Project 365

Project 365: Week Ten

Where did this past week go?? I can't believe it is already Tuesday night. I didn't forget about project 365 this week, I just didn't have the time to sit down and download my photos and post them. I'm also a little upset because I thought I would have had time last week to photograph a bunch of projects I've finished but I've been working all day and photos in florescent light just don't cut it.

I really thought I had a lot of work to do in college. Life after college is super busy but I feel like there is so much more pressure now. It is just a different kind of pressure that college didn't have. Before it was "I have to do all this homework and study so I can pass this class!". Now it's, "I have to pick up extra shifts to pay my bills and still find time to make products to sell!"

I've realized my pictures are becoming more food oriented/really show that I've done little but work. Hopefully the next few weeks will have better images, or at least make me look interesting haha.

September 2nd:

project 365: week ten

I was called into work on Labor Day.  This was my holiday treat.

September 3rd:

project 365: week ten

Drew has also been having a rough couple weeks. We don't get to see each other much and when he gets home around 1 am, I am already sleeping. I've started leaving him post-its on the bathroom mirror, just as a reminder that I love him.

September 4th:

project 365: week ten

Made pulled pork and mushrooms for dinner. The pulled pork is all natural and it is so delicious, every time the farm has it stocked, I have to take it home with me. Also continued with my training this week by running 6.5 miles.

September 5th:

project 365: week ten

Another food post. Brought home peppers from the farm. They make a great snack after a long day of work.

September 6th:

project 365: week ten

I've been trying so hard to fit some sewing in. I was working on more coasters for a show one night after work. I took this picture at about 10:30 pm, and not even 5 minutes later, Drew came home. I was so surprised to see him that early that sewing had to stop for the night. It was nice to get to talk to him for a few hours and just hang out.

September 7th:

project 365: week ten

My dad is awesome. Every weekend when I go home to work, he goes on an "alcohol run" and always picks me up a new cider. This is the one I got two weeks ago but finally snapped a shot of.

September 8th:

project 365: week ten

I brought this pepper back to Hoboken for Drew. He loves spicy and this is supposed to pack a punch. I haven't had a chance to tell him to eat it yet so I'll probably put a post it on it tonight.


Project 365

Project 365: Week Nine

I know. A day late.  I actually forgot all about it! Things have been pretty busy in my mind lately, working on some new projects, making some new connections. Here was the past week! (minus Monday because I'll post that next week).

August 26th:

project 365: week nine

This is my makeup routine. bareMinerals is the only makeup I will use. I didn't really use makeup too much until last year. Before that, I wore a little blush and mascara. No foundation, almost never wore eyeshadow. I still don't wear eyeliner. I love the "natural" look, so wearing neutrals are my favorites.

project 365: week nine

Joined Planet Fitness! My running has been very limited because I don't like to run alone in Hoboken so a gym membership was honestly, the easiest way to go. And it is only 2 blocks from work so I go after work most days. Sorry for the blurry picture, finished a 5 mile run and tried to snap a shot but it didn't go so well.

August 27th:

project 365: week nine

I've talked about getting in moods of "un-motivation" and had one of those moments. Decided to make coffee and get to work! Just do it! Finished up two tote bags which will be photographed later.

August 28th:

project 365: week nine

Working on sketches for a new project. This has been an idea in the making for a long time and it's come to a point where I need to work on this. Can you tell it is farm related??

August 29th:

project 365: week nine

My family is going to do a craft show in October. I have extended family in Vermont and the plan is to have all the proceeds donated to charity. I decided to make some of my simpler products that don't require a tremendous amount of hours to put together. It is easier on me, since I will be getting ready for two shows within the next couple months. This picture is a set of coasters I finished for Vermont.

August 30th:

project 365: week nine

Made a bowl of kale chips. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to cooking and chips are the best things to make with kale. SO. GOOD.

August 31st:

project 365: week nine

Back on the farm. No, I didn't drive any machinery, but I thought it was a pretty cool picture.

September 1st:

project 365: week nine

Another little project I was working on. I'll definitely post more about this when the "official" word comes out.

