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Week 1: Me Made May 2016

I am happy to report Me Made May is going well! Granted we are only on Day 11 as I am writing this but I haven’t had any wardrobe repeats yet! As I mentioned previously, I’ll be posting daily on Instagram then going over the week of handmade here on the blog!

Here’s the past week all together:

apparel sewing11

And for the breakdown:

Day 1: My dad and I ran our second Marathon on May 1st! I didn’t have time to make running wear that I could properly test but I made my after race jacket. The entire day was raining and cold- over four hours of running in rain is not fun. But 26.2 miles later and that finish line never looked so good. I finished this jacket just before race day so I haven’t blogged about it yet but it is McCalls 7026 made with fabric from


Day 2: Total rest day after the marathon. I wore my handmade leggings from Spit Up and Stilettos and a handmade racerback tank.


Day 3: Just blogged cardigan refashion!


Day 4: Tribal print Dress- which I’ve never blogged! It was very chilly in my apartment and this dress was the perfect piece to wear. Cozy & warm for a day of sewing.


Day 5: Handmade Jeans! This was my first full day of wearing them and they are SO COMFORTABLE. The fabric (from has a great stretch that makes moving around a breeze.


Day 6: Gold Polka Dot Astoria. I am so happy to have three Astoria’s in my handmade wardrobe so I don’t have to keep wearing just one. I will probably wear the other two in no time!


Day 7: Floral & Stripes Boat Tee and Cranberry Anorak. I wear this combo very often, and separately these are the two pieces I wear the most. The boat tee is a super easy wear and the print is fun so it’s an automatic wardrobe staple. The anorak is the perfect lightweight jacket and I reach for it every week. I would love to make a heavier one as well- and one with a hood!


This month started out very chilly. The temperature has picked up here and there but I’m still cold. I love that Me Made is the month of May because I do still get to wear some warmer pieces- and hopefully wear my spring pieces later in the month!


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Me Made May & Refashioned Dress to Cardi

Happy May! I didn’t have the chance to post this in April but I am participating in Me Made May again this year! I pledge to wear at least one handmade item every day in the month of May. My pledge is the same as last year. Handmade items will include refashions, handbags, and scarves. I’ve added a lot of casual pieces over the past year as that was the major gap I discovered when doing Me Made May last year. I love making dresses and skirts but just don’t get to wear them every day. I’m happy I have jeans to add to my collection of handmade this year!

I was going through my handmade wardrobe and realized I never shared this refashion I did back in February. I received this dress as a gift and thought the print was really cute and the fabric is this comfy knit but the dress didn’t sit properly on my body. I kept it in my closet for the longest time and every so often I would pull it out and try it on in hopes that it magically altered itself to fit perfectly. Well that didn’t happen and I was tired of it sitting there so I altered it myself. I was debating just cutting the top off for a skirt but I wouldn’t get any wear out of it. Then I thought about just doing a peplum top but realized I was lacking in cardigans in my wardrobe. So that’s what this piece became.

apparel sewing10

This refashion was so easy! I measured a few inches down from the gathered waist and cut the bottom of the dress off. (I did leave a half inch to hem) Then I marked the top in the middle of both side seams and cut again. If the dress was a little bigger, I could have added buttons to close the cardi – but it’s a great option if you have an oversized dress!


My favorite part about this dress was the little keyhole in back and I kept it as a cute little detail.


I think this is a great refashion option for dresses that may be too short. I do have quite a bit of fabric from the bottom that I’m not sure what to do with yet. I might make a tank top.

I’ll be posing my Me Made May outfits every week but if you want to follow along daily: @trishstitched on instagram is where I’ll be!

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Me Made May: Last Two Weeks and Overview

Sorry for the small absence, work on the farm has been crazy and this past weekend was the estate sale at my grandparents house, so the prep for that was very stressful.

Me Made May started out really strong, but by the end, I was so over coming up with outfits because I didn’t have enough pieces. I did manage to wear handmade everyday but by the last week, it was all repeats.

Day 15: Anorak Repeat

This was my first repeat, which has actually pretty good to get to day 15 without a repeat.

Day 16: Kimono

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

My recently handmade kimono was worn this day. I love this piece, and it is perfect for summer.

Day 17: Handmade Tote

In search of a job tote

I now use this as a gym bag when I just have a few items to tote around.

Day 18: Infinity Top (unblogged)

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

I don’t wear this top much because it’s a little heavy. I also didn’t make the chest section long enough so if I’m wearing this on a day with a lot of physical activity, the straps shift quite a bit. But I love the color and the versatility. I would love to make an infinity dress one day, just wish it didn’t take so much fabric!

Day 19: Refashioned Skirt

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

This was a dress my mom didn’t want, but didn’t do much for my figure. A quick cut and stitch and a skirt was made!

Day 20: Handmade Tank

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

Took my basic tank pattern and made a new tank with leftover active wear fabric. I’ll be posting this tank later to show the back off (there’s color blocking in this one!)

Day 21: Refashioned Hoodie

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

I made this a few years ago after my favorite hoodie had some holes in the cuffs.

Day 22: Handmade Leggings

Another repeat!

Day 23: Bombshell Bathing Suit

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

Did some planting in my bombshell. I like to be in the garden in a bathing suit because the fabric keeps me cooler than cotton and the tan lines aren’t as bad 😉

Day 24-31: All repeats

I didn’t take photos of all the repeats but these days I mostly wore more handmade tanks, my anorak and my cross body.

Overall, Me Made May was slightly successful. I needed more easy tops for days on the farm. I really want to find the perfect t-shirt pattern and just make a ton of them, like I’ve started doing with my tank. Before this challenge, I basically wore running clothes to work in my sewing studio but actually thinking about what I was going to wear and dressing up a little- even just to sew- was fun!

