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TWO New Projects – Plus Tutorials!

Just a quick hello from me today! I’ve been busy doing sewing projects for a few of my favorite sites! Best part about these projects is that you can make them too!

My first ever downloadable bag pattern is over on Fabric.com!

Trish Stitched

If you are taking a short trip this summer, this bag is perfect for your travels! I wanted to create a basic pattern that would leave room for customization, and you can certainly customize this bag to have exactly what you want!

Trish StitchedTrish Stitched

Head over to Fabric.com to grab the pattern now!

And while you’re at it, add some more fabric to your stash! ūüėČ


And if bag making isn’t your thing, maybe a new refashion is in your future! A brand new tutorial is over at Janome.com to turn an old dress into a kimono!

Trish Stitched

When we start getting into summer days, I sometimes feel like I have nothing dressier to wear over shorts and tanks, but a simple kimono style jacket adds flair without adding heavy fabric layers!

Trish Stitched

Trish Stitched

I love easy refashions – and this one is super simple! The hardest part is finding the right dress! {The machine used here was the Janome Skyline S9}

I’ve also created a YouTube channel and you can definitely expect more videos from me in the future! Subscribe to my channel here – and leave your channel in the comments so I can subscribe!



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Trish Stitched at the Tinicum Arts Festival

My car is finally unloaded, my sewing machine is well rested and I can actually start thinking about something other than booth design. Last weekend I attended my third craft show, the Tinicum Arts Festival in Bucks County Pennsylvania. Tinicum Park is located right outside of Frenchtown, NJ (the cutest little town) and I was excited to be part of such a big event. There were so many crafters- many woodworkers, potters and painters, even TWO broom makers! There were a few bag makers, but none as colorful as me.

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

It was a long weekend, and my stress level was super high because there are so many little details involved, it’s easy to forget something. Friday night¬†we went to set up my tent and it was pouring rain so hard we couldn’t even put the tent up. My parents and I wound up leaving my tent and tables in my “spot”. The next morning¬†my mom and I¬†got to the field early to set up my booth.¬†After the set up, the rain came back and we had showers¬†off and on¬†the¬†entire day.¬†Sunday thankfully saw lots of sun and people were more inclined to come out and shop. The weekend as a whole was long but¬†I had some great sales and met some wonderful people which is what counts.

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

I’ve been planning my booth out in my mind for months and had new ideas I wanted to try for this show. The most eye catching addition was my name sign.¬†I got wood letters from Michaels on super sale and my mom modge podged polka dot fabric onto each letter. My dad drilled two holes into the tops of each letter and I strung them together. We also spray varnished¬†them so they were safe in the rain.

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

I’ve also been making a lot more recycled bags and wanted a larger display for them, separate from my non-recycled bags. So they got their own table, with some added shelves for height. I have a few more ideas for this section of my booth, to show the process that goes into a recycled bag.

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade BagsTrish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

I found this old flower cart in my parent’s barn and thought it would make a cute addition to the front of my booth to offer a small sampling of the bags I make. It was also a good opportunity to put my business cards on this table because when my booth was full, walker-bys were able to take a card and come back later.

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade BagsTrish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

Most of my displays stayed the same from my first few shows, as I wasn’t focused on changing their look. I love my tote bag display¬†and the card holder display and won’t be changing them anytime soon.¬†I would like to create a new display for my small pouches and my non recycled clutches. I love the suitcases but am ready for something new.

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade BagsTrish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade BagsTrish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

A majority of the comments I received were about selling on etsy. There were multiple shoppers who had their own craft and wanted to sell online but etsy intimidated them. I am a huge fan of etsy because it is an easy, inexpensive way to sell all over the world. I’m not an expert on the subject but know that etsy works for me. One day I would like my own standalone site but am happy with what etsy offers right now. If you are nervous about starting an etsy shop, just go for it! You will never be fully ready, and it takes so much work, but if you really want to sell your craft- do it!

