pretty new fabrics

My college roommate's sister is getting married and she asked me to make bags for the bridal party as a surprise for the bride. The only requirements were that they had to be pistachio green/cream and the brides was to be a little bigger, and plain cream. When it comes to custom orders, the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around is the fabric. When I get colors, it should be easier, but finding a really pretty pistachio green is a little difficult.

Enter Heather Bailey. Her fabric is stunning and the colors gave enough shades of green so even if it doesn't match perfectly, it will still coordinate well. I'm actually really happy with how the bags came out since it was the first time (1) making fabric covered buttons…without a kit and (2) making fabric rosettes, which are super easy and really cute. So, pictures…




DSCN4859 DSCN4861 DSCN4862 DSCN4867

I also made her an "emergency bag" for all the little things a bride might need on her wedding day.



I still can't get over how gorgeous this fabric is. I'm so in love, and I'm happy I ordered a little extra to play with =]



chickens and apples

Last summer I had an internship on the farm designing "farm-chic" clothing, clothing that could be worn while working in the garden or working with customers. My mom wanted cute, comfortable items to give her a more sophisticated farm look. The first piece I designed was an apron for her, and found the perfect fabrics to make it in. Alexander Henry designed the fabric collection "farmdale crossing" which included fantastic colors and prints, making it the perfect fabric for the farm. I was recently asked to make an apron for a farm customer and finished it today!



I added a pocket to the middle tier this morning but forgot to take a picture.



This same customer also asked for a bag for her friend so it looks like Mini Pip has some work to get done! It is so nice to have the time to sew again, away from homework and studying. Sitting behind my machine and creating beautiful things is just so relaxing.




A little behind

no excuses this time, just me being lazy. anyway, on to new topics.

I've found a new obsession. Pinterest. I am absolutely in love with this site. I'm not so much for the "pinning" but I love to re-pin. I think what makes this site so addicting is that it changes every time you click.

http://pinterest.com/pipsqueak23/ (my boards)


Another obsession: Hoarders. I've been watching the show nonstop on Netflix and have cleaned my dorm room at least 5 times, getting rid of a few things each time. I'm home for spring break for the week so the cleaning has just begun in my room at home. So far I have two bags of unwanted items, one bag of clothing to donate and a bag and box of garbage. I think this cleaning thing is going pretty well.


Next (mini) obsession: my sister's wedding. April is fast approaching making her bridal shower only a few weeks away. The theme is "Disney Princess Tea Party". It's my job to make it not look like a 5 year olds birthday party. I've been coming up with lots of ideas that she isn't allowed to know about…Guaranteed to drive her nuts!


I wanted to start my etsy this week, but left all my products at school so hopefully within the next week I'll actually have something to show for all the sewing I've done. My biggest insecurity is not selling anything, or not portraying the right "image". Everyone wants to be successful right? Well the only way to start something is just to do it.



take two.

Let's start this again. And keep it going this time. I want to blog, I want to write about everything that inspires me, everything I create, everything I love. It's a new year, new you, right? I've never actually stuck to my new year’s resolution so I've stopped making them. But I really want to try this year. So here we go:

Resolution #1: Blog three times a week.

Resolution #2: Get my etsy up and running.

Resolution #3: Read at least two books a month.

Resolution #4: Exercise at least three times a week (Isn't it essential to put this on a resolution list?)

That's it, there's more but after re-reading the list, these seem like the ones I will actually follow through with.


This year is going to bring some big changes. I'm graduating, my sister is getting married, I'm starting a "real" job. It's time to start thinking about what I want in life and actually going for it all. That's my main resolution: stop having doubts. Just go for it and if it doesn't work out, at least I tried. I want to be able to say that I tried. So here we go. Again.


The Beginning




Welcome to my blog! My name is Trish, and I’m the owner of Mini Pip, custom sewing for fashion and home décor. I’m going into my se nior year of college and with senior projects, my internship and starting a business, I want a place to record everything and a way to keep myself motivated.

I’m studying fashion, business and costume design and have a dream of opening my own boutique. Sewing is my passion, and designing is something I’m learning. I love crafts, fashion and traveling but most of my inspiration comes from my own backyard.

I live on 18 acres of farm land. My family moved us here about five years ago and since then we have turned it into a working farm. While I don’t always love to be surrounded by animals, I find comfort in floral fabrics, colored pencils, and buttons.

I want to share my world with everyone around me. I’ve been reading blogs for the past few years and have always been working up to courage to start one of my own. Comments are welcome, and bear with me as I learn how to navigate the blogging world; any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you come back to see everything I’m up to!