September looks like it is going to be a very busy month. Can't wait to share my future projects!

Project 365

Project 365: Week Eight

Can you believe it's the end of August already?? The summer went by so fast!

August 19th:

project 365: week 8

Bought an organic tea today and this was under the cap. It's called "Sweet Leaf Tea" and it's pretty good. The packaging is so amazing. The more I work on packaging for my products, the more I notice packaging in stores!

August 20th:

project 365: week 8

My mom and I went to the New York Gift Show, NY NOW. One of my favorite Fair Trade fashion companies, Mata Traders, was there and I am so looking forward to their new collections. I also met some new fashion companies that seem to have a very promising future. My mom and I went to get ideas for the farm market, but we were also noticing a gap in the industry. We've been brainstorming some ideas and it looks like I now have a new project! I'm sure I will be posting about it in the weeks to come.

August 21st:

project 365: week 8

I started my "fall wardrobe"! I wanted a nice pair of shorts to wear with tights and boots for a few years and just decided to make them. I just need to sew some buttons on them, photograph them, and they are done!

August 22nd:

project 365: week 8

I was sewing my shorts and had work the 22nd, so it was a pretty boring day….except for breaking a plate. I slipped on the stairs and the plate went all the way to the bottom.

August 23rd:

project 365: week 8

Made delicious oatmeal today. Apple, cinnamon, raisin! Eating healthy can be pretty easy.

August 24th:

project 365: week 8

Home to work on the farm and was greeted by these beautiful flowers at the back door.

August 25th:

project 365: week 8

The farm harvested like, 200 lbs of garlic. I helped clean about 10 lbs. This is how a farm girl gets tan!


In other news:

Earlier this year, I got an instagram account for the photo effects. I stopped using it because I hate instagramed photos on twitter since it takes you to another window to see the image (through the iphone). I don't know what made me start up again, but my instagram is in use once again! I'm still learning instgram but my username is trish_mcl. 

Anyone remember a few years ago the big thing was "pic comment for pic comment??" Well I will totally "follow you" if you "follow me". Haha I couldn't resist! Social media is still a mystery to me.

Project 365

Project 365: Week Seven

I'm still home on the farm today, since my mom and I are going to the New York Gift Show tomorrow morning. I'll be in Hoboken tomorrow night, but haven't forgotten about posting my week in pictures!!

August 12th:

Project 365-week seven

Had the day off today. Did some sewing. This was my footwear of choice.

August 13th:

Project 365-week seven

Went to meet with the visual department at Anthro today but she wasn't in. It was pouring rain and I had to walk with my portfolio, which got wet. This day was a pretty terrible day, but in a way, it was very eye opening.

Project 365-week seven

I also got to hang out with this kid, but he was a little tired.

August 14th:

Project 365-week seven

I went to the mall specifically for new foundation and blush. Little did I know the employee would help me with a whole new beauty routine. I've never used moisturizer before, and have a hard time using face wash everyday. Needless to say, I am awful at being a girl. She set me up with this great cleanser and moisturizer. I'm in love.

August 15th:

Project 365-week seven

I sat down to drink my tea and saw all these shades of green in front of me!

August 16th:

Project 365-week seven

It was a pretty slow day at work and my manager brought this magazine over for me to read while waiting for some customers. I read the first article and fell in love. If you are a creative person, or love to read stories about how people are making their dreams come true, I highly recommend this magazine. It is so well written I have bought both the summer issue and the winter issue (I'm in search of the spring but haven't seen it in store yet).

August 17th:

Project 365-week seven

Went home to work, and saw that my mom bought organic soda. It's pretty tasty but I really didn't think anyone made organic soda! My mom and I had a major talk today about our future and the future of the farm. There are definitely going to be some changes coming soon.

Project 365-week seven

Had to pick tomatoes again today. These are SO TASTY. There are a few things that make living on a farm totally cool. Being able to pick your food and immediately eat it is one of those things.

August 18th:

Project 365-week seven

My grandma was re-admitted to the hospital earlier this week for trouble breathing. It is sad to say, but being in professional care is the best place for her right now.

