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Black Tie Wedding Guest Dress

Today I wanted to share a dress I made (and wore) back in November, that I didn’t get around to blogging about!


Drew and I were invited to two black tie weddings last year (both co-workers of his), and it was the first time I’ve been invited to such formal events. The first wedding in July resulted in my refashioned bridesmaids dress, and I originally wanted to make a black tie dress from scratch for the November wedding.

I had planned on making this Leanne Marshall pattern, and came across a really beautiful sequined vest I thrifted to use as the bodice, but all plans went out the window when I found an even better bodice option.

I found this amazing piece at a local Goodwill and couldn’t let it go. It’s 100% silk, beaded in India and a size small (perfect fit) for $5.99. At the time I had no idea what to do with it but this is one of those extremely rare thrift finds that you just have to buy (or is that just my logic?).



I decided it was destined to become part of my dress for the November black tie wedding. The only problem was I didn’t want to cut into the embroidered bodice, and didn’t want to attach it to a dress I could only wear once. After mulling ideas around for while, the lightbulb went off (gotta love when that happens) and I had a plan!

By making a base bodice and an over-skirt, I would be able to tuck the embroidered top in and have it look like one full piece. Seamwork Ariane felt perfect for under the embroidery because wearing a bodysuit meant I didn’t have to worry about a tank top riding up all night and the pattern was already in my library. (For size reference, I’m just under 4’10” and made an XS and did not shorten the pattern)


For the skirt, I drafted my own pattern. It is a simple A-line skirt with a gathered chiffon overlay. It’s a very basic skirt, but I really wanted the top to be the show-stopper. I loved the idea of a chiffon overlay, and went with a satin for the skirt. I do wish I went with a lighter fabric for the skirt because walking around and dancing felt heavy after awhile, but it still worked out.


I am very happy I decided to make separates, and am so thrilled I didn’t need to cut the embroidered top to make this dress work!

Drew and I had a great time at the wedding, and they even had a mariachi band and donkey during cocktail hour! I had to beg Drew to take a picture with the donkey, and now he’s the one who loves the picture and shows everyone!


Fabric Details:

Bodysuit: Techno Scuba Knit, Black (fabric.com)

Skirt: Telio Adore Duchess Satin, Black (fabric.com)

Skirt Overlay: Telio Zoe Chiffon Solid, Black (fabric.com)


I have two weddings to attend this year and am already planning my makes. They aren’t black tie, so my attire can be a little more relaxed. Here’s this year’s inspiration!


I am obsessed with Colette’s latest pattern, Myrna (middle photo). Maybe it’s the fabric that drew me in, but I love the bust details and the short sleeves, and think this would be a great pattern for a summer wedding.  I’ve also been loving cap sleeves lately, and I’ve been craving to make a dress with an interesting back.

(Top left is from Modcloth, top right from Rent the Runway, the other two no longer have working links)

In reality, I have so many handmade dresses in my closet that I really don’t need to make any new ones. But it’s always a good idea to stretch your dress sewing skills every once in a while, right?!

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#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion

It’s the first Friday of the New Year and the first #RefashionFriday!

It’s pretty obvious I love sewing, and over the years I’ve dabbled in all different variations of sewing. Lingerie, Active Wear, Basics…etc., but the category that has always been close to my heart is refashioning. With every refashion I do, I feel a better sense of accomplishment than some regular apparel project. My creativity is tested, my environmental heart is happy, and I am always blown away by the response my pieces get.

When I share refashions, I’m often asked where my ideas come from or how others can start refashioning. I’m no expert in the field – but there are some aspects of refashioning I take seriously, and I wanted to start a new series to showcase my latest refashions, refashioning ideas, and your makes!

