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Project 365: Mini Photo Share

I had a post all planned for today. I had my garment all set. I had even kept my hair really great all day so pictures would look good. I set up my tripod, set the timer, stood smiling….then my battery died. So that post will have to wait.

I've been taking photos for project 365 but, as always, some are quite boring. So I'm only going to share a few from the past three weeks.

A few weeks ago, I went to a different Anthropologie to help with their display. Every morning I would pass this awesome yarn shop with the coolest window.


The store I went to was 5th ave. This is a picture of their display:


Next week I was back in Hoboken to help with our display. It is so inspiring to see the different interpretations of the theme.


This past week has been somewhat of a blur. Not because I've had so much going on that I couln't keep things straight, I caught a cold. I would come home from work, sit on the couch with my tissues and sew.


The last picture is from this weekend. I go to my parents house every weekend to work on their farm and this weekend I was greeted with snow!


This has been a little of my year so far. I should start getting back on track with 365 postings soon.

Hope this year has been great for you so far!

Project 365

Welcome & Thank You

I have been trying to write this post in my head all day long but still don't know where to begin. Last night, Jillian over at shared my jacket refashion and this little blog has gotten more visitors than ever before.  So my first thank you has to go to Jillian. She is such an incredible inspiration to me and her followers are clearly amazing. For anyone visiting from her blog, thank you so much for stopping by. I am so thrilled with the love that you have shown and I hope you do take a look around at some of my work. 

If you are here from refashionista or have been reading for awhile, let me know! I would love to hear from you so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. And if you write a blog/have a website, leave the link! I love browsing other creative sites 😉

For those that have read my blog before, you may know that I'm doing "project 365" the photo a day challenge. I haven't posted any photos from that in the past few weeks because with my work load, I honestly haven't felt like it. BUT some pretty exciting things have been going on over the last few weeks so I'm going to share some of my photos.

December 6th:

mini pip blog

The visual team at Anthropologie in Hoboken went on an inspiration field trip to see displays in the city. This was one of the windows at Rockefeller Center Anthropologie. Their display is unbelievable. I was in awe the whole trip.  

December 20th:

mini pip blog

I made a few bags for the visual team for holiday gifts. I've only  been working for Anthro for a few months but the two girls on the team have opened so many doors for me and I am incredibly grateful for the support they have given me.

December 22nd

mini pip blog

Went home to work om the farm. This was the last day the market was open before winter break so I washed the only eggs we had left to sell.

December 23rd:

mini pip blog

This looks so strange but it's actually part of Drew's Christmas gift! I still didn't get to finish this but can't wait to share it with everyone!

December 29th:

mini pip blog

My parents have been doing "trips" for Christmas gifts instead of physical things. This year they took Drew, myself, my sister and my brother-in-law to Mount Airy Casino in pennsylvania. We had a great weekend and managed to win some money. This is Drew and I, and I have to mention I'm wearing my handmade coat(!!)

 January 3rd:

mini pip blog

Painted these for work weeks ago but forgot to take a picture. My little babushka babies!


Most of these pictures are on my instagram account, you can follow me @trish_mcl


Again, thank you to everyone stopping by my little place in the world! Later this week I hope to share another refashion I'm working on so be sure to stop back!



Project 365

Project 365: Week Twenty

November 11th:

Project 365: week twenty

I've been waiting for this issue. This magazine is so fantastic and I really recommend it for anyone who wants something unique. I've only read three issues so far but each one has had excellent content. It is so inspirational to flip through a magazine with enticing images and to read about people and small businesses that deserve the recognition. It has become a goal of mine to get in this magazine.

Project 365: week twenty

Monday night I was invited to the Anthro "managers party" for helping with display the past few months. We went to Pilsener Haus in Hoboken. This little gem was sketchy to walk to but man, was it awesome inside and out. It was a great place for the party and I really want to go back. Hopefully I'll have a trip there in the near future.

November 12th:

Project 365: week twenty

I've been seeing these leather sleeve trenches for a while now and have been itching to get one. I really don't have the funds at this point to go out and purchase a jacket that I don't really need so I took one of my old coats and one of my sister's old coats and put them together! I started this as my third project in refashioning class so I still have some work to do to finish it up but am excited for the final product.

November 13th:

I can't actually show this picture just yet because it is part of a display at Anthro. So this one will just have to wait!

