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Let’s Go To Arizona Cardi

I'm going on vacation!! For the first time in two years, Drew and I are finally getting out of New Jersey together for a whole. entire. week. We split the trip into two parts, the first part my choice, the second part, Drew's. We've been throwing around places to go for a couple months and I finally decided on Arizona. I've wanted to visit the Grand Canyon for years and I think now is the perfect time to go. Drew decided on Napa Valley in California for his half, but I'm much more excited for my half.

Since we are going on this wonderful trip, it sounded like a great opportunity to add some clothes to my travel wardrobe. I found a cute free pattern online for a wrap cardigan by Megan Nielsen and had just purchased some lightweight knits from Girl Charlee.

This is the result!

lets go to arizona cardi- mini pip

lets go to arizona cardi- mini pip

I should also mention I got a new haircut and a new camera! (So much newness!!)

This cardi only required one yard of fabric and silly me started cutting without thinking about print placement, I cut out the two sides (which required the most fabric) then cut the back. When I went to sew them together I realized the print didn't match up. Luckily the print doesn't have much to it and after cutting off about 2.5 inches from the front pieces, I was able to line up the prints. This actually worked out pretty well since I would have wanted to cut it shorter anyway.

lets go to arizona cardi- mini pip

I also had some issues with making the sleeves too big, so I had to make some adjustments. If you make this in a solid, this would take probably an hour or so to finish. Because of my fabric errors and fit errors, it took a few hours. But all in all, it came out so cute and I can't wait to pack it in my suitcase!

lets go to arizona cardi- mini pip

lets go to arizona cardi- mini pip

lets go to arizona cardi- mini pip

My pretty seam!

lets go to arizona cardi- mini pip

I took over 300 photos of the farm this weekend with my new camera so I have a lot of editing to do! Hopefully later this week I'll post some of my favorites. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Knit Circle Top

One day Mood was having a sale. It just popped up on my instagram feed and suddenly, I was on the website purchasing 5 yards of this oatmeal knit fabric. ("Heathered Oatmeal Cotton Blend" is the actual name) It was only $5 a yard and I really wanted to do some experimenting with knits so it was a good opportunity. Right? I'm allowed to tell myself that? Anyway, I have a lot to play with.

So because of this wonderful purchase, I've been browsing the web for quick, simple knit patterns to make. The first one that caught my eye was the "Circle Top" by Raechel Myers. Although it was a top for a toddler, I put in my own measurements and poof! top completed.

minipip - circle top

This is basically a rectangle with a neck hole and two seams for arms. Realistically, this top could be sewn in as little as an hour. Because I started re-watching LOST on netflix, my time was not within the hour.

Let me tell you, this top is so comfortable. With the measurements I used it came out a little over-sized, which I like, but if I make it again, I would probably make it a little smaller. 

minipip - circle top

minipip - circle top

minipip - circle top

minipip - circle top

I wore it to work today because the air conditioning makes the store pretty cool. I really can't wait to make more items with this fabric because it is gorgeous. I was looking into a skirt pattern so that might be the next thing. Do you recommend any patterns? I'm open to suggestions!



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My Grandma’s Dress- A Refashion

Today would have been my Grandma's 86th birthday. It's the first year she isn't with us and I wanted to do something for the occasion. In the last few years of her life, she lost a lot of weight, making her smaller than me! She wasn't able to fit into her old clothes and always wanted me to take them. When I got into sewing I would look through her clothes and want to take some to work on but never had the confidence to complete the project.

I saw this dress in my box of her clothing last night and knew I could finally do something with it. It actually came with a matching jacket- I'm saving that for later.


The Before

I knew I had to take the sides in. It was ultimately a six inch alteration. The length was actually perfect and I had a tough time with whether to leave it as a maxi or shorten it to a cute sundress. A high low option was a good compromise.

Photo 5-002

The After!



My grandma had a pretty awesome wardrobe and I love that she let me bring new life into some of the pieces she chose to wear.



