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Bahamas Fabric Shopping

Oh how I wish I was still on the warm beaches of the Bahamas…but no. I’m prepping for over a foot of snow coming in the next few days. It’s alright, I’ll just be staring longingly at the beautiful fabrics I bought on the trip dreaming of wearing bathing suits and shorts instead of sweatshirts and alpaca socks.



When on vacation, or anywhere other than New Jersey, I love fabric shopping. There is something exciting about discovering fabrics you haven’t seen before- or being able to see a line in person rather than on the internet. I mostly see quilt shops whenever searching for stores, which is great because I can find fabric for my bags, but the Bahamas was all about the apparel fabric.

We stayed in Atlantis, the beautiful resort on Paradise Island.  It was an amazing experience, and the first time I’ve stayed at a resort. The location was stunning, the staff was wonderful and the food was amazing!


I did a quick search of fabric stores in the Bahamas and came up with this post from Sew Can She. It recommended Home Fabrics in Nassau and I really wanted to check that place out. Commonwealth Fabrics also kept coming up in my searches and after a quick look at a map, I discovered they were within a 5 minute walk of each other! SCORE!

We got a cab to Home Fabrics from our resort and 10 minutes later, we were there. I was so busy pulling bolts off the shelves that I forgot to take pictures! The first floor was apparel fabrics, cottons and craft supplies. Upstairs was all home décor fabrics…so much fabric. I was amazed with how much fabric they were able to pack in! There was also an entire section of Androsia Batik, fabric made on the island of Andros in the Bahamas! I had looked the company up before going to the Bahamas and had my sights set on some fun prints. I had a hard time picking a print and color, there were so many options but I went with a really fun pineapple print. I joked to Drew that I would make my own souvenirs with the fabric I bought. A lot of the bolts didn’t have fabric content, just prices so I don’t know exactly what they are, I just loved the print too much to pass them up.

The blue and purple/green ones are heavier, the colorful center piece is a knit, the hot pink batik cotton and the black/floral piece is a silky dream!


I didn’t go shopping with any specific project in mind so I was literally choosing anything that spoke to me.  Here are some of my favorites from Home Fabrics:



This piece is my favorite and I already have a project in mind for it:


Next we took the short walk to Commonwealth Fabrics. Again the amount of fabric was amazing! Since I already splurged a bit before, my mind was more focused in this shop. I also had to think about fitting everything in my suitcase! Nothing caught my eye until we went upstairs and I saw these two floral prints that I really loved. The one is such a soft knit it feels like it’s been washed 100 times! I thought I was done until the sales woman told me the shop goes around the other side of the cutting counter as well. I only saw special occasion fabrics but there was more apparel fabrics hidden behind a wall and Androsia Fabrics all the way in back! I had to get another print. Here are my finds from Commonwealth:

Again, hot pink Batik cotton, brown floral is linen, pastel floral is knit and navy/orange print might be crepe de chine



It was such a good shopping trip, and I was happy to find Androsia Batik without needing to go to Andros. The top print is little fishes and the bottom are the pineapples.


What was really cool about this fabric trip was how “local” I felt. There were no tourists, since we weren’t in the tourist area, but I felt very welcomed. In Commonwealth, one of the women asked if I was going home now to sew. She thought we were snow birds down for a few months! Both stores were so wonderful and I’m happy we were able to take a little detour from the resort and seek out these shops.

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Refashioned Nantucket Shorts

Apologies for the short absence! July has been a little crazy and there was a lot less WiFi available than I thought. Here’s where I’ve been:

Drew’s sister’s wedding, (the couple LOVED their quilt!), Boston, Maine, and Florida. Boston and Maine was just Drew and I, and Florida was my family vacation. It all worked out that it was one trip after the other so it really just turned into a long vacation. But, about half a week into Florida, I was ready to come back home. There’s so much I want to make!

Here’s my latest sewing project!

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

I had this project finished before Maine, but didn’t get to photograph them until the last day of Florida- because I found the perfect location!

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

I raided my grandma’s wardrobe again for this refashion. Seamwork Issue #8 had just come out and I saw the Nantucket Shorts going around online. I had the perfect fabric, it was just in the form of a blouse- with really big shoulder pads.

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

The pattern was fine, but if I make another pair, I definitely need to make them smaller. Since these have a drawstring closure, I didn’t have to take them in, but if I make another pair, I would take them in a few inches. I also didn’t insert grommets because I don’t have them on hand. I just put in button holes instead, which isn’t as clean but it did the job. I also made the tank, but that’s boring haha.

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

My mom, sister and I took a walk after lunch and wound up here! It’s one of the docks near the lake where we were vacationing. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures until right after we left our rental home and it was pouring all morning! The rain stopped for just long enough to get some pictures in, but it did start up during the shoot. And when my mother is taking pictures, she always yells at me to do a different pose. I’m no model so this was the best I got.

