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A New Home & Me Made May 2 Week Roundup

Happy middle of May! It’s been awhile since I blogged – and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know why! Three weeks ago we officially moved out of Hoboken! I’ve talked a little about it before but I wanted to share our first home-buying experience. (Please feel free to skip on down to my Me-Mades)

Trish StitchedTrish Stitched

In the beginning of last year, Drew and I decided that it was finally time to move out of our apartment. Hoboken had been good to us, and we were fortunate to have an affordable 2 bedroom apartment and a garage parking space (which is SO hard to come by), but we were ready to move on from the party town into a quieter space with a yard, and room to grow as a family. When we started looking at homes around March of last year, we were clueless and quickly learned what we had to do to find a home in our price range and in our dream area.

We found a realtor at an open house, and unfortunately, she “didn’t have time for us” and didn’t want to show us any of the houses we wanted to see. It was about a month of working with her that we wasted, and by May of last year, we were starting to get into the height of the market. We found another realtor, who we fell in love with, and she would send us 1-10 houses every week – and we would see 2-5 each weekend.

Drew and I fell head over heels for one house, and put in a bid over asking price. Because of the demand, we lost the house to a higher bid and our hearts were completely broken. We had felt like we were already searching for so long, and even met the owners of the home, that it was such a huge hit to us on a personal level. After another few months of looking, we found another house we loved and went through the process again. We actually went well over the asking price, and thought there was no way we could lose, but once again, we were outbid.

The winter months were very depressing, and we barely saw any homes, and we were getting very discouraged since we didn’t want to go through another spring/summer and compete with more families looking for homes. In early February we found another home, and immediately bid well over asking. We lost our third home and at this point, we were getting used to the rejection and were afraid to fall in love with another home.

That’s when a little yellow home with a white picket fence came on the market. The pictures were amazing – but we knew that pictures don’t always tell the whole story. We went to the open house and fell hard in love, but still talked very cautiously about our feelings like somehow loving it too much would be bad luck. This house checked all the boxes on our list: a cute backyard, space for a sewing studio and space for Drew to have a “man-cave”, with plenty of room for entertaining. We put a bid in and expected to lose – it felt too perfect of a house for us to get.

A few days later, we got the call that the house was ours. We were so excited! Closing took two months, but before we knew it- we were homeowners. It’s been a long, LONG process, but we are so happy with our home and we learned more than we could’ve imagined. Over the course of a year, we went to see over 70 homes, and saw more than double that in online listings.

Trish Stitched

Finding a home was a process, but now it’s time to actually fill it! We finally bought a dining room table, and our bed frame should be delivered later this week. Today we found a beautiful dinnerware set and last week I got my first watering can! (it’s the little things that make me so happy) We still need to find living room furniture and dressers, but we are slowly enjoying the process of finding pieces we love.

So that is why things have slowed down a bit on the sewing front. My machines are unpacked, but since we are doing a little construction in my future sewing studio, my temporary space is all disorganized.

I’ve been trying to keep up with Me Made May this year, (as it is my fourth year participating) but without a dresser, and always doing work to the house, I don’t want to ruin my me-made pieces and find myself wearing the same things over and over. Here’s a little two week roundup:

Day 1: Ginger Jeans & Seamwork Oslo in my future sewing studio. We plan on ripping up the carpet and tearing down the wall that splits the attic in two. I hope to get skylights for more natural light, but they may have to wait a while.


Day 2: Closet Case Patterns Kalle Shirt in our garage! The previous owners added a bar in the garage and this was the back wall – perfect for photoshoots!


Day 3: Cactus Print Lou Box Top & Ginger Jeans in our sunroom, in my cactus corner =]

Trish Stitched

Day 4: Cranberry Anorak (not pictured) & Handmade Backpack in our backyard! I’ll have more info about these backpacks soon!

Trish Stitched

Day 5: Closet Case Patterns Ebony Dress in front of our garage!

Trish StitchedIMG_5889[2203]

Day 6: Closet Case Ebony Tee, Kelly Anorak and Ginger Jeans at a craft show!


Day 7 & 8: Not photographed- Handmade Leggings and Tanks.