My (personal) refashioning rules:

  1. Make it wearable. When I used to hear the word “refashioning”, images of patchwork and franken-pieces came to mind. My refashioning style tends to steer away from pieces that look refashioned, and one of the ways to avoid this homemade look is to reference fashion from today!
  2. Don’t cut up precious vintage. I love fashion, and know a good, valuable piece when I see it. If it looks vintage, or has a hefty price tag in the store, do a little research before deciding to chop it up (the same goes for designer pieces).
  3. Keep an eye on today’s styles & shapes. I am always window shopping my favorite stores to see what pieces are not only selling in real life, but what new styles could fit into my everyday wardrobe. I’m on Modcloth.com & Anthropologie.com constantly!
  4. Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Refashioning doesn’t just mean transforming a piece into something unrecognizable. It can be as simple as hemming, taking side seams in or adding/removing sleeves!


Today’s refashion is a direct copy from Chickie Walsh – yes I get inspired by other makers all the time! I loved her version of cargo pants to vest and had the perfect pants to experiment with.

I bought these cargo pants a few years ago and had a really awful shopping experience to get them. Long story short, it was a pain to have them delivered, and when they arrived, they didn’t fit properly (the waist is way too big). Because of the hassle, I decided to just keep them, and over the years they’ve gotten some wear, but I’ve never been in love with them. I replaced them last year with a handmade version, but still didn’t get rid of the original. After seeing Chickie’s version, it all just clicked.

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

For this refashion to work, it was all about strategic cutting. I wanted those side cargo pockets right on the front, so the top halves of the pants were the front. This meant the bottom of the legs had to be the back. I ripped the seams in the crotch and all the way down the inner legs. I then chopped the leg pieces in half, having two waist and upper thigh pieces and two bottom pieces. Using my Kelly Anorak Pattern, I cut out the jacket front pieces from the pant tops, and the back pieces from the lower legs. I chose this pattern because I already knew it fit and I liked the style. The Kelly Anorak also has yoke pieces, which I needed since my pants didn’t yield enough fabric for the vest.

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

I bought this amazing vinyl from Joann Fabrics a few months ago to make purse straps, and spared a little of my two yards for the front and back vest yokes.

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

I didn’t want to add closures to my vest since there was already so much action on the front, the thought of inserting snaps or a zipper felt like a huge project so I added a drawstring around the waist, like in the Kelly Anorak. I also made the drawstring out of vinyl, a little tough to insert, but I love the look.

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

#RefashionFriday Cargo Pants to Vest Refashion - Trish Stitched

Since my vest doesn’t have a lining, and I didn’t want to leave any raw edges, the neck and armholes were finished with fabric binding left over from pant scraps. Almost every bit of the pants were used up! (My awesome cactus shirt was a gift from my mom!)


Today I have a few winter refashion-inspiration photos to share to get those creative juices flowing! It’s a breezy 10 degrees here in Jersey today, so I’m all over the warm weather styles.

Give those hole-y jeans from summer a makeover with hand stitching and flannel inserts!


Have a few sweaters laying around that just aren’t doing it for you anymore? Sew them together! Sweater refashions are so common, but for a modern take on it, keep it simple! Basic colors, and combining just two pieces can make the look clean.

Do you have a pair of cargo pants that need a makeover? Need a little more fabric than what you have to work with? Try a large piece of lace or chunk of sweater over the back like in this jacket.


This #RefashionFriday will be a regular series, I’m hoping 1-2 times a month ( always a Friday! ;]  ) Have you done a recent refashion? Send photos and details to trish@trishstitched.com to be featured! And follow along my refashioning finds through Pinterest!

{Side note: I am totally aware there are other bloggers who have done “Refashion Friday”; I googled the title after coming up with the name and writing this post, but I’ll be putting my own twist on it – hope you will follow along!}

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Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Since I’ve gotten the honor of keeping the Skyline S9 Embroidery machine for the year, I’ve done a little more experimenting with the capabilities of this machine. I’ve been loving the built in embroidery designs, but was ready to test out the USB feature and open myself up to the world of online embroidery designs. When I was thinking about a Spring project, I was trying to think of what my wardrobe needed and how I could use the Skyline to elevate my closet addition.

When the seasons start changing, the first thing I realize I’m missing is a proper pair of shoes to transition to warmer weather. I go from a closet full of boots and heavy socks, right into sandals. I usually need a pair of footwear that will cover my toes but are fun and light to walk around in.