In other news, I will be doing my first real craft show this weekend! This is the first event where I’ll need a tent and a full on display, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio, making as many bags as I can. I will be putting my shop on vacation for that day (Sunday) so I have enough product to fill my booth! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Me Made May Week 3 and 4

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Me Made May: Week Two

Week two: another scorcher. But my tan is already starting out strong. Let’s get right into the outfits, shall we?

Day 8: Black and White “Copy & Paste” Tank

Me Made May: Week 2- Trish Stitched

I made this tank out of leftover fabric from my bombshell swimsuit bottom, making is a great tank to work and run in. I was weeding this day and needed something easy to wear. I’m hoping to make a few more of these to get through the summer.

Day 9: Floral Shorts

Floral Shorts by Trish Stitched

Shared these shorts last week!

Day 10: Handmade Bag

Crossbody- Trish Stitched

Yup, I knew these days would come. A bag is the only handmade piece I managed to wear today.

Day 11: “Copy & Paste” Tank in Arizona Print

Me Made May: Week 2- Trish Stitched

Another tank, different fabric.

Day 12: Refashioned Skirt (unblogged)

Me Made May: Week 2- Trish Stitched

My mom didn’t want this skirt so I decided to change the size and wear it! I love this skirt and it is going to get a lot of wear in the coming months.

Day 13: Maxi Skirt Refashion (also unblogged)

Me Made May: Week 2- Trish Stitched

I bought this maxi dress years ago, but the top was a little too “boob-a-licious” for my liking so I chopped it off! Now I have a wonderful maxi skirt.

Day 14: Knit Circle Top

Me Made May: Week 2- Trish Stitched

I’ve been trying to hold off wearing this top the past 13 days. This is by far the most worn handmade item in my wardrobe so I’m happy I got to day 14 before wearing it!

Whew, halfway done!

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Me Made May: Week One

I’ve been trying to get this post out for days, so sorry it is a little late but…Week one of Me Made May has come and gone, and spring seems to have gone with it! It’s like we jumped right over May and went into July weather! It’s been a consistent 70-80 degrees here in New Jersey which has made going Handmade these past few days very difficult. I’ve realized that I need way more summer clothes, and actual work clothes.

For those of you who don’t know me, I work on my parents farm, Thursday- Sunday every week. I mainly work in the farm market-filling orders, helping customers, that sort of thing, but there are times when I am planting & weeding, taking care of animals and washing eggs. So I can’t really wear cute sundresses and sandals all day. Luckily, I get three days a week in my sewing studio so sometimes I will dress up for work (just to sit at a sewing machine in my apartment). So my life and wardrobe are kind of all over the place right now.

Day 1: Band of Florals Tee

Me Made May Week One- Trish Stitched

I started the month with a super comfy tee.

Day 2: Polka Dot & Floral Scarf

Me Made May Week One- Trish Stitched

My favorite fabric combination is polka dot and floral together. When I used to work for Anthropologie, the store got in a new scarf almost every day and since we had to look like the brand, I figured I’d make a scarf instead of spending money on one. These fabrics are beautiful and I love how they look together!

Day 3: Cranberry Anorak

Me Made May Week One- Trish Stitched

I made this last fall but it got so cold so fast that I was only able to wear it a few times! I happily pulled it out of my closet when the weather warmed up. I love this jacket. I love how it fits, love the color and the style.

Day 4: Active Leggings

Me Made May Week One- Trish Stitched

Today was a sewing day and I decided to wear my leggings as I just wanted to be comfortable. I need to make more of these!

Day 5: Shorts for a Shorty

Me Made May Week One- Trish Stitched

This day was a scorcher. My studio is in my apartments loft, which is at the top of the building, and as heat rises, that little room really heats up! I took out the first pair of shorts I made, two years ago. I have to wear a belt with these because I made them too big, but the outfit was cool and comfortable!

Day 6: Cynthia Rowley Grey Dress

Me Made May Week One- Trish Stitched

This is the second dress I made from this Cynthia Rowley dress pattern and I am so in love with the fit. This was originally made for my Halloween costume but it’s simple enough to wear on a daily basis.

Day 7: Arizona Cardi

Me Made May Week One- Trish Stitched

My favorite fabric of all time. Also my best looking photo shoot for a blog post. I made this last year to take on my trip in Arizona.

What I am starting to realize with Me Made May is that the patterns I’ve used, and the pieces I’ve made really do make me love my handmade wardrobe. I make clothing that I can’t find in a store. I make clothing that I believe my wardrobe needs and therefore, love the pieces even more. Some items I can make in an afternoon (like the leggings) but others take a few weeks of research to find the perfect pattern and fabric (my cranberry anorak) but each piece fills a void in my closet. This challenge is definitely encouraging me to make even more, which is very motivational!

I’ve also realized how far this little blog has come! I used to show apparel on my mannequin because I didn’t have a tripod, once I got my tripod, I was able to wear my garments in photos, but they were blurry. I finally got a new camera and started really working on my photos and I’m finally in a happy place with the look of my work. Next step is to get a remote so I don’t have to set my camera timer!

Me Made May

Me Made May 2015

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to make decisions right? I have been thinking about the Me Made May challenge for a while but didn’t want to commit because I really didn’t think I could wear handmade for an entire month. I mostly have dresses and skirts, not so many casual clothes so when I work on the farm, it might be a little difficult to wear handmade. But I’ve decided to try- even if it means just wearing a handmade scarf or bag.

‘I, Trish at, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2015’

You can follow my Me Made May posts more frequently on Instagram (@trishstitched) and I will probably post a review after each week.

*For those who want to find out a little more about Me Made May, click here!*

I didn’t have a picture for this post, so here’s one of my sewing machine!

Me Made May- trish stitched