I really was a fashion major. · Project 365 · retail wardrobe

project 365: week six

Looking back on this past week in the few pictures I have reminds me how fantastic August has been to me. I'm so excited to talk about the days of this past week!

August 5th:

FIT fall course

Last weekend I opened the FIT fall schedule book I got in the mail and saw all these classes costing over $1000. There are so many I would love to take but just can't afford. I kept flipping through and saw this class! I am in love with reconstruction, and have wanted to learn more about it for quite some time. A few months ago, taking a class at FIT would have been impossible, but living right next to the city makes this within reach! I'm looking forward to October.

August 6th:

mini pip label

The first stamping! I did a post on my labels last week and have since made a whole pile of all three colors. I love how they are coming out and am very excited to get more colors. I'm working on some new bags today, which should be the first ones with labels in them! 

August 7th:

craftgawker screen shot

A friend encouraged me to check out craftgawker, and I was hesitant because I thought it was just pinterest all over again. I didn't know that it was a site where you had to submit your work. That intrigued me. So I submitted my ipad pillow, three times. In the first two submissions, the images were "off", so I took new pictures of the pillow, and finally had one good enough for the site. I'm definitely stepping up my photography game! 

So for anyone here from craftgawker, welcome! I hope you enjoy my other work and thank you for taking the time to come visit!

August 8th:

carrot cake cupcake

We had very important guests at Anthropologie today, so my manager purchased a boatload of cupcakes from Carlos' Bakery, right in Hoboken (from the show Cake Boss). The employees got to take extras and I couldn't pass up a carrot cupcake. Going to Carlos' is on my "Hoboken Wish List", or things to do while living in Hoboken. There is ALWAYS a line of people waiting so I've never felt like going but after eating this, I might have to.

ootd-handmade dress

Since we had guests, I wanted to wear a dress. I chose to wear a dress I made my sophomore year of college. This class was a requirement for my Fashion Studies major and every student in the class had to make the same dress, just in different fabrics. We went shopping at Mood (my first trip there) and I chose this fantastic fabric, that was not really meant to be a dress. It is see-through which is why I have never worn it outside of a bathing suit cover up. I made a slip to wear under it. The final outfit was worn with a denim jacket. I feel like I need to start a new category of "retail wardrobe"!

August 9th:

Drew's home-coming

Drew came home on Friday! I made him a sign for when I picked him up but I knew he would be embarrassed to see a sign with his name on it (I also forgot that you are supposed to write the last name).

August 10th:

mini mac kittens

These are some newer additions on the farm. They are the sweetest kittens and love people! We have two kinds of kittens: those that love people and will follow you around wherever you go, and those that run and hide from any kind of movement, even animals.

August 11th:

freedom tower

Last night Drew and I went out to dinner in the city with one of his new friends from work. This is actually his picture for Project 365 (I'm stealing it). It was nice to hear about his month long training and listen to stories about what they did.

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Project 365: Week Five

What my Monday night should have been: Coming home from work, having a snack and blogging my week.

Monday night actually was: Came home late from work, ate some leftover
chinese, and passed out on the couch before I could get to my bed.

Most things don't work out like you plan. But (a day late) here's week five!

July 29th:

Photo 1-007

Photo 2-007
These are flowers at work that I've wanted to take a picture of since opening. I have some close-up shots but the colors are magnificent and that little vase is so cool!

July 30th:

Photo 4-005

"Outfit of the day" (ootd). I don't usually take pictures of my outfits just because I don't have nice backgrounds and it takes so long to set up my tripod, but I think my phone did a pretty good job. I downloaded an app called pic collage, which has fantastic backgrounds and layouts.

I received this dress and necklace from Drew's family for my birthday and I am in love with it. It was the perfect dress for work and for the heat we've been having.

July 31st:

Photo 5-003

I blogged about this day last week, so for those who read the post know it was not a productive day. I've finally finished editing photos, which is not my favorite task as a business owner.

August 1st:


Another OOTD. I've talked about this company quite a bit, I just love them so much! The skirt is from Mata Traders. FAIR TRADE, at a GREAT price. (It is currently $37.99-on sale!). I actually wore this outfit to my interview and it worked so well, a little creative with a touch of professional. I bought the bracelet in Guatemala and can't believe how well the colors match this skirt.