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

This was my first time subscribing to Seamwork, but so far I’ve enjoyed it.  Nantucket is quick and easy, and really doesn’t take a lot of fabric so I finally subscribed.  I have another blouse that I might turn into shorts but I’m still thinking about it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make “Mesa” and “Aurora” soon, because they are both great looking patterns.

My head has been exploding the past few days with sewing ideas. I have two new bag designs in my head, new fabric in my stash AND new patterns I want to make. Sometimes vacation makes me lazy, but this one just ignited my brain!

The next part isn’t sewing, but some vacation photos!

Drew and I at the wedding!

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

At the Boston Marathon Finish Line

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

Sunset from Bar Harbor, Maine and part of Acadia National Park in Maine

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

Hanging out in Harry Potter World

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

Saw this sign at Diagon Alley! The shop window had this awesome “self knitting” needle display.

refashioned nantucket shorts- trish stitched

Now back to sewing!

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Vacation: Part 2 (San Diego)

After our quick trip to Arizona, Drew's vacation pick was next. We originally planned to go to Napa Valley but because neither of us are too interested in wine, he thought San Diego would be better.

vacation part 2: mini pip

The first night there we decided to order room service and stay in the hotel and sleep. After the adventure of Arizona and all the traveling, we were exhausted.

The first day we went to the zoo! This was my favorite part of San Diego and it was clear why this zoo was so popular. I think we vacationed at a good time because it wasn't very busy but it was hot!

vacation part 2: mini pip

vacation part 2: mini pip

vacation part 2: mini pip

After a long day at the zoo, Drew picked the restaurant, Fogo de Chao. This was the most unique dining I have ever experienced and the service was phenomenal! It was similar to a buffet style with a salad bar but the main part of the meal was the meat. There were 16 different meats to choose from, each one brought to your table by a server. It was up to you what meat you wanted and how many "rounds" of meat to be brought over. I highly recommend this restaurant.

The next day we went to one of the beaches for a hike. The view was beautiful but we didn't prepare for any beach going so we didn't stay long.

vacation part 2: mini pip

vacation part 2: mini pip

There were a few fabric stores I wanted to stop in since we were in the area. The first, Beverly's, was incredibly disappointing. It was another version on JoAnn fabrics, without the huge amount of sales and coupons. The next Discount Fabrics, was great and I bought a vinyl remnant and two yards of this stretchy print.

vacation part 2: mini pip

We ended the trip with a visit to Old Town, which was cute and worth the stop but very tourist oriented.

I know this post seemed 'short' compared to Arizona but I just didn't have the same feeling about California. While we had a good time in San Diego, I don't want to go back anytime soon. My problem is that you have to really plan your trip. It's a little difficult to just go off and explore and most activities are expensive. We chose not to do Disney or Sea World because we didn't want to spend the money and since we didn't pack for the beach, activities were limited and there was only so much hiking we wanted to do.

The trip as a whole was much needed and I'm so happy we had time to get away but I'm excited to be back because I have so many projects coming up! Fall is here and that means I need to add some new apparel to my wardrobe and my etsy needs a MAJOR update (shop will remain in vacation mode for a bit longer) so come back and visit for some new sewing adventures.

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Vacation: Part 1 (Arizona)

It has been pretty quiet around here and I apologize for that but I went on vacation! I've been wanting to visit the Grand Canyon for years and Drew and I finally got the opportunity to. We left early Sunday morning and landed in Arizona around noon. We booked a hotel two hours from Phoenix so we would get a chance to see more than the canyon. We stayed in Flagstaff and that is where I first fell in love with Arizona. I was amazed how the state went from mountains and cacti to pine trees and flower fields so quickly.

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

Our first night in Flagstaff was perfect. We went into town and stopped in a bunch of shops viewing their local and handmade crafts. What really caught my eye was the effort each shop put into their displays. When I go to some stores here in Jersey, I can tell the owners just don't care but in Flagstaff, there was clear passion in each shop. One store in particular stopped me in my tracks, Sage Brush Trading Co. had a truck on their wall and vintage pieces displaying their items.

mini pip: vacation part 1

The next day was exploring the canyon. We wanted to hike but because of the limited amount of time we had, we could only take a short hike. We chose "Ohh Ahh Trail" which was said to take 1-2 hours. After just that little bit, it's on my bucket list to hike to the bottom. I can't explain how amazing the Grand Canyon is and no picture can do it justice.

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

Drew's sister told us to take the Sunset Tour so we hopped on a bus right before the sun started setting and saw some incredible views. We stopped at a few main sections of the canyon then watched the sun set at one point.