November 14th:

Project 365: week twenty

My first #throwbackthursday! (#tbt). I've been thinking about what to get Drew for Christmas/our Anniversary so I was looking at the past gifts I've made for him. I have an idea in mind for this year, but don't know how it's going to work, so I have some more thinking to do.

November 15th:

Project 365: week twenty

My mom and I have been trying for months to work on this embroidery project but we haven't had time. I finally thought I had a chance on Friday but technical difficulties prevented me from working on this. So many ideas, not so much time to do them.

November 16th:

Project 365: week twenty

Today I learned how to harvest brussel sprouts. They are grown on a log, which most people don't know and are very time consuming to take off the log. We now sell them on the log because they are in such high demand!

November 17th:

Project 365: week twenty

These adorable ornaments are the newest addition in the farm market. They are a fair trade product handmade out of little gourds. We try to fill the market with handmade/fair trade products because we believe in the small companies out there that are doing good.

That's my week! What have you done this past week? Are you working on a Project 365? I would love to see!

Project 365

Project 365: Week Nineteen

One day I'll actually post this on a monday.

November 4th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Some mornings you just need a really great pick-me-up.  I rarely buy coffee somewhere when I can make it myself but spending $4.00 on this caramel latte was totally worth it.

November 5th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Second project in my refashion class. I know it isn't really showing anything right now but I will post more photos from all my refashions! I'm getting really into the class and my closet is making some sacrifices for me.

November 6th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

These are some of the pieces for the new Anthro window. The complete window is absolutely stunning and I'm so happy that I was able to work on it. I definitely recommend going into your local anthro and looking at all the new displays!

November 7th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Some display from the store that I got to take home. Adding some gold to my apartment ; )

November 8th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

I've started going to the farm on Fridays, in addition to Saturday and Sunday, and was stuck in traffic on the Pulaski Skyway for 20 minutes. I've learned to leave earlier.

November 9th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

I found one of my favorite stuffed animals from when I was little. I used to be obsessed with Tweety bird and baby tweety is just so cute! I had to throw it away because it was in storage in the barn and didn't sit very well in there.

November 10th:

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Stormy Skies at the farm.

Project 365: Week Nineteen

Drew and I went out to dinner at the Brass Rail. The whole experience was fantastic. The food, the service, and that drink was incredible!


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Project 365 Week Seventeen and Eighteen

I'm starting to lose track of the days. The weeks are flying by and some days I have nothing interesting but work going on. Life needs to slow down a bit. But here we are,

October 21st:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Started some new recycled bags. Something went wrong with the black fabric and the stripes ended up being too small to fit on the floral. Still figuring out what to do about it.

October 22nd:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Today was my first day of Refashioning Class. I made my way into New York and found the school, and eventually found my class. Taking this class makes me miss college but it also reminds me how far I've come in the short period since graduating. I would love to take more classes and really love taking only what interests me.

October 23rd:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Finished a few of the recycled clutches. Actually, they aren't finished because they need twist lock closures, but I ran out.

October 24th:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

These six fabrics are my favorites. The prints and colors in this collection are so stunning and I've been saving them for about 2 years now. I can't hold on to them anymore so I'm making new wrist-lets out of them.

October 25th:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

These next few pictures are really boring. I've starting working on the farm on Fridays since I haven't been scheduled in Hoboken. We were starting a new online project and needed product photos so this is one of the photos I took.

October 26th:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

This is what we primarily sell on the farm. Naturally raised meats.

October 27th:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Drew and I went out for dinner at the Madison. It was on the other side of town but it was a nice night to walk. Food was good, not great and service (our waitress) was worse than the food. I don't think I'd go back unless I had a real reason to. (Although the mudslide I ordered was delicious)

October 28th:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Every spare moment I got was spent sewing my costume.

October 29th:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

My first project for refashion class. This was a boyfriend cardi and a floral blouse from H&M. I love how it turned out.

October 30th:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Getting my accessories ready for Halloween. Glitter heels and glitter tights.

October 31st:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Happy Halloween! Rainbow Fish!

November 1st:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

November 2nd:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Out-take from a photo session on the farm. We had customer appreciation day today and had a great turnout!

November 3rd:

Project 365: Week seventeen & eighteen

Drew and I had our semi-regular Sunday date night. We went out for subs and they wrote "His and Hers" on the bags. I thought it was so cute!

Project 365

Project 365: Week Sixteen

The past week was a rough one, and you'll be able to tell by my pictures but I'm happy to get back to some normalcy this week.

