Cargo Ginger Jeans & Fashion Revolution

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I’m sharing a project that has been on my mind for months.

When I first graduated college, and was still living at home, I was able to save some money to spend on clothing. I’ve always been very careful about spending, and take time to buy something I really want. I found a pair of green cargo pants that were made with sustainable materials, from an eco friendly fashion site just starting out. They were around $50, so I was pretty happy to purchase. A month after purchasing, I didn’t receive my pants. I was somewhat devastated – I saved all this money, carefully found the perfect pants and now I don’t get them? I contacted the company and the CEO called me trying to explain. She didn’t really apologize, didn’t really say much of anything, just that the order was on the way. So you could say I was pretty turned off by the entire experience.

Eventually I got my pants. And they were too big. It was such a hassle to get them, I figured if I returned, it would take forever to get my money back. So I kept them, and wore them even though the waist was way too high and large. I don’t wear them very often, but always had a vision of making my own pair- that actually fit. And as far as I know, the company is no longer selling apparel.

With this dream of making cargo pants, I bought Kauffman Stretch Twill from back in December. I didn’t want to attempt these pants until I finished a second pair, so I would have a little more experience. Jeans sewing is still very new to me, and with each pair I make, I’m getting closer to the perfect fit. My last pair was pretty close because I was able to lower the rise and take some inches out of the waistband. The fit came out SO MUCH BETTER than my first pair, but I took a little too much out of the rise, and the waistband was still a little large. For this pair, I added a little more to the rise, and took an extra inch out of the waist.

Cargo Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedCargo Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedCargo Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedCargo Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

Clearly these are very tight. I’m pretty sure it’s because the fabric is twill, not denim and there wasn’t as much stretch as my previous pairs. But even with that, they are comfortable and over time I know they will be worked in. I wanted to add some detail to the pants, but didn’t want to make them too overdone. I added some textured pockets in back, and a pocket to the leg.

For the back pockets, I pretty much stole the idea from Suzy Bee Sews. Her pockets came out awesome and I had to have them for my own behind. I made up the pockets as I went, so I’m sorry there’s not a guideline for doing it yourself, but it’s rather easy to play around with.

Cargo Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedCargo Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

For the side pocket, I roughly followed the tutorial on Imagine Gnats Site from Dandelion Drift. I used the shape of the pocket, but added a center pleat for interest. The original pocket was too large to sew onto my thigh so I cut it down a few inches all around and closed it with a few snaps.

Cargo Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedCargo Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

I still have a fear of installing the grommets on my jeans. I had an issue installing the button and needed Drew to hammer it in, so grommets freak me out. Since they are the very last step, the LAST thing I want to do is make a hole I can’t cover. I’m actually looking into grommet hardware because I want to add grommets to some handbags, so eventually all my handmade jeans will have more hardware.

If you follow me on Instagram (@trishstitched) you would have seen my pretty floral pockets! The fabric came from a stash I found when cleaning out my grandparent’s house. They were napkins, and now they will line the pockets to my favorite pants.

Cargo Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

In other news, it’s Fashion Revolution Week! I wrote a post about it last year, which is still very, very relevant- feel free to read! This is a cause very near to my heart. I am still on my way to a 100% me made wardrobe and have come pretty far within a year. I’ve been working hard on my handmade jean collection, and my basics like t-shirts as well. I’ve made a bra, but still need to work on undergarments. It’s a long process, but well worth it to me.

Cargo Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

{Pictured here are my Cargo Ginger Jeans, Kelly Anorak, and Copy & Paste Tank}

If you are interested in learning about the subject, I recommend watching The True Cost on Netflix. It is an informative and eye-opening documentary, and a good place to start to learn about the real fashion industry.

Floral Dress to Top Refashion

Happy Earth Day! There are a lot of crazy things happening on this planet we call home, and whatever your views are, I think we can all agree that we need to treat the Earth with respect. There are a lot of ways to make our home a healthy and happy place to live, and while there are some extreme measures, there are smaller practices as well.

In the world of sewing, there are a few practices you can use in everyday life to reduce your footprint. One of my favorite practices is recycling fabrics! Most of the time I use recycled fabrics in my handbags, and have actually saved a bunch of materials from landfills, which is something I’m pretty proud of. But in terms of my wardrobe, I loooove refashioning!