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

On Tuesday we had our flight to San Diego at night so we spent the morning in Sedona. It was about a 40 minute drive to Sedona from Flagstaff and again the landscape changed. We were still driving through trees (although a little more woodsy this time) but then these beautiful mountains were added in making the drive spectacular. I will admit that the population seems pretty low on these drives but I would move there in a heartbeat.

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

Sedona had a very quaint town, a little quiet because of the time we went but cute shops and gorgeous scenery make it a very pleasant experience. We looked up activities in Sedona before going and saw it was a pretty active town with many hiking trails. We decided to do one of the easier trails, "Devil's Bridge". We weren't prepared for the 3/4 mile walk just to get to the trail (because our rental mustang couldn't get to the start of the trail) so it took much longer than expected. But the view was amazing.

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

mini pip: vacation part 1

Right now, my heart is still in Arizona. My mind is slowly coming back to New Jersey.

  mini pip: vacation part 1


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Day 9: Crafting for men & 9/11 Memorial

This is one day I was not necessarily looking forward to. Today's topic is to talk about who your favorite crafter is or craft something for a man. Like some of the other challenge participants, I don't really have a crafter I look up to. But I'm also not in the mood to craft so I'm going to share some past things I've made for Drew.

I've showed the iPad pillow before…


But I've never shared the bow ties I made him last Christmas. I've been trying to get him to wear bow ties for the past year. He is tall and skinny, the perfect body type to pull a bow tie off. Now this was my first attempt at sewing these, so I knew he would never wear them but I hoped it would encourage him to buy some. It hasn't yet.

Photo 3-010
Photo 4-012

Photo 2-011


I also wanted to blog about what Drew and I did today! We went to the 9/11 Memorial in New York. We can see the new Freedom Tower from our apartment, but it is just so beautiful close up.



Then we walked around looking for my Grandma's Brother's name. He was in the north tower when the plane hit.

Photo 3

If you ever have the opportunity to go to the memorial, go. It is so beautiful.

Photo 1

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Day 6: Inspiration

Day six is to blog about where you get your inspiration or craft something with an autumn theme. I just got back to Hoboken, so I don't have the energy to sew something…so I'll talk about my inspiration. There are a few things I do for inspiration.

For years I've been buying magazines and clipping out only pages I love (this usually leaves me with 3-10 pages from 1 magazine). My mom does the same thing and we joke about how we could create the PERFECT magazine just from all our clippings. I store mine in binders, organized by fashion or craft…and even more detailed in those topics. I take my clippings very seriously. (I think I have four binders worth now)

The second place I find most of my inspiration is through traveling. Whether it is taking a stroll on the farm at home or reminiscing through photos from Paris and London back from 2010. I went with my university and had such an amazing experience.

My favorite place in the world is Marie Anntoinette's estate. I often think about it when designing.


London is also where I discovered Cath Kidston. I cannot begin to say how obsessed I became with Cath as soon as I stepped into the shop.

You can see the bag I had to buy. The great thing is, my boyfriend now knows that he can never go wrong with buying me something from Cath Kidston, I've since added another bag to my collection thanks to him.

I know this became a little off topic, but it is nice to go through this photos again and get a whole new mess of inspiration!


happy blogging!

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A Weekend Out

Most weekends are spent on the farm working, but this past weekend, Drew and I went to LBI to see his family. I've been trying to work on my photography and thought this was a good opportunity to take pictures. Here are images of the beach (with a stunning sunset) and images from one of the lighthouses we climbed.


 DSCN9872 DSCN9878





Hope everyone had a great weekend!


All images taken with a Nikon Coolpix L120

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Adventures in Guatemala

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to travel to Guatemala for work. I'll blog more about my job eventually, but for now I just want to share some pictures of where I went. First stop was Cajola, then Shala (Quezeltenango) and ended in Antigua. It was such an incredible experience and I do hope to go back one day. I tried to get a few photos while traveling to each location but they drive so fast it was difficult to get a clear shot!

Here's some pictures from the week.

















Every place we went had such beauty and it was really nice to completely surround myself in the culture. We weren't in typical tourist locations, besides Antigua, and even then you could feel the authenticity in all the architecture. I'm not very fluent with my Spanish so while I couldn't communicate very well, everyone was understanding and so welcoming.

 And just to share, I work for an ethical company, MayaMam Weavers. Our artisans are from Cajola, Guatemala and they make home and fashion accessories. It's a truly wonderful company to be a part of and shopping ethically has been a passion of mine for a few years. Here's the last picture I took in Guatemala…in the airport with a pair of TOMS and my travel companion, a stone and cloth backpack.




 If you are looking for great gifts for the holidays this year, all three company's have fabulous AND ethical ideas. It's nice to give more than just a gift.