Day 9: Seamwork Ariane & Handmade Cardigan in our (furniture-less) living room


Day 10: Ginger Jeans & Refashioned Vest – this was a piece our realtor gave us!

Trish Stitched

Day 11: Ginger Jeans repeat – stuck on the side of the road.


Day 12: Closet Case Ebony Tee – unblogged


Day 13: Embroidered Peplum – didn’t get to photograph me wearing the past couple days

Trish Stitched

Day 14: Ginger Jeans repeat. I feel like I post these so often- but never the insides. Here’s my fun pockets!

Trish Stitched

Day 15: Handmade Floral Leggings and my denim jacket from middle school – not even kidding – I think I got this jacket in 7th grade. I just love the dark wash, even though the sleeves are too short, it’s that perfect worn in feel that makes it too comfy to get rid of!

Trish Stitched

Obviously Closet Case Patterns are my go-to. I just love the way they fit and the ease of styling. I do have three pairs of Gingers so I swear I’m not wearing the same ones every day!

I have definitely been defining my style more over the years, and have been weeding out the pieces I don’t wear, but overall, my goals for Me Made May remain the same: continue making more wearable pieces, and hunker down on basics! I always find myself needing to make tshirts but when it comes time to actually sewing them, I always find a different project to make. Some things are just so boring to make – even though they are items I need the most.

Are you participating? How has your Me Made May been going?

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Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts

Thirty- One days of wearing handmade. At the beginning of the month, the idea of Me Made May is super fun and doable. You have these grand plans in your mind to wear a great outfit everyday and take an awesome photo – and after like, three days, you are so over it. I am always excited for Me Made May because the past few years it’s really shown me where I’m lacking in my wardrobe, and this year was more eye-opening.

I really love how my Instagram feed changes over the month of May, and I find a bunch of new people to follow through the hashtag #mmmay17. It’s also awesome to see what patterns other sewists love to make, and I put a few patterns on my mental sewing list. The Ogden Cami was definitely added to that list as well as the Blackwood Cardigan.

Below is a round up of almost all my looks from Me Made May 2017:

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Week 4:

Day 22: Tribal Print Oslo (Repeat)

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 23: Floral Sports Bra (unblogged)

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 24: Kimono


Day 25: Ginger Cargo Jeans

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 26: Refashioned Trench

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish StitchedMe Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 27: Mandy Boat Tee

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 28: Black & White Sloan Leggings (unblogged)

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 29: Floral Shorts

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 30: Embroidered Astoria

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

Day 31: Floral Refashioned Romper

Me Made May Week 4 & Thoughts - Trish Stitched

This year, it became really obvious to me what doesn’t get worn in my wardrobe. Like, glaringly obvious. I don’t wear most of the clothing in my wardrobe. I LOVE everything in my closet, but things just doesn’t get worn and I’m trying to figure out how to solve this problem.

I’ve done a lot of cleaning out, and have gotten rid of so much over the years, even handmade pieces but my closet is still over-flowing with clothes that have no use to me. I hate saying, “oh, I’ll just get rid of it”, because the truth is I still need some spring dresses and formal pieces, even though I don’t wear them every week.

Since starting to sew, any time an occasion came about, I would make something new. It was a chance to make a new pattern, buy new fabric, and of course, write a new blog post and take pretty pictures! But because I don’t wear these special pieces that often, they get made and worn once and then sit in my closet!

I think the next step in my handmade wardrobe is being really honest with myself about what needs to go. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of the Wardrobe Architect for years, and have mentioned doing it before here, but have not taken the time to participate. I’m also interested in “The Curated Closet“, but have some major reservations about it.

I will not turn my wardrobe into a monotone look. I love color and I love prints and that isn’t going to change. But I want to take away certain lessons from both of these projects: I want to define my style and shapes, and I want to weed out the pieces that I can do without (like a ton of dresses).

This past weekend, I did another closet binge and have created three categories for items I’m discarding.

  1. Donate: there are many pieces in my closet that are old, but still very usable. I do not throw away garments, but prefer to donate in the local bins. To be honest, this isn’t the ideal situation because I know a lot of these clothes still don’t go to proper homes, but it’s a chance for the pieces to live a new life.