August 2nd:

Photo 2-008

OOTD-this dress was from Drew's family for my birthday last year. This one, and the other, are both from American Rag by Macys. It is a great line and on a petite figure, it is a perfect fit (NO ALTERATIONS!). Watch and Bracelet from Fossil, Shoes from Payless by Zac & Zoe, Necklace from my trip to Paris in college.

August 3rd:

Photo 3-007

I bought a book called "Fall in Love for Life: Inspiration from a 73 year marriage". It was recommended to me for an engagement gift and I opened the book just to read a little and opened to this page. I don't think embarrassed is the correct word, but I've been apprehensive about going back to work in retail, thinking it might be a step back in my career, but this text reminds me that this opportunity will open so many doors.

August 4th:

Photo 5-004

Photo 4-006

Sunday I went home to work and saw I had a package. I didn't order anything so this was a total surprise. I opened it to literally a package of mustaches. A ring, necklace and earrings! For the past few years, I've loved mustaches but never bought anything with them on it, so as soon as I opened this, I knew it came from my college roommate. It was such a nice surprise and I am so happy that my fingers have a mustache now!

Also, homemade pickles. They can't get much better than this.

I can't believe the month of July is over. Just over a month and I've taken about 46 pictures for this challenge. I can't wait to see where I am this time next year and see how life has changed. If you want to join me on this challenge, just start taking pictures! You don't need a smart phone with all the apps I have, and simple camera will do. Just take a snapshot of something in your day and start keeping a record. Blog about it and share your link!

Project 365

Project 365: Week Four

I feel like such a bad blogger! This past week has been a little crazy with work. It's been a bunch of late nights, and early mornings and days filled with intention to blog but nothing to write about! I don't have work until 5 tonight which leaves me with some time to get this post out!

July 22nd:

Photo 1-005

This was a late night working. It was also incredibly rainy, which helped calm the heat but wasn't so good for my TOMS I was wearing.

July 23rd:

Photo 2-005

My birthday!!! The fire alarm at work went off sending four fire trucks to the store. We definitely caused a traffic jam. All the employees went on break around that time and for my birthday, I treated myself to an iced chia tea latte from Starbucks.

Photo 3-004
When I got home from work, I was greeted with THIS. My ipad pillow made it to the front page banner on my favorite craft site! It's really cool to get recognized for something that took so long to make.

July 24th:

Photo 4-003

The window display was finished today and it is so beautiful! All the leaves on the vines are what I have been working on. Today was also the day I received my custom stamp! I've been researching a way to add labels to my products without spending money on custom labels. I decided to buy a stamp, which will be printed onto linen strips, then cut and sewn into my bags. It is a little more time consuming, but much cheaper than custom labels.

My stamp is from talktothesun on etsy. Her products are FANTASTIC and the communication was perfect. If you are looking for a custom stamp, her shop is definitely recommended.

July 25th:

Photo 1-006

We had an event for Anthro's opening tonight. I had work in the afternoon and decided to turn this polka-dot dress into a high-low dress. I didn't cut the dress, in case I ever want to make it long again. This dress was my sisters, and she didn't want it. It is THE perfect dress to alter, but so beautiful on its own that I don't want to ruin it!

July 26th:

Photo 2-006

I made vegan banana bread! But I'm not vegan so butter is generously applied. I have an awesome app on my phone called Spark Recipes and this was on it. Anytime I want to cook, I go on this app to make something great.

July 27th:

Photo 3-005

Home for the weekend to work. I opened the back door to all these little baby chicks in the mud room. As cute as they are, the smell is unbearable.

July 28th:

Photo 4-004

I stayed home Sunday night because of the thunderstorms. Helped mom set up her new iphone and talked with apple's online "help". They did not help.

I really love this challenge and even though everyday might not be picture-worthy, it is making me more aware of what I do throughout the week. It is also motivating me to take my phone out to snap a picture. I always get really conscious when taking photos because I don't want to look like a tourist. But sometimes all you get is one chance to get a shot, so I'm happy I'm learning to take that chance.