I went through my wardrobe a few weeks ago and discarded a lot of pieces that will go to my local Salvation Army. There were a few pieces that I still loved, just didn’t wear. I had a moment of pause when it came to this dress I bought in college. I wore this dress all the time. It was my go-to item to feel fun and flirty but put together all at once. I still love the print, I just wasn’t feeling the dress length or ruffle on the garment. Nothing a sewing machine and pair of scissors couldn’t fix!

Floral Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

I took inspiration from this beautiful Alexis Top I found through pinterest. Since this dress started as a wrap dress, a few folds, buttons and a quick hem turned this into a top!

Floral Dress to Top Refashion - Trish StitchedFloral Dress to Top Refashion - Trish StitchedFloral Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

Floral Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

I made a little video showing my process, and you can see how easy this refashion was!

Refashioning is such a great way to “go green” within your own wardrobe. I usually refashion pieces I already own, but love the adventure of going to the thrift store and imagining ways to re-use others discarded items.

A few other tips to go green in your sewing space:

  • Remember to turn your machine off when not in use! I am so guilty of this, I’ll leave my machine on for hours, even if I’m not sewing. It just takes a second to flip the switch on & off, but can help save a bit of electricity. (This goes for your iron as well!)
  • Use reusable bags when fabric shopping (or shopping in general). I’ve obtained many JoAnn’s bags over the years, and they get recycled but take it a step further and leave a reusable bag in your car to take with you while shopping.
  • Tomato Sauce jars and other glass bottles can make great storage. I use old milk bottles, popcorn containers and other jars to hold my collection of buttons.
  • Have a lot of scraps? Save them! I have a bag of scraps going that will become stuffing for future projects. I also like to save the larger pieces to use for smaller projects.

Do you have any “green” tips for sewing? Share them in the comments!

Have a great weekend!

Yellow Floral Ebony Dress

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, the weather has been so wonderful here in Jersey it’s a huge motivation to sew spring & summer! I have a quick project I want to share this morning!

On Thursday, I heard that the weather for Easter Sunday was supposed to be in the 80s. I had an outfit planned out, but it was not warm weather appropriate. So Friday morning I decided to make a new outfit! Two weeks ago I took a trip to JoAnn Fabrics and browsed fabric for about half an hour. I had been on the hunt for a pretty floral spring knit to make a casual dress but hadn’t been finding anything online. JoAnn’s had a few options but I really didn’t want something thin, and all the thicker knits were black! There was one yellow floral print that caught my attention, but resisted buying because it only had 7% spandex, which would limit my use.

A week and a half passed and I found myself thinking about that one floral print every day. I couldn’t get it out of my mind! So Friday evening, I headed back over to JoAnn’s after work and bought the fabric. A word of advice, if you fall in love with fabric, buy it. If it’s something you think you can use and would enjoy wearing, get it!

I decided to make Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee with the print! This pattern comes with so many options and I can’t wait to make a tee version! I loved Heather’s hack (yea, she hacked her own pattern!) of the raglan sleeve with the dress and used her tutorial to get the pattern.

Yellow Floral Ebony Dress - Trish StitchedYellow Floral Ebony Dress - Trish Stitched

Ebony is a very quick sew. I printed & taped the pattern, cut out the fabric and sewed the dress together Saturday night. I worked from about 8 pm to 12 am, so four hours to get a dress is pretty good timing!

DSC_0215-001Yellow Floral Ebony Dress - Trish Stitched

The fabric I used was some sort of rayon/spandex blend, I really have to start taking pictures of the bolt information when buying in person. One of the problems with buying knits is how lightweight they can be and when making a dress, the last thing you want is for it to be see-through. This material was thicker, and has a nice white back, so even though the print itself is lightly colored, it isn’t see-through.  I had an issue when attaching the neck binding because the fabric lacked the stretch for the collar. To fix this, I cut the neck binding longer than required, and it seemed to work out well. The neck is a little tight when putting the dress on, but still comfortable to wear.

I cut out a size 4 in Ebony. In Closet Case Patterns, I usually cut a size 2 but got really nervous when looking at the finished bust measurements for this dress so I cut the 4. Finished measurements are so important to look at guys!  The body is very roomy in the four but that’s the look of the dress, and I’m happy my boobs have a little room to breathe! If I make this again in a stretchier fabric, I might go down in size, but this version is super comfy! I took about 3″ from the hem, any longer and this style could look matronly on a petite person.

I had a wonderful Easter Sunday! My Mom and Dad set up an Easter Egg Hunt, and even though all us kids are in our late 20s, it was still fun. My niece is 6 months old now and it is so exciting to watch her grow- and she looked adorable in her Easter Dress! We also spent time with Drew’s family, so it was a long day but very nice to see everyone!

Yellow Floral Ebony Dress - Trish Stitched

Ebony is also great belted! Have a wonderful week!

Purple Plaid Aster

Well it looks like I’ve taken an unexpected blogging break! So sorry about that, I’ve been so busy working on bags that my wardrobe hasn’t really had any new additions. Until last week when I finally took a few hours to make myself a new top!

What is it about a new season that makes you want to tear apart your entire wardrobe and start fresh? With spring finally showing up and warmer temperatures appearing, I got a craving to have a quick make. I’ve had my eye on Aster from Colette for some time. It’s a cute top with an interesting neck that feels more casual than your typical button up. This type of top felt perfect for work, which is a trait I’ve been trying to find in sewing patterns. Working on a farm makes getting dressed difficult. I can’t wear dresses all the time, and certainly don’t want to get some of my favorite makes dirty and dingy, but still want to look nice when talking with customers. It’s been an ongoing battle between me and my closet and I thought this pattern would help.

If you haven’t heard, you can now use your Seamwork Magazine credits towards Colette Patterns, so I was able to use a few of my saved credits on Aster. This top comes with three versions, long sleeve, short sleeve and flutter sleeve. I chose the short sleeve as I plan on wearing this top more for Spring/Summer. The pattern was a fairly quick sew, no major issues. When I got to the neckline, I was a little confused about cleanly ending the bias and it didn’t come out exactly like it should, but you can’t see it while wearing.


Purple Plaid Aster - Trish StitchedPurple Plaid Aster - Trish StitchedPurple Plaid Aster - Trish Stitched

I was gifted a huge bag of fabrics from my parent’s neighbor and this plaid was inside. There was quite a large piece of material, and I was happy to use this as a wearable muslin. I’m not positive what the material is, some form of lightweight cotton.  I don’t work with plaid much at all, since it’s hard for me to find a color scheme I really love. But this one was pretty, and has a nice blue detailing that I was drawn to. I was also able to use bias binding from my stash that matched the blue perfectly! Making this top practically free! (Alright it cost a few Seamwork credits but lets not get too technical here haha)

Purple Plaid Aster - Trish StitchedPurple Plaid Aster - Trish StitchedPurple Plaid Aster - Trish Stitched

I love this top. It is perfect to wear when working on the farm, but nice enough to have as a casual piece in my wardrobe. I love the small details like the pleat in back, and the cuffed sleeve, and could see myself making a bunch of these.  I would actually like to make a couple solid versions (I’m thinking a pretty pale green or chambray) and of course, I would love a floral version as well.

Purple Plaid Aster - Trish Stitched

For reference, I am 4’9″ and made Aster in size 0. You can see this top falls pretty perfectly length wise, but if you have a longer torso, you may want to lengthen the bodice pieces. If you are looking for inspiration on this top, search #coletteaster on Instagram – there are some great versions!

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Since I’ve gotten the honor of keeping the Skyline S9 Embroidery machine for the year, I’ve done a little more experimenting with the capabilities of this machine. I’ve been loving the built in embroidery designs, but was ready to test out the USB feature and open myself up to the world of online embroidery designs. When I was thinking about a Spring project, I was trying to think of what my wardrobe needed and how I could use the Skyline to elevate my closet addition.

When the seasons start changing, the first thing I realize I’m missing is a proper pair of shoes to transition to warmer weather. I go from a closet full of boots and heavy socks, right into sandals. I usually need a pair of footwear that will cover my toes but are fun and light to walk around in.

Footwear is not something I can make. As much as I wish I could, shoes are not yet in my handmade wheelhouse. That’s when I thought a simple pair of white sneakers could become something so much more.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

I love cacti (and the many varieties that exist), and I thought they would make a cute design on a shoe! These shoes are super simple, and very customizable! Here’s a little tutorial on how to make you own!

What you will need:

Embroidery Machine, Hoop, Threads and Stabilizer

Plain Canvas Shoes (mine came from Payless)

Embroidery Designs (small enough to fit on the shoe)

Frey Check


Fabri Tab (or similar fabric glue)

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

The first step is to find the embroidery designs you want to use. The two designs I used were from – Cactus and Geometric Circle. (I skipped embroidering the pots on the cacti for the design to fit on the shoe). Janome also offers some amazing embroidery designs on their website!  When downloading designs from a website, use JEF to get Janome compatibility. Copy the files onto your USB, plug the USB into your machine and open the files! It’s so easy to get the designs onto your machine from your computer!

For my designs, I used the tear away stabilizer with muslin to embroider. Depending on your design, you should be able to use two layers of tear away stabilizer and no fabric, but some designs might need a more stable base.

After embroidering, cut out your designs. Next, fray check all your edges. This will keep any pieces of fabric or thread from unraveling during wear.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

Once you figure out where on the shoe your embroidery will go, cover the back of the piece with fabri-tac and apply piece to the shoe. I love using fabri-tac because it is extremely strong and meant for material (a little expensive but well worth the price). After glue dries, stitch some securing stitches around the edges of the designs. Some spots may be hard to hand stitch because of the thickness of material, or tough to get to – like spaces in the toe that become hard to reach. On these sections, be sure the design is secure with extra fabri-tac.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

*For the top section, each shoe will be a bit different but mark in chalk or fabric pencil where to cut to piece the top part together.*

And your new shoes are ready to wear!

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top HackJanome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top HackJanome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top HackJanome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

I also made a fun new top for my wardrobe because you can never have too many cacti to wear. Pattern is Lou Box Top by Sew DIY with a hacked split back! I followed the tutorial by Natty Jane Sews to redraft the back.

Janome Skyline S9: Embroidered Shoes and Cactus Lou Box Top Hack

The Skyline S9 makes it so easy to switch from embroidery to sewing, I was able to embroider when cutting out my fabric, and switch right over to sewing when the embroidery finished!

Ready to add some embroidery to your shoes? Here’s some inspiration! {All shoe details on Pinterest}

Embroidered Shoes

Wanna make a pair like these from Anthropologie? Follow fellow Janome Artisan Sew Caroline’s tutorial to make espadrilles!


Patterns I’m Loving

I’ve been falling in love with so many patterns lately and I wanted to share some of the amaaaazing patterns I’m crushing on right now!

Rompers & Shorts

This romper from McCalls is so cute! I love wearing rompers (and making them) because they are a great wardrobe piece to throw on and go – plus it’s work friendly when on the farm! I love the floral print McCalls made the sample in and I’m thinking about View B with View A sleeves.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched


One awesome thing about being petite is that I can look at most patterns – kids, teens and womens. Most of the time teens patterns are really lame and are in desperate need of an update. Mimi G gave Simplicity patterns a little facelift with this adorable overall pattern! The crop tee isn’t for me, and the pants are nice but the shorts are definitely the ones that got my attention.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched


I’ve never made a bodysuit and didn’t really see a need for one until Ariane by Seamwork came into the picture. Ariane and a pair of shorts would be a great outfit for working in the garden during the summer.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedTops

Named Clothing Patterns just came out with their Playground Collection, and while I love almost everything (Dungarees, Playsuit, and the Denim Jacket are all looking incredible) the one that would fit most in my wardrobe is Minttu Swing Top. So simple but I could see myself living in it all summer long!

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

You still need the occasional sweaters and sweatshirts for those chilly spring mornings and summer nights, and when Anna Zoe shared her version of the Boxy Hoodie from Kommatia Patterns (a new company to me) I wanted one.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

I looove the new pattern from Helen’s Closet. The Blackwood Cardigan comes in two lengths and the pockets are so cute. It’s also a slimmer fit, meant for lighter weight fabrics making it the perfect cardigan to grab for a night out in summer.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedDresses

This year I have four weddings to attend. FOUR. Two of them are “black tie”, so I have to dress formally. I figure I can wear my floral maxi to one of them, but still need a second (since we will be seeing similar people at both black tie affairs). Originally, I was going to buy a dress but after some pattern research, I’ve decided to make one!

I’ve noticed pattern companies don’t make too many formal patterns, probably because they aren’t a wardrobe staple. There are a few options I’m considering:

Leanne Marshall makes gorgeous gowns and has a new dress pattern with Simplicity! I am so in love with the silhouette and think this gown would make a great option.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

I also love this McCall’s two piece by David Tutera but think I’m more drawn to the fabric than the pattern. Also not positive I want to wear a crop top to a wedding but it’s a stunning set.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

I’m also considering the Acton Dress from In The Folds. The top is awesome and if I change the skirt to full length, it could become a beautiful option.

Patterns I'm Loving - Trish StitchedPatterns I'm Loving - Trish Stitched

Can you tell I don’t like strapless dresses? I might go dress shopping to help decide what silhouette works best for my body and get some fabric inspiration.  Any pattern suggestions?

What patterns have you drooling lately? What’s on your sewing list?



Trish Stitched Turns 2! Floral Tamarack, Ginger Jeans & Etsy Sale!

It’s my little blog’s second birthday! For two years, I’ve been sewing & selling under the name Trish Stitched, and it’s been really great. In the years before Trish Stitched, sewing was incredibly important to me but it didn’t feel like I was going anywhere with it. But when I changed my name, I started focusing a lot more on the business aspect of sewing: my etsy shop got a facelift, my fabric choices started to mature (a little) and I really started to focus every free moment on where I wanted my sewing to go. To celebrate, I wanted to treat myself to a full handmade outfit.

Floral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

Floral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

For my jacket I turned to Tamarack by Grainline Studio. Have you ever been stalked by a pattern? Not stalking, but stalked…like everywhere you turn is another photo and it feels like it’s screaming at you to make it? That was the Tamarack Jacket for me. A couple months ago I started seeing it everywhere and I couldn’t ignore it. I wanted to make a version and was actually going to make it in a solid until I saw this fabric on (link below ). I wanted a nice transition jacket, and I think this is it. It’s a little heavier than a piece like my Kelly Anorak, and I’m able to wear thicker pieces underneath. This will be a great jacket coming into spring and again when going into winter.

The Tamarack was a pretty quick make, I made version 2 which allows space to add snaps. I forgot to buy snaps but still wanted to wear the jacket so I will have to add them later. I ran into a little frustration with the welt pocket but luckily Jen has a tutorial on her blog about the welt pocket. I looooove the quilting options on this jacket, but I kept my quilting pretty simple this time around.

Floral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedFloral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

Floral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedFloral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedFloral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

My tee was also from Grainline Studio, the Lark Tee. I’ve made a few version’s of Lark so far and I really like it. My next versions will be a little tighter, but thankfully, that is an easy fix. I used Telio Organic Cotton from (link below) for the tee- I totally recommend this material. It has a nice weight, and isn’t see through. It also comes in some pretty colors.

For the bottom half of this outfit, I’ve been working hard on my second pair of Ginger Jeans, and am SO happy with the result!

Floral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

My first pair of Ginger Jeans were great. I was really happy with how they turned out but there were definitely parts of the fit I wanted to change for pairs going forward. I found this image on pinterest from Skinny Bitch, Curvy Chick on making Ginger’s petite, and I thought I would give it a go. The biggest problem my first pair had was having too high a rise, making the “low rise” version come up past my belly button. Not a really bad thing, but not where I usually wear my jeans.

The second problem with my first pair was the fit in the waist. I made the waist too large, and took them in but something wonky happened with the back and I wasn’t thrilled with the butt. I had a similar issue with my second pair. The waist was still too large, even with adjusting the pattern before sewing, but I did NOT want the same issue so I didn’t make the back adjustments. I have to wear a belt, but I really don’t mind since this pair is still much more wearable than my first.

Floral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish StitchedFloral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

For this version, I made View A with View B skinny legs of Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns. I also used Heather’s E-book and purchased a hardware kit. I still have to install my rivets but I think my neighbors were getting mad at all the hammering I was doing on my practice pieces so I’ll save them for another time. The fabric for the jeans also came from (noticing a theme here?) but is no longer available! It is so beautiful, so I’m pretty upset I can’t get anymore. I think I have just enough to make another pair of jeans.

I also used a little bit of Rifle Paper Co. Fabric for my pockets!


I treated myself to this awesome outfit, but I also wanted to treat you guys! I’m having a sale in my etsy shop! Use code YEARTWO to get 15% off any bag in my shop! I have a ton of new styles for sale, and within the next few days, my latest product will be available – key fobs – so keep an eye out for them! The sale will go on for the week and end Sunday night 2/26.

Floral Tamarack Jacket and Petite Ginger Jeans - Trish Stitched

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads this little blog. Every comment, follow & like brings a smile to my face, and I hope my sewing inspires you! One of my goals is to have fun with my wardrobe and encourage others to not settle for what you see in stores. Sewing brings me more than joy; it gives me confidence. I love stepping out of my apartment in a “me made” and knowing that no one else in the world is wearing what I am. I love knowing that my wardrobe is fit to my body, my style and my life.

Have a wonderful week!