2. Sell: I do have some pieces from designer labels, very low price designers but they are good enough quality that they can be sold online. My sister and I recently sent in our first bag to ThreadUp and we were very happy with the result. If you aren’t in a rush to get your money, and have good quality clothing, this is a great option. I don’t have the time to set up apparel on a site like Poshmark or ebay, so being able to send my clothes to someone else to sell is helpful. Even if I don’t get as much money as selling myself, that isn’t really the goal.

3. Refashion: There are a few pieces I love and don’t want to let go of, but they have potential to become something else more wearable.

This is all just a start to something bigger for my wardrobe. While I am trying to get rid of clothes, I am also trying to be very conscious about my sewing moving forward. I have a bunch of projects I’m currently working on and already bought fabric for, so to be sure they don’t become a one-time wear, I am taking extra time with them to make sure they are good quality and fit. I’ve even been taking the time to make muslin’s! (which is something I NEVER do!).

Have you done the Wardrobe Architect or read The Curated Closet? I would love to hear opinions!

Me Made May

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3

We are nearing the end of May and I still have handmade items to wear! The past two weeks have been going well, and we finally saw some nicer weather here in New Jersey, although it only lasted a few days.

Day 8: Moji & Lou Box Top. I love my polka dot Moji’s but feel like there’s a lot they don’t go with. I like wearing them with flowy shirts tucked in, so I paired them with my first Lou Box Top. I’m still not used to wearing causal, loose pants, so I never know what looks good with them!

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 9: Baseball Skirt. Another pattern from Sew DIY, the baseball skirt is awesome. It has a great hem and nice size pockets.

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 10: Sloan Leggings: I bought this floral active fabric from Joann’s and made a pair of leggings immediately after getting it. This is my third pair of Sloan leggings, I love each version I make! I’ll have a blog post about these soon…

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 11: Cranberry Anorak:  Since my Kelly Anorak came into my life, this jacket hasn’t been worn much but it is still a favorite make. I always seem to forget the time spent on a project after making it, but I do remember this piece took a lot of altering and time.

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 12: Ginger Jeans & Seamwork Oslo: One Day Without Shoes! I wore a pair of Ginger Jeans and my Tribal Oslo.

Day 13: Refashioned Flannel: One of my dad’s old flannel shirts transformed into a cuter piece.


Day 14: Striped Lou: I’ve made so many versions of the Lou Box Top, and each one gets its fair share of wear. This version is the first I made with the longer hem, and I love how different it looks from the others! How awesome is it that one pattern can make so many different looks?

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish StitchedDSC_0012-009

Day 15: Galaxy Tank: A copy & paste tank I made a while back, with leftover fabric from a bathing suit.


Day 16: Coffee and Sewing: My mom bought a silhouette paper cutter a few months ago and I’ve been slowly learning how to use it. A few weeks ago I saw a mug with “Coffee and _____” on it (I can’t remember what the exact phrase was) and thought how cute would that phrase be on a shirt! So I learned how to make it on the Silhouette and this is the result! I’ll also be blogging about this piece soon…


Day 17: Sports Bra: Like I’ve said before, I wear sports bras even when I’m not active. And I love this one, so it’s been on rotation since I made it!

Purple Floral Workout Gear - Trish Stitched

Day 18: Colette Aster: I made this to see if it would be a good contender for farm work wear, and this day was my first day wearing it! It is the perfect blouse for farm work, and I will definitely have to make more.

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 19: Turia Dungarees: Yes, I love them and now I have to make a bunch of different pairs! I think I’ll make a regular denim short pair, and the more I look at black overalls on pinterest, the more I want a pair!

Pant Set Refashion - Turia Dungarees with Embroidered Florals - Trish Stitched

Day 20: Refashioned Bomber: My project from #refashioners2016, definitely one of my  favorite refashions. This bomber was made from three pairs of jeans!

Me Made May 2017: Week 2 & 3- Trish Stitched

Day 21: Cactus Lou: My latest Lou Box Top, made with a hacked back. I loooove wearing this top and can’t wait to wear it when the weather stays warm!


