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Cropped Jacket Refashion

Something about the snow day made me want to dig into my "to refashion" pile and Monday morning, that's exactly what I did! Of course pinterest inspired me (yet again) and I saw just how simple this jacket was made. I thought that idea would be cute with a sweater but when I pulled this cropped jacket out, it was perfect.

cropped jacket refashion- mini pip

I got this jacket in high school, so it's at least 6 years old. I loved the cropped look in high school and the large buttons sold me in an instant. I took this to college, but after freshman year, knew it was time to retire it because the cute-sy look wasn't cutting it anymore.

cropped jacket refashion- mini pip

The process of making a draped front jacket or cardi is really simple, like most refashions I tackle! I took of the collar, the front plackets with the buttons and buttonholes and the cuffs. I folded over all raw edges so I was starting with finished seams. Since I was just adding rectangles of knit fabric, I knew the raw edges on the front would show.

I measured the front length, where the buttons were, (which was 15.5") and decided to make the rectangle longer and cut it wherever it looked right after sewing it on. I started out with knit pieces, 15.5" by 20" and ended with pieces 15.5" by 11". The drape on that measurement had the look I was going for. If I had a longer jacket, the rectangle would definitely need to be longer.

After the front I added a little touch of knit to arms by adding a new cuff. All in all, I got rid of every button (!!) but don't worry, they will certainly go into a new project. Another quick refashion, and I will probably be doing something like this again.

cropped jacket refashion- mini pip

cropped jacket refashion- mini pip

cropped jacket refashion- mini pip

cropped jacket refashion- mini pip




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