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Project 365: Week Three

This week has flown by! It was my first week of work and I can't believe how tired I was after a shift. I don't think this week will be much easier, but hopefully I'll get another post in besides Project 365. Here are my pictures from the week!

July 15th:

Photo 1-003

First day. I can't have my phone out on the floor and cannot take pictures of the projects we are working on until they are completed. This is from my employee manual.

July 16th:

Photo 2-003

Our cards came in today. I was also put on the visual team today (for the next few days).

July 17th:

Photo 3-003

On Sunday night, I scratched my car trying to park. The spaces are so tight that it is very hard to maneuver any vehicle. The damage was not as bad as it sounded.

July 18th:

Photo 4-002

Day 3 of working on visuals. The stuff on my hands is spray glue. I was doing a very tedious task and had to do it on the floor since there was no table space. I got a great workout from squatting all day. I was also rewarded with an itunes gift card!

July 19th:

Photo 5-001

Went home to the farm after work and got my birthday gift from Drew. He sent it to my parents house because he can't be here for my actual birthday (July 23rd). I have been eyeing this watch for months but never wanted to spend the money. I love this so much! It's the perfect everyday watch.

July 20th:

Photo 1-004

Harvested some things in the garden and picked the first batch of tomatoes! I don't know why, but no cherry tomatoes taste as good as ones from our garden.

July 21st:

Photo 2-004

After a meeting at work, I sat on the couch, took a nap, and watched tv. All. Day. Long. It was nice to relax and I feel super well rested this morning. Ready for the week ahead!

Project 365

Project 365: Week Two

Today was my first day of work! It was also Drew's first day of training, so we both have big weeks coming up. Here are my photos from the past week:

July 8th:


July 9th:

Photo 1-002

My laminated lace bag.

Photo 2-002

Discovering new music. From a dog treat commercial, but a fantastic song and a very awesome band.

July 10th:

Photo 3-002

My recycled bag collection and it was my Grandma's 85th birthday. She celebrated while still in rehab from her stroke but I'm happy to say, she is doing well. (photo from my grandpa's 85th birthday last december)

July 11th:

Photo 3-001

Ketchup art at Johnny Rockets.

July 12th:

Photo 2-001

Didn't have enough fabric to make an infinity dress so I made an infinity top. Hoping to blog this soon.

July 13th:

Photo 4-001

My car is getting old! Hit 17,000 miles in just over 2 years.

July 14th:


Sunday started the month long "long-distance" time with Drew. He will be in Toronto for a bit training. We will be face-timing quite a bit.

Week two: complete!

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Project 365

Project 365: Week One

Yay it's Monday! Which means photos from the first week! Here is July 1st-July 7th. And I'm happy to say that the boyfriend will be joining me in this challenge! He is starting a new job soon and he wants to document the transition.

July 1st:

Photo 1

I'm working on a "recycled" collection, and will have a new post up this week with these bags.

July 2nd:

Photo 2

Drew and I have wanted to try doritos locos tacos since our trip to Canada last year. They weren't that great.

July 3rd:

Photo 3

A few of the new bags I made.

July 4th:

Photo 4

Bagel Smash in Hoboken. Sorry no Firework shots for 4th of July, I think social media had it's fill so here's a bagel.

July 5th:

Photo 5

Photo 1-1

We were coming home from the mall and stopped at the zoo but it was closed. We took a walk around a pond nearby but it was too hot to stay. Drew goes to training for work in a few days so I don't have much time left with him.

July 6th:

Photo 2-1

Photo 3-1

Home for the weekend to work. I picked snap peas in my bathing suit again, but got a nice sunburn on my back. The cows were eating in a line right by the market, perfect picture moment.

July 7th:

Photo 4-1
Photo 5-1

Laminating lace for a new project and dinner at the Melting Pot.


I see a pattern emerging here: food and sewing. I'm excited to see my year in pictures. Again, I'm trying to post these to twitter the day I take them, and the Collect App I use gives the picture a caption, which is really cool. And let me know if you start this challenge too!