Apparel sewing


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Mixed Print Infinity Scarf

I had to stop at JoAnn's over the weekend to pick up some fabric for a project. I always like to take a look in the remnants bin to score a good deal, especially when all remnants are 50% off! This lovely little floral print was in the bin and I thought it would make a cute scarf.

Working around apparel all day, I usually start to think "I can make that", and when we get in new scarves almost every day, I know I can make one of those!

I mixed the florals with a sheer polka dot from my stash and made this guy! I've been wanting to work on some quick projects to feel like I'm accomplishing something so this was the perfect project!

Photo 1-006

Photo 2-006

Photo 3-006

Photo 5-001

I have my first "day off" in months on Friday and I plan on sewing all day! Do you have any plans for the 4th?

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Just Add Elastic! Dress to Skirt Refashion

I haven't done a refashioned piece in awhile. I love refashioning because the basic garment is already there. Sometimes all a piece needs is a new hem or sucked in sides. This dress needed a little more work than that.


My mom bought this dress from Macy's. Its American Rag, which happens to be my favorite brand. It did nothing for my mom so she passed it onto me. I was going to shorten the hem and take up the straps and keep the same dress but after pinning it, the dress did nothing for me either! It only took about 5 minutes (to take pictures) before I grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped the top off!

Photo 2-005

I cut the top straight off, leaving as much fabric as I could without cutting into the armholes. I measured 2" down and folded the raw edge over, leaving an opening for elastic.

Photo 3-005

With elastic in and the seam sewn shut, I made this little dress into a skirt! I even kept the old hem!

Photo 4-002

Photo 5

I do wish I had thicker elastic on hand. I would have loved a super thick piece but I took whatever was in my stash. I'm wearing the skirt to work tomorrow so we shall see how it wears!


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”What a Beautiful Print for a Wedding” Dress

I mentioned in a previous post about making a new dress for a wedding I was attending, and here she is!

This is vogue V1174 by Cynthia Steffe. I bought this pattern what feels like years ago to make a birthday dress but just never got around to it. When my boyfriend was invited to his friends wedding, I did actually try to shop for a dress. I knew it would be less stressful, but probably more expensive, to just buy but there wasn't anything that I liked! So that left me with one option: just make my own dress.

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

Once I picked the pattern, picking the fabric was easy. Joann's, of course, had a sale…and coupons… so I bought this beauty. It's a thicker fabric, damask, which didn't make it necessary to add lining, but I did anyway.

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

This pattern was the most intense I've sewn, with so many pattern pieces to cut and instructions to follow. As I use more patterns, I'm finding that I actually follow the instructions much more than I used to.

This lady had so much detail! From pockets and pleats to boning and piping.

  ''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

Never have I been so happy with the inside of a dress as this one. I even took pictures because it's so beautiful!

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip 

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

There is one thing this pattern has taught me. Take a closer look at the picture on the pattern envelope. I was not prepared for the way the skirt was attached and at first I was unhappy with how unfinished it looked. After I sewed the skirt on though, I didn't mind it.

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

I highly recommend this pattern, but for a more experienced sewer. I cut the size way too big for my body and had to alter it quite a bit. I thought my measurements were right but it was way off. The bodice is very secure with the boning included but because I didn't alter it enough, I did pull it up quite a bit throughout the evening. I might add a spaghetti strap so the wear is a little easier from now on, especially at work.

Thankfully no one at the wedding thought it was handmade, that's one of the greatest compliments I can get!

''beautiful print for a wedding'' dress -mini pip

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‘A Sign of Spring’ Dress!

Are those flowers I see on the trees outside?? Green grass peaking out in the fields? Has spring actually arrived?! It has!!! Jersey has been having beautiful weather (mixed with a few cold days) but to have that 65 degree sunshine hit your skin is heaven.