The show was as great as it was for one reason only. My awesome support team. My dad made sure my tent was sturdy, and even made me concrete weights to tie to each side. He made sure all the extra structures, like my tote rack and flower stand, were secure. My sister helped cut fabric for my name sign and showed up with her husband on Sunday for support. My boyfriend, Drew, was fully understanding of why the apartment was a mess and I had supplies all over the place the past few weeks. He also stopped by on Sunday for a few hours. And my mom…my amazing mom. She was there the whole time. She helped me set up, she was my “right hand man” and she made sure I ate. I am so lucky that even if my family thinks I’m crazy, they support me.

Trish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade BagsTrish Stitched Craft Show Booth Display - Handmade Bags

I don’t have any other shows coming up but I’m looking into some winter ones. Hoboken has a holiday show and I think it would be really cool to do a show in my own town. I’m also looking into a few larger shows in the city- Brooklyn specifically.

And I’m so happy I get to think about sewing clothes again! My sister’s baby shower is in a few weeks and I am almost¬†done with¬†my dress. I’m also¬†making a¬†dress for my sister¬†to wear, which just needs a final fitting,¬†and I’m making a special handmade gift for the baby! It’s crazy how quickly the time is flying by, July is almost over and before we know it, there will be a little baby bundle in our lives.

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Happy 1st Birthday Trish Stitched! Giveaway & Etsy Sale!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Well, my blogs birthday! It has been exactly one year since opening my new etsy shop, and signing up for http://www.trishstitched.com. It has been a crazy year- so many new projects, so many new connections, I love my new home.


When I first started Trish Stitched, I was pretty much reinventing myself. My old name, Mini Pip, no longer felt like me and I was in a rut. I knew I wanted a name change but had no clue what to call myself. My name was no longer just about my etsy shop or my bags, but about my sewing adventures as a whole. Over the years, I’ve been sharing more apparel projects because I’m learning more and realizing just how much “handmade” means to me. I have such a special¬†admiration for¬†my wardrobe and it’s so cool to look in my closet and remember the occasion I made something for or how a garment was constructed. It’s a reminder of picking out fabrics, sewing the final buttons on or stitching a hem or how much I wanted a project to be over because I wanted to wear my new creation!

Because of my new name, I feel so much more confident talking to people about what I do. I can easily say, “I’m a seamstress! Wanna see my stuff just¬†go to trishstitched.com!” I wanted the freshest start I could get and changing my blog from typepad to wordpress was one of the best decisions I could have made. There is such a wonderful community on here and it’s so simple to discover other blogs and get inspired by other makers. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all my readers. When I first blogged under Mini Pip, I would barely get any views and a comment… that was rare! It’s been very slow growth but that’s made me appreciate all of you so much more.


A birthday is all about gifts right? So¬†I’m doing my very first giveaway! I’ll be giving away a matching pencil pouch & card holder in my favorite print (in the photos below)! To enter, all you have to do is¬†leave a comment on this post!! I’ll be leaving the giveaway open until February 24th, then¬†announce the winner Friday, February 26th. This is only open to U.S. residents, sorry international readers!



And because I don’t want to give just one person a gift, there’s a little sale going on in my etsy shop! Take 10% off any bag in my etsy store with code YEARONE. I’m treating myself to a little cake so treat yourself to a new bag! Code is good until Friday February 26th.

I made the sweatshirt in the photos- It’s Astoria from Seamwork! Maybe it’s time I move away from the Seamwork patterns… nahhh, I love them!


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Crossbody Bag

And we continue the blog-a-versary with a new bag! Some of you may remember this post I wrote a while back about a bag I made out of vinyl. For the past few months (ok it’s been like a year) I have been trying to recreate this bag. That vinyl must have been a special treasure because I could not find a similar texture anywhere I looked! I’ve tried multiple times to make another version out of vinyl but there was always an issue. I knew I had to try a different fabric, but still wanted something sturdy and bold. That’s where canvas came in. I found some beautiful colors and decided to give it a go! AND IT WORKED.


