. Thread Theory is one of the best gift ideas for a seamstress to her boyfriend. The Newcastle Cardigan was the perfect intro into sewing Menswear and is a style that my suit wearing boyfriend is comfortable wearing for a casual look. I would love to make Drew the Finlayson Sweater or a few pairs of the Comox Trunks in the future.

I tried making this for Drew a few holidays ago but I made it way too small, and out of fabric that wasn’t the right fit. After that failure, I was weary to try again but wanted to attempt it one more time- because a girlfriend has to prove she can do it. I wanted this to be something Drew would want to wear so the gift wasn’t a surprise. Drew helped pick fabric and the collar style. I have a very picky man on my hands so having him involved was a sure way to make something he would truly love.



The pattern went together quickly, and the instructions were very easy to follow.  I wish I added a little more length to the body but the sleeve length is great. The fabric came from JoAnn’s, a really pretty knit. I’m not able to find it online but it has a quilted diamond pattern, which I thought was a cool feature for a cardigan.





I also have to give Drew some credit for actually letting me do a photo shoot. I asked him if it would be ok and he was all for it! We went to my parents house, on a frigid cold day, and took some pictures. For me it was weird being behind the camera for an apparel shoot but I was able to direct him without needing to take 20 photos for one good shot!


Thankfully he loves his Cardigan and I redeemed myself for sewing him apparel. He now wants a custom suit. Not happening.

Also, our vacation was fantastic! I’ll have a post soon about the trip and my fabric shopping experience in the Bahamas!

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Duffle Bag for the Birthday Boy

My boyfriend is the hardest person to shop for. It’s because he never tells anyone what he wants, he just buys it himself. (And I’m over here dropping hints like crazy for every holiday under the sun). We went to the mall a few weeks ago and stopped in the Fossil store where Drew spotted a bag that he loved. He needed a good weekend duffle to use for business trips instead of his gym bag and he really liked this one. He said he was going to think about it before dropping $400 on it.

I forgot all about the bag until his birthday was fast approaching. I had a pattern for a duffle that I’ve always wanted to try (Simplicity 2600) and with a few adjustments, it could look pretty similar to the fossil bag! I started with two beautiful yards of faux leather from Joann’s and an awesome clock face print for lining. Drew has a slight obsession with watches so this was perfect!

Fossil Inspired Duffle- Trish Stitched

I had a general idea of the changes I wanted to make and how to construct them with the existing pattern. I cut out the body pieces but not the straps the way the pattern called for. I also didn’t make any of the piping and added a flap over the front pocket which was one of the scariest parts to sew. I didn’t know how my machine would handle the layers but everything went smooth! I did break about 3 needles when sewing on all the straps but they are on… and secure…I hope.

Fossil Inspired Duffle- Trish Stitched

Fossil Inspired Duffle- Trish Stitched

I finished the bag just in time for his birthday and it even accompanied him on his trip to Miami this past weekend, and it held up well! He was so cute when I gave it to him. He freaked out and asked where I got it. When I told him I made it-he flipped! He couldn’t believe it! That is the greatest compliment a seamstress can get so I’m very happy with the result!

Fossil Inspired Duffle- Trish Stitched

Fossil Inspired Duffle- Trish Stitched

Fossil Inspired Duffle- Trish Stitched

Fossil ain’t got nothing on me!

Fossil Inspired Duffle- Trish Stitched

(Just kidding, that fossil bag is gorgeous and it’s my dream job to work for them. )


I’ve gotten numerous questions about tutorials and where to find materials so I hope this post edit will help you lovely readers out!

Materials I used:

Pattern: Simplicity 2600


Exterior:  Pecan Vinyl from JoAnn Fabrics

Interior: Timepiece in Taupe


This is everything I used:

1 turn lock

1 heavy jacket zipper

4 rectangular rings

2 D rings

2 swivel clips

1 adjustable strap slider

Most pieces were purchased through my wholesaler but everything can be found here:

Everything Mary Hardware

Or here

Purse Sewing Supplies

Zipper: Coats & Clark Heavy Jacket Zipper. (You will need to read the pattern you choose for the right size zipper for your project but I love the look and feel of this zipper- even though it’s for “jackets”)

Tips to make your own:

Many people have asked for a template but since this is a sewing pattern, I cannot give you a template to follow. (I also don’t want to get into any trouble providing you with the pattern pieces these pattern makers worked very hard to make!) There are a few online patterns that you can modify to get a similar result, but I would definitely invest in the true pattern (or a similar one) for this project.

Cargo Duffle Free Pattern

Cargo Duffle

Sewplicity Quilted Duffle

I bought the fabric from JoAnn Fabrics because it is one of the closet stores to me. I used vinyl for a few reasons: It is cheaper than leather (and looks just as good) and I do not like using animal products, so vinyl is a great alternative.

Cotton lining is just regular quilting fabric, I did add a layer of very thick interfacing for strength.

The major changes I made to this bag:

Front Pocket: The front pocket is ultimately a large rectangle with a curved top. Before sewing the rectangle onto the bag it measures 26″ x 10″.