We have less than a week to go, and while I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing handmade’s almost every day after Me Made May, I’m ready to go back to days where I don’t take pictures of myself haha!

handmade wardrobe · Me Made May

Me Made May 2017: Week 1

It’s May! And if you are involved in the sewing world, you know it’s time to bring out all the handmade pieces and get ready for a bunch of awkward pictures of ourselves! This is the third year I’ve participated in Me Made May, and I love the challenge. It’s a great chance to encourage each other, and I think of it as a fun time to find new patterns to sew, since you get to see what people wear on a daily basis. I’ve been stalking the Turia Dungarees and the Maritime Shorts have been added to my sewing list!

I’m doing a daily post over on Instagram (@trishstitched) and throughout the month, I’ll be doing weekly re-caps of each day here on my blog!

Day 1: Sewing Day! I wore a Handmade Lark Tee and Seamwork Oslo Cardigan with a pair of RTW shorts from Target. Both these makes are unblogged, but both have been made this year.

Me Made May 2017 Week 1- Trish Stitched

Day 2: The past two weeks I was on call for jury duty and Tuesday I got the call into court. This was my second time being called for jury duty so I knew it was going to be a long day of sitting. I didn’t have any handmade items that could pass off for business causal, that I would be warm in, so my handmade’s came after I got home. I changed into a pair of Seamwork Aires for the rest of the day. (Another item unblogged, but I wrote about another version of them here.

Me Made May 2017 Week 1- Trish Stitched

Day 3: Another sewing day, which means I dress pretty casual. I wore my first woven version of the Lou Box Top, blogged about here. I’ll be wearing all my versions of the Lou Box Top this May!

Me Made May 2017 Week 1- Trish Stitched

Day 4: Seamwork Astoria! When I go to work on my parent’s farm, I tend not to wear me-made’s because my farm clothes get really dirty, and go through tough work. There are some pieces I don’t mind wearing, and I wear so many more me-made’s in summer because I have a lot more work- friendly options. But we will see how far I get this May with work clothes! Also featuring my 7 month old niece, Molly!

Me Made May 2017 Week 1- Trish Stitched

Day 5: A really crappy day on the farm. It poured all day long and was pretty cold. I wore a shortened Seamwork Neenah (unblogged) and my Kelly Anorak .

Me Made May 2017 Week 1- Trish Stitched

Day 6: Floral Astoria ( link above) and my first pair of Ginger Jeans. This pair is no where near perfect but they are pretty comfy.

Me Made May 2017 Week 1- Trish Stitched

Day 7: My new pair of Ginger’s and a me made tank. Sunday’s are my day’s with Drew, but next week I’ll be starting to work Sunday mornings so this was our last day alone for a few months. We had a nice day of food shopping, shoe shopping for Drew and watching tv.

Me Made May 2017 Week 1- Trish Stitched

While I tend to wear handmade items almost every day, I find taking photos of some of my outfits boring because they feel plain. I think for the remainder of May I will try to dress a little nicer when I’m home just so I’m not in leggings constantly! Are you guys participating? How did your first week go?

Me Made May · refashion · sewing

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Congratulations to everyone who completed Me Made May! We did it! 31 days of wearing handmade items- whew! May has been a crazy month. I started out thinking I’ll never get to wear some of my summer pieces and it turned out I didn’t have enough to wear! Spring was skipped over and Summer temperatures showed up. Here is the last week and a half of May:

apparel sewing14

Day 22: I don’t have a picture of my outfit because I only wore my cross body as my handmade item. It was my sister graduation party (she finished grad school!) and I was going to wear a dress but it was too chilly so last-minute outfit change didn’t leave much room for handmade.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 23: I bought this awesome bundle pack from SEW DIY. It’s the Lou Box Top and Baseball Skirt. I finished both of my wearable muslins and wore them together. I can’t wait to make more of these, total staple patterns! I already have a few versions of each in my “to make” pile, so I’ll blog about these shortly!

