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Day 9: Crafting for men & 9/11 Memorial

This is one day I was not necessarily looking forward to. Today's topic is to talk about who your favorite crafter is or craft something for a man. Like some of the other challenge participants, I don't really have a crafter I look up to. But I'm also not in the mood to craft so I'm going to share some past things I've made for Drew.

I've showed the iPad pillow before…


But I've never shared the bow ties I made him last Christmas. I've been trying to get him to wear bow ties for the past year. He is tall and skinny, the perfect body type to pull a bow tie off. Now this was my first attempt at sewing these, so I knew he would never wear them but I hoped it would encourage him to buy some. It hasn't yet.

Photo 3-010
Photo 4-012

Photo 2-011


I also wanted to blog about what Drew and I did today! We went to the 9/11 Memorial in New York. We can see the new Freedom Tower from our apartment, but it is just so beautiful close up.



Then we walked around looking for my Grandma's Brother's name. He was in the north tower when the plane hit.

Photo 3

If you ever have the opportunity to go to the memorial, go. It is so beautiful.

Photo 1

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everything looks cuter in felt.

My boyfriend is an accountant. Boring. He likes to talk about boring things and purchase things that I can't justify buying. One of those objects is an iPad. He had absolutely no reason to buy one….so I talked him out of it, because I had this up my sleeve. An iPad pillow! It may not be able to log into facebook, but it does look pretty cute in his room. 

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

It is so difficult to buy for a guy. It is also difficult to craft for a guy. He just passed the CPA exam and I kinda missed getting something for his birthday so, I thought this was a pretty clever gift.

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip
iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

It came together pretty easily. Each "app" was a 2×2 square, all as close to the actual design as possible. (The second picture is for size reference).

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip
iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

Each app was sewn onto a large piece of off-white felt. Then I attached the black band (which even has a "power button"!) The back of the pillow would have been black, but I didn't have enough, so I went with his favorite color instead.

I tried to make the simple apps, ones with not too much detail but also added ones that mean something to us as a couple. Since we don't live close, we facetime quite a bit and the calendar has #8 for our anniversary (so now he won't forget =p). 

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip
iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

Photobooth even flips up! The final touch was putting it in a white box with the apple logo on the front. Sometimes I get carried away with details.

The recipient was very happy with it, and he was so sweet when he said he couldn't believe I took the time out of my sewing to make something for him. I love when people appreciate what you do for them!

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip

iPad Pillow: Mini Pip