October 14th:

project 365: week sixteen

Monday was getting everything prepped for the wake. I took on responsibility of putting together the picture boards. It's so hard putting 85 years of memories onto two poster boards.

October 15th:

project 365: week sixteen

The wake. My grandma gave me her polka dot dress back when I was in high school. I decided to fix it up and wear it to my junior prom. It is my all time favorite dress so I wore it to the wake in honor of the amazing woman who gave it to me.

October 16th:

project 365: week sixteen

Beautiful flowers from the funeral.

October 17th:

project 365: week sixteen

Progress on my costume. It's just about half way done in this photo. I'm a little further now and plan to work on it some more tonight. Does my costume look a little more obvious now? Hint: it's a character from a children's book.

October 18th:

project 365: week sixteen

Sometimes I get in the mood to cook. This is very rare, so when it happens, I need to act on it. I wanted soup so I made a new soup mix we got at the farm.

October 19th:

project 365: week sixteen

All the little kittens have been adopted. This was the last picture I got of one on the farm. They were so adorable but I'm glad they all went to loving homes.

October 20th:

project 365: week sixteen

Little baby egg! It's classified as "PeeWee" on the egg scale.


Project 365

Catching up with life: project 365 week fourteen & fifteen

I've missed the past two weeks. It isn't because I forgot, or hadn't wanted to blog, but there has been a very upsetting bump in my road. Last week, my grandma took a turn for the worst. Her breathing started to suffer and her body was slowly giving out. I went to work during the day then raced home to be by her side every night. We never knew if it was the last time we would be able to see her or talk to her, so every night, for a whole week, we were saying goodbye. She fought so hard to stay alive but her fight ended early sunday morning. It's been a tough couple weeks but now I'm back in hoboken with two weeks of photos to share.

We are going all the way back to September folks!

September 30th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

Started on some new bags. I think they only have to have their button closure then they are all done!

October 1st:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

I started my halloween costume last year but never got to finish. This year I wanted to leave myself some time to finish it, but it looks like its cutting it close. Can you guess what I'm going to be?

October 2nd:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

When I got to work, my manager called me in. Personally that never sounds like a good thing, but she promoted me! I am currently the Holiday VSA. I assist display with creating structures in store etc, when I am not on the floor selling. Right now it is only for the next couple months but we will see if it continues.

October 3rd:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

With the news of my promotion, I decided to start a skirt. I've had this fabric for a few years and just wanted to see it be turned into something.

October 4th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

One task I do very often is paint. It's now rare that I come home with clean hands.

October 5th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

Home to the farm to work. All these little kittens were piled together!

October 6th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

Finished the skirt just in time to wear it to Drew's sister's engagement party. I originally wanted a maxi but didn't have enough fabric. Hopefully I'll blog about this soon.

October 7th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

This was the first day visiting my grandma for a week. My sister and I had some time alone with her so we just sat and ate some crackers. My grandma would keep these crackers on her at all times.

October 8th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

We started preparing for my grandma's passing. One of my jobs was going through photos. This is my favorite picture.

October 9th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

Some of the display pieces we've been using. They make simple pieces sparkle!

October 10th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

Got to wear the mask for spray painting today.

October 11th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

More projects at work. This week was just crazy.

October 12th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

Beautiful fall weekend on the farm.

October 13th:

project 365: week fourteen & fifteen

Grandma passed away early this morning. I didn't know what to post today.


So there are two weeks worth of photos. I am all caught up! I hope life will be a little calmer now. I plan to catch up on sleep and some sewing and will be posting more frequently soon.

Project 365

Project 365: Week Thirteen

Another week, another 7 pictures from my life. Some days this feels like a hassle, but lately it's been fun again.

September 23rd:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

Drew brought me a dozen roses. It wasn't our anniversary, no special occasion whatsoever, just because. They were so beautiful!

September 24th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I brought food home from the farm, this new cheese (hot pepper and parsley mozzarella) and some tomatoes. I've have ground turkey in my freezer for a while and finally made my favorite burgers.

This is the receipe for my FAVORITE turkey burgers.

September 25th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I went to college with Kimberly, owner of Julian and Verne. She was hosting a giveaway as a "thank you" for voting for her picture in a contest and I won! When the bracelet came in the mail, I was in awe. It is so pretty and the colors are the perfect addition to my accessories wardrobe. If you have a moment, I recommend taking a look at her shop. 