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 24: My Floral Astoria. It was the last day before the heat wave started and I managed to sneak my favorite Astoria into Me Made May. Also featured are my “paint pants”. There are paint splatters all over these but they are so comfy it is totally acceptable to wear them around the apartment.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 25: My handmade cross body repeat! I was caught off guard with the heat and had no idea what to wear. But my shorts are “me altered” so that counts too, right? I also got a little cactus! I have a serious problem with keeping things alive so I’m hoping to not kill a cactus.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 26: Copy & Paste Tank in fabric left over from my first Bombshell Skirt.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 27: Refashioned Nantucket Shorts and another Copy & Paste Tank. I’m still getting used to wearing these shorts in public as they are so easy to wear they feel like pajama bottoms! I keep forgetting I have another blouse to make into another pair.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 28: I was laying in the sun for a while in my Floral Bombshell. I’m debating if I should make a new swimsuit this year or not. I have 3 great handmade ones, I don’t know if I really need another.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 29: Floral Galaxy Shorts! Made from my Leggings Pattern and leftover swimsuit fabric. These are so comfortable!

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 30: The air conditioners are officially in the windows and they won’t be leaving until October. When Drew is home, I freeze with the AC’s on so having this knit dress was a good wear.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

Day 31: My latest refashion which I will be posting about later! Dress turned romper! I am going to be wearing this piece all the time.

Me Made May Week 4 to Finish & Thoughts

As I mentioned in last week’s Me Made May post, I’ve become ok with donating the pieces I just don’t wear- even if they are handmade. I’ve gotten rid of a few so far, mostly refashioned pieces I just can’t love. I binged a garbage bag full of clothes, and I’m a small person so that’s a lot of clothes!

Of course, just as I thought last year, I didn’t have enough basic pieces to mix in and out of my ready to wear wardrobe. I also realized another hole! I have no handmade causal summer dresses! I have a formal one, and a ton of ready to wear ones but none I could wear for the challenge. I already have one planned but might have to add another one or two to the make list. Oh man, just in this post alone I think I added 5 projects to the pile.

I have a little confession to make. A thought that has been running around my mind a lot as I’ve seen others wardrobes.

 For some time, I’ve wanted to be one of those women with a “capsule wardrobe”. You know, have like 15 basic pieces that are always on rotate. I get so jealous seeing these women with wardrobes that are so put together and cohesive and I take a look at my wardrobe and it’s all over the place. I don’t have a defined style. My love of florals beat solid any day and buying anything in grey or black usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Over the past few months I’ve been thinking about getting rid of all my clothes and starting over with basics, but I recently realized that just isn’t who I am. I love color. I love prints. I like basics and all, but would feel a wardrobe full of them would be so boring! It’s taken me a lot of time to step back and see that cohesive life isn’t for me. So maybe my closet will be a little …full… but it makes me happy. And that’s what fashion is all about. So yes, I do plan on making basics- every girl needs some plain tees- but I can’t give up my fun prints and bold colors.

So all you beautiful women with organized- color coordinated closets, I will admire you from afar and love your simplicity but stand here proudly in my loud apparel.

I’m looking forward to an awesome Summer (and as stated above) have a lot of projects to work on. What are your Summer sewing plans?

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Week Three: Me Made May 2016

Almost to the finish now with Me Made May. Week Three finally saw some repeats in handmade- but I’m happy it took to week three to get there! This tells me I’ve been making enough pieces to build a useable wardrobe- one that I actually want to wear. It’s also taught me that it’s ok to get rid of the handmade pieces that I think I’ll wear but just sit in my closet. There are a few pieces I no longer reach for so why keep them around, even if they are handmade? I used to think it was something sinful to get rid of a handmade item- I know how much time and cost went into the piece, why would I toss it? But just like any clothing item, it has seen it’s day in my wardrobe and now it’s time to make room for something that better fits my life and style.


Day 15: My Aires Leggings from Seamwork Magazine. I now have Sunday’s off and for the first time in like, 6 years, my Sunday’s are real rest days. It’s so cool having a day to spend time with Drew and my Sunday Style will definitely start reflecting the change.


Day 16: Pneuma Tank from Papercut Patterns. Monday was a day in the sewing studio and I took out my Pneuma Tank to wear.


Day 17: Band of Florals Tee and a Refashioned Skirt. I always forget how much I love this skirt until I wear it. I just can’t wear it for work on the farm so it doesn’t get as much use as it could.


Day 18: Another Copy & Paste Tank. This one (unblogged) has a band of sparkles with fabric left over from Rainbow Fish.