Footwear is not something I can make. As much as I wish I could, shoes are not yet in my handmade wheelhouse. That’s when I thought a simple pair of white sneakers could become something so much more.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

I love cacti (and the many varieties that exist), and I thought they would make a cute design on a shoe! These shoes are super simple, and very customizable! Here’s a little tutorial on how to make you own!

What you will need:

Embroidery Machine, Hoop, Threads and Stabilizer

Plain Canvas Shoes (mine came from Payless)

Embroidery Designs (small enough to fit on the shoe)

Frey Check


Fabri Tab (or similar fabric glue)

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

The first step is to find the embroidery designs you want to use. The two designs I used were from embroiderydesigns.com – Cactus and Geometric Circle. (I skipped embroidering the pots on the cacti for the design to fit on the shoe). Janome also offers some amazing embroidery designs on their website!  When downloading designs from a website, use JEF to get Janome compatibility. Copy the files onto your USB, plug the USB into your machine and open the files! It’s so easy to get the designs onto your machine from your computer!

For my designs, I used the tear away stabilizer with muslin to embroider. Depending on your design, you should be able to use two layers of tear away stabilizer and no fabric, but some designs might need a more stable base.

After embroidering, cut out your designs. Next, fray check all your edges. This will keep any pieces of fabric or thread from unraveling during wear.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Once you figure out where on the shoe your embroidery will go, cover the back of the piece with fabri-tac and apply piece to the shoe. I love using fabri-tac because it is extremely strong and meant for material (a little expensive but well worth the price). After glue dries, stitch some securing stitches around the edges of the designs. Some spots may be hard to hand stitch because of the thickness of material, or tough to get to – like spaces in the toe that become hard to reach. On these sections, be sure the design is secure with extra fabri-tac.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

*For the top section, each shoe will be a bit different but mark in chalk or fabric pencil where to cut to piece the top part together.*

And your new shoes are ready to wear!

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top HackJanome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top HackJanome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top HackJanome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

I also made a fun new top for my wardrobe because you can never have too many cacti to wear. Pattern is Lou Box Top by Sew DIY with a hacked split back! I followed the tutorial by Natty Jane Sews to redraft the back.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

The Skyline S9 makes it so easy to switch from embroidery to sewing, I was able to embroider when cutting out my fabric, and switch right over to sewing when the embroidery finished!

Ready to add some embroidery to your shoes? Here’s some inspiration! {All shoe details on Pinterest}

Embroidered Shoes

Wanna make a pair like these from Anthropologie? Follow fellow Janome Artisan Sew Caroline’s tutorial to make espadrilles!


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Patterns I’m Loving

I’ve been falling in love with so many patterns lately and I wanted to share some of the amaaaazing patterns I’m crushing on right now!

Rompers & Shorts

This romper from McCalls is so cute! I love wearing rompers (and making them) because they are a great wardrobe piece to throw on and go – plus it’s work friendly when on the farm! I love the floral print McCalls made the sample in and I’m thinking about View B with View A sleeves.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched


One awesome thing about being petite is that I can look at most patterns – kids, teens and womens. Most of the time teens patterns are really lame and are in desperate need of an update. Mimi G gave Simplicity patterns a little facelift with this adorable overall pattern! The crop tee isn’t for me, and the pants are nice but the shorts are definitely the ones that got my attention.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched


I’ve never made a bodysuit and didn’t really see a need for one until Ariane by Seamwork came into the picture. Ariane and a pair of shorts would be a great outfit for working in the garden during the summer.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedTops

Named Clothing Patterns just came out with their Playground Collection, and while I love almost everything (Dungarees, Playsuit, and the Denim Jacket are all looking incredible) the one that would fit most in my wardrobe is Minttu Swing Top. So simple but I could see myself living in it all summer long!