I started this dress months ago as part of my "new year, new sewing" kick. The quilting detail took forever and that turned me off from this dress because, like usual, I wanted instant results. So this sat on my dress form for months, without sleeves and without a hem. With so little work to actually finish on the dress, it was a very sad sight and I finally got tired of looking at it!

sign of spring dress-minipip

The fabric was on sale at Joann's (before christmas, so it is pretty old). The pattern is a Cynthia Rowley (my fave!) #2586. If you haven't picked up one of her patterns, run to the store! They are cute, easy to follow, fashion forward and a great intro to fabrics other than cotton. She is my pattern making crush- if there is such a thing.

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

sign of spring dress-minipip

I made 'view C' this time around. (I made view A a few years ago) but I'm debating if I should turn this into a top instead of a dress. Opinions about the quilted bottom? Keep or go? Let me know!

sign of spring dress-minipip


Overall I'm happy how this came out, and happy to have a cute, handmade, dress to wear to work. I love the fabric, love the quilting detail all over the dress but wish I made the sleeves a little shorter (short arms over here) and I'm still debating on top vs dress factor.


In other sewing news, Drew and I were invited to a wedding which is the perfect excuse to make a new dress…that and I'm really not liking the dress options in retail world. This one is a Vogue pattern, which I've never used. The top has so. many. pieces. It makes me nervous. But I'm excited! And will post about it if I finish!


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project 365: week six

Looking back on this past week in the few pictures I have reminds me how fantastic August has been to me. I'm so excited to talk about the days of this past week!

August 5th:

FIT fall course

Last weekend I opened the FIT fall schedule book I got in the mail and saw all these classes costing over $1000. There are so many I would love to take but just can't afford. I kept flipping through and saw this class! I am in love with reconstruction, and have wanted to learn more about it for quite some time. A few months ago, taking a class at FIT would have been impossible, but living right next to the city makes this within reach! I'm looking forward to October.

August 6th:

mini pip label

The first stamping! I did a post on my labels last week and have since made a whole pile of all three colors. I love how they are coming out and am very excited to get more colors. I'm working on some new bags today, which should be the first ones with labels in them! 

August 7th:

craftgawker screen shot

A friend encouraged me to check out craftgawker, and I was hesitant because I thought it was just pinterest all over again. I didn't know that it was a site where you had to submit your work. That intrigued me. So I submitted my ipad pillow, three times. In the first two submissions, the images were "off", so I took new pictures of the pillow, and finally had one good enough for the site. I'm definitely stepping up my photography game! 

So for anyone here from craftgawker, welcome! I hope you enjoy my other work and thank you for taking the time to come visit!

August 8th:

carrot cake cupcake

We had very important guests at Anthropologie today, so my manager purchased a boatload of cupcakes from Carlos' Bakery, right in Hoboken (from the show Cake Boss). The employees got to take extras and I couldn't pass up a carrot cupcake. Going to Carlos' is on my "Hoboken Wish List", or things to do while living in Hoboken. There is ALWAYS a line of people waiting so I've never felt like going but after eating this, I might have to.

ootd-handmade dress

Since we had guests, I wanted to wear a dress. I chose to wear a dress I made my sophomore year of college. This class was a requirement for my Fashion Studies major and every student in the class had to make the same dress, just in different fabrics. We went shopping at Mood (my first trip there) and I chose this fantastic fabric, that was not really meant to be a dress. It is see-through which is why I have never worn it outside of a bathing suit cover up. I made a slip to wear under it. The final outfit was worn with a denim jacket. I feel like I need to start a new category of "retail wardrobe"!

August 9th:

Drew's home-coming

Drew came home on Friday! I made him a sign for when I picked him up but I knew he would be embarrassed to see a sign with his name on it (I also forgot that you are supposed to write the last name).

August 10th:

mini mac kittens

These are some newer additions on the farm. They are the sweetest kittens and love people! We have two kinds of kittens: those that love people and will follow you around wherever you go, and those that run and hide from any kind of movement, even animals.

August 11th:

freedom tower

Last night Drew and I went out to dinner in the city with one of his new friends from work. This is actually his picture for Project 365 (I'm stealing it). It was nice to hear about his month long training and listen to stories about what they did.