Day 19: First Repeat! Florals and Stripes Boat Tee– and a basket full of Asparagus


Day 20: Kimono. Made this piece last year during Me Made May. I wear it more in the Summer time but it is a great piece for an easy outfit.


Day 21: Another Repeat- Cranberry Anorak. I also toted my handmade Vinyl Tote.


And I wanted to share a picture I found the other day! Remember this dress I refashioned? It was my Grandma’s and when I was cleaning, I came across a picture of her wearing the original dress! Here we are side by side. I think she would like the modern version as much as hers.


handmade wardrobe · Me Made May

Week Two: Me Made May 2016

And just like that, week two of May has passed us by. This week was a little dull for completing sewing projects, many were started but only few things were finished. I’m working on a bunch of new bags for my etsy shop and all the prep takes so much time. I also finally caved and bought the Lou Box Top pattern from Sew DIY. I’ve been seeing so many Me Made May posts with those tops and could no longer resist! I have plans to make a few and hopefully I’ll be able to wear them before the month is over.

Onto the outfits!

apparel sewing12

Day 8: Mother’s Day was a Me Made Scarf in polka dots and florals. I had gotten really sick the night before and wanted to be comfortable and was happy to have this scarf to throw on to look put together. I really do love the combo of fabrics on this one.


Day 9: A day of shopping for the farm- so basically a day of sitting in the car but my Cardi was the perfect companion.


Day 10: The Floral Shorts I made last Me Made May. These fit so well and it’s awesome to have a pair of shorts I don’t need to wear a belt with.


Day 11: Floral Galaxy Tank. Leftover fabric from my “Put a Ruffle on It” Bathing Suit and my “Copy & Paste” Tank top pattern made this top!


Day 12: Knit Circle Top. This is a great causal piece perfect for work on the farm but since I’ve been growing my casual wardrobe a lot, I haven’t been wearing it as often!


Day 13: My new Rain Coat! I’ll be blogging about this one later in the week but it’s my latest make!


Day 14: Skirt of Succulents. I went to my cousin’s engagement BBQ and wore my favorite skirt.


And as an added Me Made May (Day 14): My adorable pregnant sister wearing the Kimono I made her!


Me Made May · sewing

Week 1: Me Made May 2016

I am happy to report Me Made May is going well! Granted we are only on Day 11 as I am writing this but I haven’t had any wardrobe repeats yet! As I mentioned previously, I’ll be posting daily on Instagram then going over the week of handmade here on the blog!

Here’s the past week all together:

apparel sewing11

And for the breakdown:

Day 1: My dad and I ran our second Marathon on May 1st! I didn’t have time to make running wear that I could properly test but I made my after race jacket. The entire day was raining and cold- over four hours of running in rain is not fun. But 26.2 miles later and that finish line never looked so good. I finished this jacket just before race day so I haven’t blogged about it yet but it is McCalls 7026 made with fabric from


Day 2: Total rest day after the marathon. I wore my handmade leggings from Spit Up and Stilettos and a handmade racerback tank.


Day 3: Just blogged cardigan refashion!


Day 4: Tribal print Dress- which I’ve never blogged! It was very chilly in my apartment and this dress was the perfect piece to wear. Cozy & warm for a day of sewing.


Day 5: Handmade Jeans! This was my first full day of wearing them and they are SO COMFORTABLE. The fabric (from has a great stretch that makes moving around a breeze.


Day 6: Gold Polka Dot Astoria. I am so happy to have three Astoria’s in my handmade wardrobe so I don’t have to keep wearing just one. I will probably wear the other two in no time!


Day 7: Floral & Stripes Boat Tee and Cranberry Anorak. I wear this combo very often, and separately these are the two pieces I wear the most. The boat tee is a super easy wear and the print is fun so it’s an automatic wardrobe staple. The anorak is the perfect lightweight jacket and I reach for it every week. I would love to make a heavier one as well- and one with a hood!


This month started out very chilly. The temperature has picked up here and there but I’m still cold. I love that Me Made is the month of May because I do still get to wear some warmer pieces- and hopefully wear my spring pieces later in the month!