Straps: I completely omitted the straps on the original bag and added two shorter straps (19″ long each) and one shoulder strap (45″ long).

That’s it! Personally, I think it is the fabric that makes the bag what it is. Taking any pattern you want and making it in a faux leather will probably get you great results.

I hope these tips and links help you to create your own bag!

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Handmade Halloween: Dumbo & Timothy

2018 Update! 

I love Halloween, and making Halloween costumes has been such a fun part of the holiday for me – and it seems that way for you guys too! Since first posted in 2014, this post always becomes popular in August, and remains my most read post until Halloween!

Honestly, the photos and details have always gotten me down, as my skill with a camera have gotten a lot better! So I wanted to update the post with a full tutorial (since the original didn’t include instructions) and hopefully anyone coming here from the inter-webs can easily make their own!

Bonus: I’ve made pattern pieces for you to download!

Dumbo and Timothy PDF

(Print PDF at 100%)

I hope you enjoy this casual Dumbo & Timothy Halloween costume, and if you make your own version – let me know in the comments!

Dumbo and Timothy


Felt (based off 12″ x 9″ pieces in the craft section)

2 Thick Grey, or 4 Regular Grey

2 Light Pink

1 Brown

1 White

1 Black

4 Red

5 Yellow

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

2 Headbands – find thicker bands to glue to!


Embroidery thread to hand gather

Grey shirt or dress for Dumbo

Red shirt for Timothy

Print out pattern pages and cut pieces from appropriate colors. Extra pieces required:

Timothy’s Hat

3″ x 7.5″ Red

7 1/4″ x 1″ Yellow

Dumbo’s Hat:

9″ x 3″ Yellow

12″ x 9″ Yellow

Dumbo Ruffle:

(4 x) 5″ x 12″ Red

(4x) 1″ x 12″ Yellow

Gluing Tip: be light with your hot glue, there are a lot of seen edges, slow and steady for a clean finish!

Timothy Hat:

Glue 1″ yellow band to bottom of Red felt for hat (3″ x 7.5″) you will have a slight overlap of red. Glue short ends together to form circle.

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Glue red top to top of hat, and black bottom to bottom of hat. There will be overhang of black to form the cap.

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Glue short end of white “feather” to small yellow piece, then glue yellow piece to center of red cap. Be sure to leave the feather free!

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyDSC_0453

Timothy Ears:

Glue pink centers to brown outer ears, matching bottoms.

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Glue finished hat to center of headband. Glue ears, one on each side of the hat.

DSC_0478Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Timothy Shirt:

Cut yellow pieces of felt, and hand stitch appliques to front. The oval shapes are sewn to shoulder seams.

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Dumbo Hat:

Take yellow 9″ x 3″ piece and fold in half lengthwise. Glue. Glue short ends together to form hat bottom.

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyDSC_0487

Take full 12″ x 9″ yellow piece and fold in thirds, gluing together. Glue one short end of large piece to bottom of hat bottom.


Folding other end inside the hat bottom, angle free end until you form an angled shape on the top. Cut excess felt off, and glue free end to other side of hat bottom.


Dumbo Ears:

Glue pink centers to grey outer ears, matching ends. I recommend using two layers of grey on each ear as it will stabilize the ears for easier wear. If you can find a thicker grey felt, you’ll only need the single layer on each ear.

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Glue ears and hat to headband. Starting with ears, glue one to end of headband, and the other 2″ up from end of headband. Glue hat next to ear. (You may choose to make a hat “bottom” to make gluing easier.)

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Dumbo Ruffle:

To make the ruffle, cut 4 pieces 12″ x 5″ Red. Short ends can be glued or stitched together to form one long red piece, around 46″ long.

Cut 4 pieces 12″ x 1″ Yellow. Machine stitch or hand stitch yellow band to bottom of red piece, 1/2″ up.

Using embroidery thread (or gathering stitch on sewing machine), hand stitch along top of red piece until ruffle is gathered. I gathered mine to around 20″. Knot on the end, spreading gathers along ruffle evenly.

Cut pieces of velcro for short ends of ruffle and attach as per the instructions on the packaging.

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyDSC_0745

Your costumes are done! Happy Halloween!

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and TimothyHandmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy

Handmade Halloween: Dumbo and Timothy


Here for the original post content? Don’t worry, I saved it below!


I need to start this post with a disclaimer: there are NO photos of us in our full costumes. This is for a few reasons. Reason #1 Drew refused to let me take a picture because he thought I would post it all over the internet…so he isn’t completely wrong for thinking that. Reason #2 we didn’t think we were going out until 10 pm, when I was rushing to get into my costume and go out, so all thoughts of taking pictures were lost.

But I hope these pictures are sufficient enough to show off our costumes!