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

You still need the occasional sweaters and sweatshirts for those chilly spring mornings and summer nights, and when Anna Zoe shared her version of the Boxy Hoodie from Kommatia Patterns (a new company to me) I wanted one.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

I looove the new pattern from Helen’s Closet. The Blackwood Cardigan comes in two lengths and the pockets are so cute. It’s also a slimmer fit, meant for lighter weight fabrics making it the perfect cardigan to grab for a night out in summer.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedDresses

This year I have four weddings to attend. FOUR. Two of them are “black tie”, so I have to dress formally. I figure I can wear my floral maxi to one of them, but still need a second (since we will be seeing similar people at both black tie affairs). Originally, I was going to buy a dress but after some pattern research, I’ve decided to make one!

I’ve noticed pattern companies don’t make too many formal patterns, probably because they aren’t a wardrobe staple. There are a few options I’m considering:

Leanne Marshall makes gorgeous gowns and has a new dress pattern with Simplicity! I am so in love with the silhouette and think this gown would make a great option.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

I also love this McCall’s two piece by David Tutera but think I’m more drawn to the fabric than the pattern. Also not positive I want to wear a crop top to a wedding but it’s a stunning set.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

I’m also considering the Acton Dress from In The Folds. The top is awesome and if I change the skirt to full length, it could become a beautiful option.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

Can you tell I don’t like strapless dresses? I might go dress shopping to help decide what silhouette works best for my body and get some fabric inspiration.  Any pattern suggestions?

What patterns have you drooling lately? What’s on your sewing list?



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2015 Sewing List

Can you believe it's almost 2015!? All around the blogosphere, wrap up posts are in full swing. I wanted to share some of my favorite projects from the past year and the projects I'm looking forward to next year.

Handbags & Accessories : Mini Pip

This year I went from working 7 days a week between Anthropologie and my parent's farm to just full time on the farm with THREE days a week to dedicate to sewing! This was a huge life change and it has allowed me to think more seriously about where I want my little bag business to go. 

This year I introduced three new aprons, a new bag and started sewing for the farm.

For 2015, I really want to focus on the construction of the bag. I've started adding a lot more hardware to each design and would love to continue with that theme. I've already designed a cross-body to put into production in the new year and have a few more bag ideas looming in my mind.

Clothing: Personal Sewing

2014 was a huge year for personal sewing and I already have a list of clothing I want to make for 2015. 2014 saw a few refashions, some adorable dresses and lots of pattern making. Since farming isn't the best place for a handmade dress, 2015 will be geared towards more wearable items.

Apparel sewing-003

Apparel sewing-004

I conquered my fear of swimwear a few months ago - and got into knitwear – but this year my new challenge is active wear! I'm currently training for my first marathon so I've been running 5 days a week which is taking a toll on my current running wardrobe. Running apparel is SO EXPENSIVE and since I make almost everything else in my wardrobe, why not try running gear? Fehr Trade has some amazing patterns I want to try out.

Some other items on my must sew list are:

Waffle Pattern Caramel Jacket

Jamie Jeans (or Ginger Jeans, haven't decided)

Some cozy sweatshirts

Boxy Tops (I'm loving this style lately)

And some more refashions (I'm looking at these for inspiration)


I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!  


My Bookshelf


I was organizing my sewing books today. This shelf is full of patterns I planned to make, techniques I've wanted to learn, and ideas that have once filled my head. It reminded me of this quote:

"I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones and variations of mental and physical experience possible in life. And I am horribly limited."

– Sylvia Plath


Work has been stressful this week, I'm trying to get some creativity back. I'm escaping to the farm this weekend and hopefully that will get me back on track. 

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Spring Sewing List

I don't know how the weather is where you are from but here it is COLD (ok today was pretty warm but in general, its been cold). I am a horrible person in cold. You don't want to walk with me because I practically run for warmth and I'm really great at playing the "layering" game. So I've been starting to think of warm. Spring is warm. Spring means flowers popping out of the ground, de-hibernation, and, of course, a bit of cleaning.

Spring is also a great time for some new clothes! I really want to focus on sewing some beautiful pieces for my wardrobe this year. While I don't always have time to dedicate to sewing for myself, these are a few goals I would like to achieve for spring.