September 26th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I purchased a planner the week before because I realized mine was over this month! It's an etsy purchase from LevelandLace, another great shop. She is currently on vacation, but her planners are perfect for me. They are blank, so you can start from the month you want. There is a ton of room for lists and October is already filling up!

September 27th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I didn't have work today so I was able to finish sewing for the Vermont Craft Show.

September 28th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

I finally got to see some friends from college that I haven't seen in months. One of my friends just moved to the lake so we had a great night outside with the fire.

September 29th:

Project 365: Week Thirteen

One of the cats on our farm had kittens a few weeks ago. There are five little fur balls and they are the cutest things! They are so friendly, love to explore and really love people.

Project 365

Project 365: Week Twelve

My mom and I were talking the other day about just how fast these years have been going by. This month is already gone and I haven't completed my list of goals! If anyone has tips on how to slow down time a bit, that would be fantastic.

September 16th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

I made Drew try one of the hot peppers I brought home from the farm. One of the peppers wasn't hot at all, but the little pepper was pretty warm. He didn't want to admit it but when I saw the smile, I knew it burned.

September 17th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Today was a great day for "fall clothing" so I took out my cowboy boots for work. My dad bought these for my mom in the 80s but she didn't wear them because they didn't fit properly. I claimed them back in high school and have been wearing them for the past 7 (?) years. The quality is fantastic and they have a wooden heel which makes them so much cooler. I'm sure I'll have more pictures of them later in fall.

September 18th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Commercials usually don't sell me on a product. But one late night when the Werther's Original Caramel Candies commercial came on, I had a craving. I made Drew pick some up on the way home and now they are the perfect snack to keep my sweet cravings at bay.

September 19th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Working on some more coasters for an upcoming show. I am finding more time to sew (making more time) but am stuck on this commitment before I can move on.

September 20th:

Project 365: Week Twelve

Drew was home early so we had a mini date night. We went out to dinner, and while the meal wasn't that great, the dessert (cheesecake, my personal favorite) was delicious.

September 21st:

Project 365: Week Twelve

This is a farm my family visited over the weekend. I'm not going into detail about this just yet, but there might be some pretty exciting things happening in the future.

September 22nd:

Project 365: Week Twelve

This is one of our cats, Bear. He likes to roam away for a few weeks then come back to visit. Bear is one of the friendliest cats on the farm. All he wants is love and a pat on the head. I think I over-played with him because he needed a nap by my feet in the market.

Project 365

Project 365: Week Eleven

I'm actually writing this Sunday night and it will be posted Monday morning! I will not let this post get three days behind again! (I'm trying, really) This week was long. I think work is catching up to me. Well, not getting time to sew is really catching up to me. I've finished some more coasters for the show in October, but haven't had time to do much else.

September 9th:

Photo 5-012

For about a month now, I've been wanting to meet with the woman who is in charge of visual display in Anthro. Our schedules haven't connected until Monday! I was able to run back to my apartment on my break and show her my portfolio. I'm not sure if it will get me anywhere but I'm so happy I finally had the opportunity.

September 10th:

Photo 3-017

A few weeks ago, Modcloth announced a contest to design an item of clothing around a swatch of fabric. An idea came to me right away, I just didn't sit down to draw it out. I stayed up late to finish my sketch since it was due 9 am the next morning. It isn't perfect, and I know I have much to improve on my drawing skills but I'm beginning to take every chance I get, because you never know what could come of something.

September 11th:

Photo 4-016

9/11. This was the view from my apartment. I've never gotten to see the lights in person and I was so grateful to get to experience them.

September 12th:

Photo 3-018

Drew came home early tonight so we went out for a drink. There's a bar a few blocks down that serves food pretty late so we went there. The bouncer said I look like a 10 year old and I was so scared he wouldn't believe my ID was real. I'm 23 and still get asked if I want a kids menu at restaurants. I'll love the "young look" when I'm older, right?

September 13th:

Photo 5-013

I had the morning off, so I was able to get some sewing in. I had an awful day at work in the evening but was happy to get to spend the night with some friends.

September 14th:

Photo 1-019

Farm day. This kale is getting so big! Today was a pretty busy day in the market, we received some new product and it's fun displaying everything.

September 15th:

Photo 2-018

I'm starting to bring out my fall wardrobe. Fall is my favorite fashion season, all the rich colors make me happy. This is a jacket I scored at Charlotte Russe a few years ago that I'm still obsessed with. {Button and fabric detail}