One night last year, walking back to our apartment, the idea of being Dumbo for halloween came to my mind. I thought it would be clever to make Drew Timothy the mouse because he is so much taller than me, him being a mouse would be pretty comical. Drew almost always refuses to dress up for Halloween so I knew our costumes would have to be pretty casual for him to actually wear it.

handmade halloween-mini pip

I made almost all aspects of our costume. Our ears were made out of felt, hot glued to headbands. For my costume, I wanted to make a dress that I could wear after the costume was worn. I took a Cynthia Rowley pattern I made before, and some grey jersey (same as this top) to make a base dress. I made a neck ruffle out of red and yellow felt and used velcro to make it easier to put on and take off.

handmade halloween-mini pip

handmade halloween-mini pip

handmade halloween-mini pip

handmade halloween-mini pip

handmade halloween-mini pip

I made this costume so easy for Drew I’m actually pretty impressed with myself. He had his ears and hat made of felt and I sewed some yellow felt onto a t-shirt. I’m slowly easing him into wearing full on costumes.

handmade halloween-mini pip

handmade halloween-mini pip

handmade halloween-mini pip

Everything came together pretty quick. Felt has a way of making everything look adorable and it’s definitely one of my favorite materials to work with. We had a good night and people knew who we were so that was awesome! About halfway through the night we both took our ears off because I kept hitting people and Drew’s headband was stretching out. This was a fun to wear and I was happy with our first official “couple costume”!

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!



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The Felt Couple

Let me paint the picture. It was July. Drew was in Canada for his new job training for a month. I had just submitted the iPad pillow I made Drew to craftgawker. I was so excited from the response that I asked Drew the next thing he wanted me to make him. His response: a mini-me. Can you see where this is going? Because I have been planning this project in my head for months as a christmas gift for the guy who has everything. The problem I was facing was just making a girl doll for him. It sounds weird. So I had to make a mini-Drew as well! Here is the mini-couple.

the felt couple- mini pip

I used this pattern from Gingermelon. I totally customized it for what I wanted to make. Drew is substantially taller than me (1' 2" to be exact) so I enlarged the pattern to make him. I changed the hair styles and the clothing but the basic pattern was such a help when making the bodies.

the felt couple- mini pip

Drew's doll was going to wear a very specific outfit so I had to make mine around his.

the felt couple- mini pip

The second part of Drew's gift is a life size version of his little sweater. I was originally going to make it to give it to him on christmas but I received the fabric late, then didn't have the time to finish these guys and work on the cardigan. I realized this was for the best since now, I can make sure the fit is perfect by actually trying it on him while making it. He will also get to decide some details about the cardi so it's an all around better gift.

the felt couple- mini pip

I'm so happy these mini-me's are finished. It was hard to work on these because I'm living with the recipient so it had to be a secret project!

the felt couple- mini pip 

the felt couple- mini pip

and since you are probably curious to see if they actually look like us…

the felt couple- mini pip

…well, they ARE made out of felt haha


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Day 9: Crafting for men & 9/11 Memorial

This is one day I was not necessarily looking forward to. Today's topic is to talk about who your favorite crafter is or craft something for a man. Like some of the other challenge participants, I don't really have a crafter I look up to. But I'm also not in the mood to craft so I'm going to share some past things I've made for Drew.

I've showed the iPad pillow before…


But I've never shared the bow ties I made him last Christmas. I've been trying to get him to wear bow ties for the past year. He is tall and skinny, the perfect body type to pull a bow tie off. Now this was my first attempt at sewing these, so I knew he would never wear them but I hoped it would encourage him to buy some. It hasn't yet.

Photo 3-010
Photo 4-012

Photo 2-011


I also wanted to blog about what Drew and I did today! We went to the 9/11 Memorial in New York. We can see the new Freedom Tower from our apartment, but it is just so beautiful close up.



Then we walked around looking for my Grandma's Brother's name. He was in the north tower when the plane hit.

Photo 3

If you ever have the opportunity to go to the memorial, go. It is so beautiful.

Photo 1

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everything looks cuter in felt.

My boyfriend is an accountant. Boring. He likes to talk about boring things and purchase things that I can't justify buying. One of those objects is an iPad. He had absolutely no reason to buy one….so I talked him out of it, because I had this up my sleeve. An iPad pillow! It may not be able to log into facebook, but it does look pretty cute in his room. 

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

It is so difficult to buy for a guy. It is also difficult to craft for a guy. He just passed the CPA exam and I kinda missed getting something for his birthday so, I thought this was a pretty clever gift.

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip
iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

It came together pretty easily. Each "app" was a 2×2 square, all as close to the actual design as possible. (The second picture is for size reference).

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip
iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

Each app was sewn onto a large piece of off-white felt. Then I attached the black band (which even has a "power button"!) The back of the pillow would have been black, but I didn't have enough, so I went with his favorite color instead.

I tried to make the simple apps, ones with not too much detail but also added ones that mean something to us as a couple. Since we don't live close, we facetime quite a bit and the calendar has #8 for our anniversary (so now he won't forget =p). 

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip
iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

Photobooth even flips up! The final touch was putting it in a white box with the apple logo on the front. Sometimes I get carried away with details.

The recipient was very happy with it, and he was so sweet when he said he couldn't believe I took the time out of my sewing to make something for him. I love when people appreciate what you do for them!

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip