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Seamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List.

Hello, Hello! This post is actually very delayed because of Thanksgiving. To be honest, my whole life feels a little delayed at the moment because of Turkey Season and working in the food industry. I have so many projects to get through, and not so much time to do it in! I promise once the holidays come to an end, my blogging will become consistent again! I have so much I want to share!

When Seamwork Lilliana came out I was so happy to see it. I love jackets – and have way too many – but always feel I need more! The Seamwork Member Exclusive for this jacket was the pattern I’ve been searching for. The asymmetrical front would allow me to get the drape jacket I wanted, just with a few pattern modifications and the right fabric.

Seamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish StitchedSeamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish Stitched

I used a beautiful faux suede from fabric.com called Telio Whistler Faux Suede Camel. It feels so luxurious and, as you can see, has a wonderful drape. As for the pattern, I lengthened the bodice pieces 2.5″ on the lengthen line and removed the front pockets. I added side pockets, so I completely eliminated the seam on the front to give it a cleaner look.

Seamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish StitchedSeamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish StitchedSeamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish Stitched

I actually made this jacket awhile back, and was really struggling if it was “done” or not. The pattern calls for the jacket to be finished with bias binding, but the fabric I used was a little too thick for binding. I tried using store bought but couldn’t find the right color and the texture looked too off. I decided to leave the edges raw, and it is growing on me a lot more.

Seamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish Stitched

I’m excited to have a solid jacket in my wardrobe, as most of them have some sort of print to it! I paired it with my Shortened Seamwork Neenah for this photoshoot but this jacket will be the perfect companion for fall dresses and skirts! But what it really looks great with is my new necklace!

Seamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish StitchedSeamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish Stitched

I’ve admired the work of Samantha Snaps (from fluffyland.com) for a few years now – and have followed along her making adventures since I was in college. Samantha sent me a dress form necklace and I’ve been wearing it since! It is the perfect gift to get your seamstress friend, sewing teacher, or just to buy for yourself! It’s also a cute and creative gift for the fashionista in your life!

Seamwork Lilliana, Neenah & The Perfect Gift to Add to Your Christmas List- Trish Stitched

Each necklace is laser cut from wood, and there are four options to choose from. I had such a difficult time picking my favorite, but the linen called to me. Samantha also makes camera necklaces, and her latest product: Maker Signs! How adorable to display in your studio! I can tell you firsthand the quality is amazing, and the packaging is beautiful. This is truly a little work of art to wear.

Check out Samantha’s work on etsy!

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#Refashioners2017 Suits You: Suit to Coat Refashion

Happy Halloween! Life has been so crazy the past few weeks and I fell like I’ve fallen behind on everything! But I finished my suit refashion just in time for today’s deadline!

If you aren’t familiar with the challenge, Refashioners is a online challenge to refashion and win a prize! Last year the theme was jeans – and I made one of my favorite refashions- my denim bomber jacket. This year’s theme was “suits you”, taking an old suit and transforming it into something new.

I love seeing everyone’s creations, and while I’m pretty sure I will never win a refashioning challenge, it is so much fun to participate!

This year I had a plan even before the official rules came out. I felt so on top of my game, life was good. I bought two women’s suits, one pink skirt suit and a blue dress suit, and wanted to make coveralls. With the hopeful impending move, I had dreams of painting rooms and doing a ton of work to a house and thought a pair of coveralls would be the perfect wardrobe addition.

#Refashioners2017 Suits You: Suit to Coat Refashion - Trish Stitched

Well, here we are at the end of October and still no house. We lost another dream home last week, so house hunting has been a really tough journey, not just time consuming, but so emotionally stressful. Because of everything that has been going on, I didn’t get to my refashion, and last week I knew I was cutting it close. I had no desire to make coveralls, and needed a new idea- stat.

Pinterest to the rescue! I found this great coat on pinterest and my mind was made up. I had to have something similar and I could transform my suit into this coat!

This refashion was actually very simple, but took way longer than expected. I cut the suit jacket in half, and attached the bottom half of the skirt to the jacket. This way I was able to keep the original hem.

For the hood, I was able to use more of the skirt, and used the original skirt lining for the hood facing. I used the hood pattern from the Kelly Anorak. To attach, I just removed the jacket collar and sewed the hood into the opening.

#Refashioners2017 Suits You: Suit to Coat Refashion - Trish Stitched#Refashioners2017 Suits You: Suit to Coat Refashion - Trish Stitched#Refashioners2017 Suits You: Suit to Coat Refashion - Trish Stitched

I ironed out the suit lapels and turned them in. I originally wanted to add a zipper, but the ones I had were closed ended – which I discovered after sewing two different zippers in. So no closures here! But I like the open feel anyway.

I removed the sleeves to resize and change the cuff. I cut off about 2.5″ from the sleeve and made a new cuff with elastic. The sleeves are full length but I love them rolled up! The last step was to add slouchy pockets to the front. I used this awesome diagram from Madalynne, and took the fabric from the original jacket bottom.

#Refashioners2017 Suits You: Suit to Coat Refashion - Trish StitchedDSC_0345#Refashioners2017 Suits You: Suit to Coat Refashion - Trish Stitched

There’s nothing left but some scraps, buttons, skirt zipper and two massive shoulder pads that were removed almost immediately. I was hoping to add more detail and hardware like the original, but I ran out of time and supplies and really enjoy the cleaner finished look.

#Refashioners2017 Suit Me: Suit to Coat Refashion - Trish Stitched

Overall, I love my new piece. And I really love having a new piece that’s wearable. And, if you don’t follow me on Instagram (@trishstitched) you may notice my hair is a little different…11″ chopped off!


Cactus Print Gina Shorts

Hello, hello! Are you still reading? I know it’s been awhile. Well over two months in fact. I swear there’s a reason, there’s actually quite a few. Many I can’t mention now because they are “works in progress” but some I can share. (Feel free to skip my reasons and scroll down to my shorts!)

Summer is always a crazy time for me, with work and just wanting to be outside, summer is my favorite season. But working on a farm, summer is so busy- growing and picking and selling…it all leads up to fall, the busiest time of year. But this year something happened, we changed the farm schedule to be “by appointment only”, in short terms I lost my job. But I didn’t really “lose” it, as I was working for my parents to help them and to have a flexible schedule. For me, the farm was never supposed to be a full time thing, but with my grandparent’s death and my mom needing to be away from the farm to deal with the estate, over the years I’ve taken on a lot of responsibility. But we are now at a point where my help isn’t needed, and I get to focus on my sewing. This is a very recent change, just the past few weeks – so this isn’t quite the excuse for lack of posting but I’m getting there.

Another reason this summer has been insane is because Drew and I are house hunting! We’ve lived in Hoboken for 4.5 years, and I am so done with this city. We’ve been searching for months, and lost our dream house to a much higher bidder, so the hunt has been rough. We are continuing to look, and I spend hours online looking and our weekends have been filled with open houses; it’s been a learning process, and I am very ready to find a home. But that still isn’t the main reason you haven’t heard from me in awhile…

The real reason for not posting is because I’ve been in a burnout phase. There has been so much going on that my body is tired, my mind is tired, and my creativity felt dried up. I’ve been avoiding sewing projects, saying “no” to people because I felt like I would just mess the project up, and my health has not been the best. I’m not sick, but I just haven’t been taking care of myself. I’m tired all the time, eat poorly, drink way too much caffeine, and have stopped running. Guys, it SUCKS to be in burnout. I’ve tried to make a few things, but it’s been so hard to get my sewing mojo back. These shorts should have been done weeks ago – in reality I could have made them months ago if I had the motivation.

I’m slowly getting back to feeling like myself, and I am definitely not all the way there yet, but my mind has been buzzing with ideas and if I don’t start sewing, I’m going to explode.

Cactus Print Gina Shorts- Trish Stitched

These shorts have quite a story of their own. Months ago liz.crafty on Instagram posted a photo of her Selene Skirt in this amazing cactus print. I immediately had a vision of cactus print shorts and had to have the fabric. I was desperately searching for it for weeks and found it internationally! I was so close to checking out until the shipping costs rolled in. I was having a hard time justifying spending the money on the fabric alone, I just couldn’t spend on shipping. Slightly devastated, I sat back and continued to dream about my perfect shorts.

Some time later, I saw an Instagram post from Stonemountain and Daughter Fabrics and they had the fabric in stock! I hopped online to see if the green was still available and bought a yard and a half right on the spot. The fabric is so dreamy, yes more expensive than I usually sew with, but this was a special project. (Stonemountain is currently sold out, and I’m not sure where they are now selling this fabric but if you are looking it is called: Kokka Cactus Dobby – Green)

Cactus Print Gina Shorts- Trish Stitched

Next step was to find the perfect shorts pattern. There are a lot of shorts patterns on the market, but so many of them are high-waisted! Those aren’t my favorite style so I’ve been extremely careful in my pattern search. Then came the Gina Shorts from SBCC Patterns.

Cactus Print Gina Shorts- Trish Stitched

The Gina Shorts are specifically made for petite bodies, have a cute cuff detail and great pockets. They looked perfect! I made a wearable muslin in a size 2, and they were a little large. I dove right into my cactus fabric, cutting a size 0 and hoped they would fit. And they fit like a dream! I have my perfect summer shorts!

Cactus Print Gina Shorts- Trish StitchedCactus Print Gina Shorts- Trish Stitched

My thoughts on the pattern: While I loved making this pattern, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to someone who has never sewn pants before. The instructions are very straight-forward, so there is no hand holding when getting to steps like flys or buttonholes. (I always turn to my Ginger Jeans e-book for these steps). For me, the instructions were great since I’ve made several pants before, and the shorts became a pretty easy sewing project, but for someone just starting out, I would have references handy.

Cactus Print Gina Shorts- Trish Stitched

The pattern fit is perfection. I am 4’9″, very petite, and everything sits where it should on a petite body. I can’t speak for taller seamstresses out there, but for us short girls, these shorts are AMAAAAZING! My waistband sits on my waist, I have no gap in the back and they are the perfect length- not too long to be “mom shorts” but no where near booty shorts that I usually have to buy in ready-to-wear. I did size down based on my measurements, but I would recommend making a muslin.

Cactus Print Gina Shorts- Trish Stitched

What I also love about finally sewing my own shorts is how much easier fabric shopping will be. Whenever I go to buy fabric for a new pair of pants, I can add on another yard and have plenty for a pair of shorts! I won’t be needing more pairs this year, but with fall starting to come through very slowly (it’s still 70s and 80s in Jersey) I’ve gotten a few wears out of these in just the past week!

I hope I haven’t run people away with my long-winded post, sometimes it’s very therapeutic to share what’s going on behind the blog. I do have a few big projects coming up and I hope you’ll look forward to my life changes along with me!

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Bridesmaid Dress Refashion

We are in the thick of wedding season right now, and Drew and I attended our second wedding this past weekend. When the invitation arrived, it called for black tie attire and my first thought was “oh crap, what do I wear?”. My second thought was “oh yes, what do I get to make?!”

The first step was to research what black tie actually meant, and I stopped at Rent the Runway for some inspiration. There was nothing I fell in love with but I did get a better sense of what was appropriate. Generally full length dresses but not ball gowns. This wedding was also when I would be meeting Drew’s boss and co-workers, so anything revealing was out of the question.

Of course, time went on and I still didn’t start making anything. The Spring/Summer is a really busy time at work so it just wasn’t in the cards to make a full handmade dress. I rummaged through my closet just for materials I could re-use, and instead came across the bridesmaids dress I wore for my cousins wedding.

Bridesmaid Dress Refashion - Trish Stitched

This was not my favorite dress. It was short, and the color wasn’t meant for someone pale, but the top had some beautiful detail. I thought it would be a great base to start with, and all I needed to do was add a new skirt!

I started looking for fabric online, with the idea of a print in mind (since that’s my style) and needed something to match the “champagne” color. I wasn’t finding exactly what I needed so I went shopping in my own stash! I came across a print that was left over from this dress, and everything fell into place.

Bridesmaid Dress Refashion - Trish Stitched

This refashion was so simple – and it resulted in something so different from the original piece! I took a maxi skirt sloper I made for my black maxi to make the skirt- just a basic sloper with darts removed.

Bridesmaid Dress Refashion - Trish StitchedBridesmaid Dress Refashion - Trish Stitched

I was able to leave the zipper in place and sew the skirt right to the zipper, making this dress – FREE! I also wore the same shoes that I wore as a bridesmaid!

Bridesmaid Dress Refashion - Trish Stitched

The wedding was stunning. It was a very intimate ceremony and reception – we were part of the 75 invited guests. It was a fun night of dancing, with the Empire State Building so close by.

Bridesmaid Dress Refashion - Trish StitchedBridesmaid Dress Refashion - Trish Stitched

I do have one more formal wedding coming up in November, another of Drew’s co-workers. I’m really hoping I have time to make the Leanne Marshall pattern I picked up, but fall is another busy time at work, so I will have to get started soon!

Have a great weekend!

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Refashion Your Summer Wardrobe – Dress to Top Refashion

Hello, hello! Earlier this month I received an email from Heather, who writes the blog Feathers Flight, about doing a Refashioning Blog Tour! If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know I love refashioning, so I was in! Heather & Kali (from Kali Nicole Creative) are hosting “Refashion Your Summer Wardrobe” and a giveaway!

The idea is to transform current pieces in your wardrobe to make them summer ready! We all have those pieces in our closets that we love, but don’t really wear – and this is a great idea to take some of those pieces and transform them into something for summer!

I am trying to weed out my wardrobe and after Me Made May, did a huge clothing binge. I decided to get rid of some of the dresses I used to wear years ago, but didn’t get much use out of lately. There were a few in particular I decided to keep because I love the prints, and wasn’t ready to see them go. I decided the best way to keep them in my closet, and get to wear them again, was with a super simple refashion!

Refashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

I bought this dress years ago at Target, and wore it a lot when working retail, but haven’t had a chance to wear it in years.  My closet is overstocked with dresses, but I needed some “going out” tops for fun summer nights. Turning a dress into a top is so easy, it’s really just a quick hem job- but I’ve listed a few tips to make the sewing easier!

First thing’s first. Put your dress on! I like to imagine the outfits that I would put together with my new top; is it something I will wear more with shorts, jeans or tuck into a skirt? For this particular dress, I would most likely wear with jeans, so I didn’t want to make it too short. Put on a bottom that will work with the refashioned piece and in front of a full length mirror, fold the hem up to where you would like the new piece to lay.

Refashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

After finding a good hem, pin in place while still on your body. This will be “final hem”, not where we are actually making the cut. Take the dress off and measure how much of the hem you pinned up. Since I get nervous about making something too short, I usually add an extra two inches to the pinned hem. You can always cut more off, but adding more to the hem is difficult!

Refashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish StitchedRefashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish StitchedRefashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

I prefer to do 1″ hems, with the raw edge folded up 1/2″ and then folded again to enclose the raw edge. If your dress has a lining, you will want to use the same measurements for the outer layer to hem the lining.

Refashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish StitchedRefashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

Give your new top a quick press and you are ready to show off your refashion!

Refashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish StitchedRefashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish StitchedRefashion Your Summer Wardrobe - Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

I’ve done a few dress to top refashions, so this idea is really full of possibilities!

Dress to Top Refashion:

Floral Dress to Top Refashion - Trish Stitched

Dress to Cardi Refashion:

apparel sewing10

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Don’t forget to enter the awesome giveaway over at Feather’s Flight and Kali Nicole Creative!

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Sew Together For Summer – Simplicity 8084 Silk Shirt Dress

Over the past year I’ve acquired three silky prints in my fabric collection – and I had images of all three of them becoming dresses. I’ve actually been wanting to make a shirt dress with one or more of them, but other, more pressing projects always got in the way. When the Instagram challenge #sewtogetherforsummer came up on my feed, I thought it was just the excuse I needed to finally make my dream shirt dress!

This challenge was introduced a few months ago, and I said to myself “I have so much time…I’ll wait to start”. Why. Why do I always say that?? Please tell me I’m not the only one to procrastinate! I actually did shirt dress research way back when the challenge started so I had my pattern ready to go, but didn’t decide on a fabric choice until yesterday morning!

Since I knew I wanted to sew with one of my silky fabrics, my pattern options became limited since a wide range of patterns were more suitable for chambrays or cottons. After looking over a ton of shirt dress patterns, I came across Mimi G’s Simplicity 8084 and loved the cleanliness of the pattern. The buttons were covered up with a placket as to not disturb the look of the fabric, and it had sleeves, which is something I was looking for!


This was my first time sewing with a Mimi G pattern, and I enjoyed it! I will say, when the pattern said there was a youtube sew-a-long, I was expecting a little more than a 30 minute video. It did help me with my problem areas (sewing on the plackets and collar) but I think I’m used to the super detailed sew-a-longs from indie patterns, so I expected more.  This was just a small observation I had, definitely not a deal breaker if you are thinking about making this pattern! I’m happy the video was even offered!

In general, the instructions were good, again there were some parts I think could have had more detail but construction was pretty painless! The dress took a full day to construct, it actually took a few hours just to cut my fabric as I was being super careful to get the print even.

Sew Together For Summer - Simplicity 8084 Silk Shirt Dress - Trish StitchedSew Together For Summer - Simplicity 8084 Silk Shirt Dress - Trish Stitched

There is one thing I need to point out for my petite friends. When I was tracing the pattern, I knew I would have to shorten the dress a bit. When I know I need to do this, I pay close attention to the “shorten here” lines, because I know I will use them. This pattern is so petite friendly!! There are actual lines that say fold here for petite! I didn’t specifically measure how much I was taking out, but I think it was about an inch – which was just enough! I figured I would take the hem up a little if needed, but I didn’t even need to do that! (For taller seamstresses, you may want to consider lengthening the pattern). I don’t remember the last time I sewed a Big 4 pattern without making some sort of fit alteration that wasn’t included in the pattern. So huge props to Mimi G & team Simplicity for the fit on this one!

For reference, I’m 4′ 9″ ish and cut a size 10.


The only thing I didn’t do was make the drawstring out of my fabric. I have SO MUCH of this twill tape that I like to use it every time I need a drawstring. It’s much faster, and I like the contrast it offers.

I’ve mentioned before I don’t really wear dresses, but this has such a casual yet put together feel that it isn’t just a summer dress I’ll only wear once a year. I needed a go-to dress that I could just grab out of my closet if needed and this is it!

I picked up the fabric from Pendleton Woolen Mills in Oregon – it was on sale for $5/ yard. Guys, it’s SILK! For $5/yd! If I sewed with silk more often, I would have bought so much more but I contained myself! I’ve started buying fabric in place of objects as souvenirs when on vacation – so I’ll consider this my Oregon trip dress!

Sew Together For Summer - Simplicity 8084 Silk Shirt Dress - Trish Stitched

I also have to re-press the placket down, I see it’s peaking open in my photos! I finished this dress last night and made Drew wake up early to photograph my dress for the challenge deadline (today!). He’s a good sport.

Looking for some shirt dress inspiration? Check out the hashtag #sewtogetherforsummer on Instagram!