The shape of this bag is perfect. The color is everything I could hope for. I am SO HAPPY with how this came together. It is the most labor intense bag I make, and has the most hardware so it takes time to put together but it’s worth it. This bag features an adjustable strap, turn lock close and¬†interior slip pocket.


The crossbody is my favorite style bag, as I love just throwing it over my chest and going. The size is also ideal because it is large enough to fit all your daily essentials (sunglasses, phone, small wallet and keys) but small enough that you can’t “garbage it up” with things you don’t need.


I decided to start making these in solids and adding florals to the lining-because I can’t¬†make a bag without florals!


You can shop them now on etsy! Electric Blue & Light Blue!



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Valentine’s Day Bags on Etsy!

The time has come for the next holiday! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! I’ve been adding bags to my etsy shop pretty frequently and the Valentine’s¬†theme has not been forgotten!

This floral print is one of my absolute favorites because it reminds me so much of Cath Kidston. It was gifted to me by a customer at my parent’s farm a few years ago and I just never knew what to make with it until I saw it paired with the polka dot print!


These small pouches are such a fun size. I originally made them to hold check books, but while check books aren’t so much in use, there are so many other items to hold! Now I use my pouch for pencils and pens. I also take one with me when I travel to hold my electronics cords.


I originally made the smaller pouch to hold gift cards, because I hate getting a gift card with no thought. When it comes in that little paper holder, it’s so boring and impersonal. Putting a gift card in this little pouch is like giving two gifts because the pouch can be used long after the card is gone! When I carry around a smaller bag or clutch, I put my money and ID in the little holder.


I also recently discovered they hold a small collection of lip balm and will hold lipstick!


I absolutely love making these small bags because I get to have so much fun with fabric. In general I gravitate towards loud prints, and when I was first making all I saw in the market place on etsy were solid, boring brown and black bags. Yes, they are beautiful and well constructed but boring is not my style and I don’t think I’m the only one with that mentality!


I love color. I love how seeing certain colors can brighten your day and lighten your mood. I like to use the phrase, “Life is too short to carry a boring bag”.


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Hellooo Holidays! Etsy Sale!


Just a quick post to let you know that there’s a little sale going on in my etsy shop! 15% off everything with the code: HOLIDAY15. I have so many new pouches, totes, coin purses, and gift card holders- perfect for gift giving! And something brand new, I’ve now opened my shop to international shipping! I’ve wanted to do that for a while but was just nervous. I’ve never shipped overseas but ya just gotta go for it, right?

The code is good until end of the day today (November 30th)!



Where I’ve Been.

Oh hello there little blog, I seem to have been neglecting you lately. I swear there is a good reason, but let’s just say: I’m tired.

I was recently hired back at my old job with Anthropologie for Holiday Help. It was only two weeks of work, so nothing crazy but it was weird going back. It’s also Turkey Season at the farm. We don’t raise turkeys but we take orders for Thanksgiving.¬†A lot of people don’t understand that we are just a small farm and it is basically my mom, dad and I working. So my stress level has been pretty high.

I did my first Holiday Craft Show a few weekends ago¬†as well! It was in South Jersey, and while I’m glad I did it, I will not be attending that show again. I’m starting to learn my audience, and the venues I need to be looking for. The show was very “home party” (think Sentsy, Avon, etc) and not many people with their own handmade items. I need to start looking into Juried shows, in more notable areas. But I’m happy I went, I learned more about my booth set up and made some good connections and I’m excited to do more shows.



In other sewing news: I thought I found the perfect pattern to sew through Burda Style but didn’t realize that the instructions do not include photos. I’m a very visual learner, so the whole process of putting this thing together has not been fun. The collar is a mess but I’m stuck with how to fix it. I just can’t look at it anymore but hate that so much time has already gone into it. I’m going to leave it for a while and hope that a little time away will help my brain figure out fixing it. (Don’t mind the black, I ran out of plaid fabric for the facing and had to improvise)



So that’s what I’ve been working on. Not much to share right now but hopefully I’ll have some awesome projects up here soon!