 #1- Polka Dot Blazer

Besides florals, my favorite print is polka dots. Most of my wardrobe consists of polka dots now, but, I don't have a blazer out of them! I was really inspired by this page I clipped out of an old magazine.


I also saw this adorable blazer on target.com


{purchase here}

A blazer is a wardrobe staple, even one with a print. I've been in love with blazers for years and think its a great time to test my sewing skills with a more advanced project.

#2 A Spring Dress.

I always like to add a floral dress to my wardrobe every year so this year, it would be fun to add a handmade one like this:


{From Anthropologie}

or this


{From Modcloth}

I really want to make a wrap dress but need to purchase fabric before settling on a style. Sometimes a print isn't meant for a certain style dress.

#3 Printed Crop Pants

Apparently in my wardrobe, you can never have enough prints! I have no printed pants and this would be a great piece to refashion! I would want something a little more neutral. Like these from bloomingdales:


{on sale now!}

 #4-Gym Bag

As a handbag designer, I like to design a few new bags a year. I have a gym bag but it's too large to carry to work and those drawstring backpacks are too small. This one by Steve Madden would be PERFECT- if it wasn't over $50


{From Nordstrom}

What's on your sewing list for Spring?


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Folk Collection

Wow, bad blogger over here! These few weeks have (of course) been crazy. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the work load is really hitting me. But I do have some exciting news! I will now be an official full time employee at Anthro! I'm so excited for this change because I've worked really hard to get to this point. But that isn't the reason I'm posting.

My new handbag collection is up on etsy! I fell in love with this fabric collection the first time I saw it and have been hoarding it for years waiting for the moment to use it. This fabric has fantastic colors and designs.

Folk Collection

My bags on etsy

When I was trying to name the collection, the vibe I got from this was Folk. I pulled some inspirational photos that I wanted to share!

folk inspiration

{Image from here}

Folk really comes from the color and detail in design. It's a little "homey" with a touch of ethnic and so bold it really captures your attention.

Folk inspiration

These little prints by Beci Orpin are so cute!

Folk inspiration

{The last print comes from here}


My new wristlet has an improved wrist band. The previous wristlets I made had a wider band, so I made it a little longer and skinnier.

folk collection

folk collection

folk collection

Go check them out!

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Day 23: Struggles

I've had a lot of struggles the past few months, some I've blogged about before and others I haven't really talked about. I think a large struggle I am facing is being "good enough". I try my best to sew with straight seams, purchase quality fabric and really show my passion in my work. It is difficult to remember that others have been doing this longer, that they know techniques that I do not. There is a quote that I have been connecting with lately:

Dont compare

(on pinterest)

This is a simple reminder to be inspired by others stories, not discouraged that things are not happening fast or I'm not as good a seamstress as others.  This is my journey, my path. It may take longer than others, but this is where I am supposed to be.

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Day 6: Inspiration

Day six is to blog about where you get your inspiration or craft something with an autumn theme. I just got back to Hoboken, so I don't have the energy to sew something…so I'll talk about my inspiration. There are a few things I do for inspiration.

For years I've been buying magazines and clipping out only pages I love (this usually leaves me with 3-10 pages from 1 magazine). My mom does the same thing and we joke about how we could create the PERFECT magazine just from all our clippings. I store mine in binders, organized by fashion or craft…and even more detailed in those topics. I take my clippings very seriously. (I think I have four binders worth now)

The second place I find most of my inspiration is through traveling. Whether it is taking a stroll on the farm at home or reminiscing through photos from Paris and London back from 2010. I went with my university and had such an amazing experience.

My favorite place in the world is Marie Anntoinette's estate. I often think about it when designing.


London is also where I discovered Cath Kidston. I cannot begin to say how obsessed I became with Cath as soon as I stepped into the shop.

You can see the bag I had to buy. The great thing is, my boyfriend now knows that he can never go wrong with buying me something from Cath Kidston, I've since added another bag to my collection thanks to him.

I know this became a little off topic, but it is nice to go through this photos again and get a whole new mess of inspiration!


happy blogging!