Me Made May · refashion

Me Made May & Refashioned Dress to Cardi

Happy May! I didn’t have the chance to post this in April but I am participating in Me Made May again this year! I pledge to wear at least one handmade item every day in the month of May. My pledge is the same as last year. Handmade items will include refashions, handbags, and scarves. I’ve added a lot of casual pieces over the past year as that was the major gap I discovered when doing Me Made May last year. I love making dresses and skirts but just don’t get to wear them every day. I’m happy I have jeans to add to my collection of handmade this year!

I was going through my handmade wardrobe and realized I never shared this refashion I did back in February. I received this dress as a gift and thought the print was really cute and the fabric is this comfy knit but the dress didn’t sit properly on my body. I kept it in my closet for the longest time and every so often I would pull it out and try it on in hopes that it magically altered itself to fit perfectly. Well that didn’t happen and I was tired of it sitting there so I altered it myself. I was debating just cutting the top off for a skirt but I wouldn’t get any wear out of it. Then I thought about just doing a peplum top but realized I was lacking in cardigans in my wardrobe. So that’s what this piece became.

apparel sewing10

This refashion was so easy! I measured a few inches down from the gathered waist and cut the bottom of the dress off. (I did leave a half inch to hem) Then I marked the top in the middle of both side seams and cut again. If the dress was a little bigger, I could have added buttons to close the cardi – but it’s a great option if you have an oversized dress!


My favorite part about this dress was the little keyhole in back and I kept it as a cute little detail.


I think this is a great refashion option for dresses that may be too short. I do have quite a bit of fabric from the bottom that I’m not sure what to do with yet. I might make a tank top.

I’ll be posing my Me Made May outfits every week but if you want to follow along daily: @trishstitched on instagram is where I’ll be!

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Me Made May: Last Two Weeks and Overview

Sorry for the small absence, work on the farm has been crazy and this past weekend was the estate sale at my grandparents house, so the prep for that was very stressful.

Me Made May started out really strong, but by the end, I was so over coming up with outfits because I didn’t have enough pieces. I did manage to wear handmade everyday but by the last week, it was all repeats.

Day 15: Anorak Repeat

This was my first repeat, which has actually pretty good to get to day 15 without a repeat.

Day 16: Kimono

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

My recently handmade kimono was worn this day. I love this piece, and it is perfect for summer.

Day 17: Handmade Tote

In search of a job tote

I now use this as a gym bag when I just have a few items to tote around.

Day 18: Infinity Top (unblogged)

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

I don’t wear this top much because it’s a little heavy. I also didn’t make the chest section long enough so if I’m wearing this on a day with a lot of physical activity, the straps shift quite a bit. But I love the color and the versatility. I would love to make an infinity dress one day, just wish it didn’t take so much fabric!

Day 19: Refashioned Skirt

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

This was a dress my mom didn’t want, but didn’t do much for my figure. A quick cut and stitch and a skirt was made!

Day 20: Handmade Tank

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

Took my basic tank pattern and made a new tank with leftover active wear fabric. I’ll be posting this tank later to show the back off (there’s color blocking in this one!)

Day 21: Refashioned Hoodie

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

I made this a few years ago after my favorite hoodie had some holes in the cuffs.

Day 22: Handmade Leggings

Another repeat!

Day 23: Bombshell Bathing Suit

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

Did some planting in my bombshell. I like to be in the garden in a bathing suit because the fabric keeps me cooler than cotton and the tan lines aren’t as bad 😉

Day 24-31: All repeats

I didn’t take photos of all the repeats but these days I mostly wore more handmade tanks, my anorak and my cross body.

Overall, Me Made May was slightly successful. I needed more easy tops for days on the farm. I really want to find the perfect t-shirt pattern and just make a ton of them, like I’ve started doing with my tank. Before this challenge, I basically wore running clothes to work in my sewing studio but actually thinking about what I was going to wear and dressing up a little- even just to sew- was fun!

In other news, I will be doing my first real craft show this weekend! This is the first event where I’ll need a tent and a full on display, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio, making as many bags as I can. I will be putting my shop on vacation for that day (Sunday) so I have enough product to fill my booth! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Me Made May Week 3 and 4