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Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak

Two years ago, I made an anorak and it is definitely the most worn handmade item in my wardrobe. It’s such a simple jacket to throw on and goes with so much in my closet. After that make, I swore up and down to myself that I would make another – actually I wanted to make one in every color. Since the construction of the jacket took longer than your average project, the need for 10 – 15 more went away. As I’ve done more traveling, and as I’ve packed the same handmade pieces into my suitcase time after time, the realization that I did, in fact, need another anorak crept up again.

In August, I put “grey anorak” on my sewing list. I was trying to think of the next color I wanted to make and olive crossed my mind as well as navy. I felt olive was too accessible (although I will probably make one, one day)  and I was just given a navy pea coat from my sister’s hand-me-downs. After thinking about your typical staple colors, I decided grey was the next best option to have in my wardrobe.

This whole conversation with myself was just a thought, no concrete plan, but I was hoping for it to be done in the near future. At this time, I was busy planning out my active wear wardrobe and buying a ton of fabric for that collection.

Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish StitchedSnowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish StitchedSnowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish Stitched

I was buying fabric from fabric.com when I got the email. The email that threw all my plans out the window and had me ordering the fabric and pattern that same night. The Kelly Anorak. The jacket of my dreams just landed in my inbox. The absolute best part of this new pattern? IT HAS A HOOD. I have this thing with hoods. I believe all jackets should have them, and not enough patterns have the option to add them. Clearly I was sold, and since it was already October, I had to make it ASAP to get to enjoy it.

I gathered my supplies within a weekend. No joke, the fabric arrived and the next day I had bought the zipper, snaps and cording.

Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish StitchedSnowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish Stitched

This jacket would have come together faster if I had a place to hammer in my apartment. I had to beg my dad to find me a small table for my sewing room that I wouldn’t ruin with a hammer. So there’s a new table in my sewing space and I am a pro at inserting snaps. Seriously, there are 12 of them on this jacket.

There was one MAJOR alteration I made. I shortened it by about 3″. I cut and made the size two. What I love is that each pattern piece has the “lengthen or shorten” lines but I don’t think the pattern was thought about having that much being taken out of it. I sewed on the pockets and was getting ready to add the cording when I realized there wasn’t enough room in the body between the top of the pockets and where the cording needed to go.

Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish StitchedSnowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish Stitched

I wound up ripping out the pockets and lowering them to add the cording at my waist point. If you plan on shortening this coat, be sure to triple check the location of the pockets and see where the cording will fall. You don’t want to sew them too close because the gathered waist could bunch the pocket. Another tip if you plan on shortening, shorten and measure before you buy your zipper.

Since I bought my supplies before even printing out and assembling the pattern, I didn’t know I would be shortening the coat that much. But since 3″ were taken out, I had to shorten my zipper to fit. Which meant taking out teeth, which meant the top had no stopper. Really this isn’t that big of a deal, it’s just an extra step that can honestly be avoided. If you want to figure out how long this jacket will be on you, hold the back piece up to your body. Imagine it a little shorter because of seam allowances but you’ll begin to see just how long this might be on a petite body.

Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish Stitched

Other thoughts about the pattern: Instructions were good! I did have a few issues that I think were due to exhaustion but I still want to point them out. When doing the right zipper facing, I got so confused with the wording of part (1) because I had yet to cut down my zipper and my measurements were all over the place. I wound up reading those instructions like, 20 times. I didn’t have any other problems until sewing the hood on and the section where you wrap the hood facing around the neckline seam. I know to most of you reading, this will not make sense, but if you make the jacket I just wanted to point out my problem areas. I read this step over and over, and finagled with the fabric so much I almost cried (it had been a really long day). I still haven’t figured this step out and just made it up. No matter what I did, the project in front of me did not look like the picture.

Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish StitchedSnowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish Stitched

After that mess up, the rest of the jacket was a breeze. I did not use grommets, and instead sewed button holes for the casing. I do want to get stoppers for the drawstring because after seeing all the tester versions, the stoppers added such a professional look.

I cannot explain how happy I am with this jacket. It is so perfect and I think it’s a mix of both the pattern and the fabric, because yes I could have made this out of a grey solid, but this print is just what I needed. It’s a fun neutral and I can’t wait to show it off. I’m praying for a mild winter so I get to wear it more this year!

Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish Stitched

I do plan on making another, and would love to make one with a lining. I will size up depending on the fabric for my next one. The size two fits perfectly, but if I add a heavy sweater underneath this one, it would be a little snug.

Whew! This was a long post, but I had quite a few opinions to share about this pattern. Guys, I totally recommend it. I do think it is for the advanced seamstress but with all the tutorials Heather has coming out, you’ll be fine to sew this up having never made a coat.


Pattern: Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Files

Fabric: Snowy Grey Twill from fabric.com (Click the link below!)

Cording, Snaps & Zipper: JoAnn Fabrics

Have a great weekend!

Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak - Trish Stitched



28 thoughts on “Snowy Grey Kelly Anorak

  1. Your anorak is so good looking; such nice workmanship and I very much like the cargo pockets. You did great with the snaps – I hate snap installation – the fabric is perfect to match anything. Be proud of this project – can’t wait to see the next one.


  2. Wow, it looks amazing- definitely not homemade, you have such a great talent for really good workmanship. That pattern is manna from heaven!! Lately the patterns from Closet Case have been so tempting…Great job!


  3. This looks amazing! Love it in this print because it’s so unique. I already really liked this pattern from other reviews but good to know that it’s kind of petite friendly. How tall are you if you don’t mind? I’m curious if I’d have to shorten more than 3 inches!


      1. Oh wow! You look a lot taller so I didn’t expect that, then I will have to follow your makes even more closely then because I’m around the same height. Thanks for the tips 😀


  4. Amazing job, it looks awesome and fits so well. I’m more than a bit intimidated by coat sewing (and underwear) but you’ve done a fab review and I think this jacket has just made my ‘to sew list’ yours is fabulous and I love it.


    1. Thank you! Oh my gosh, I am also very intimidated by sewing underwear and have tried a few times (working on a bra now!) The big thing is to just take it step by step, and before you know it, it’s done! I really love how the indie designers have sewalongs to assist in making because they have definitely helped me in the past!


  5. I just love this coat!! You did an awesome job, and I think this would be a good coat for me since we live in Florida…..One question though. I will order this same fabric, maybe in a different color, but did you have to worry about matching this fabric at the side seams or pockets? I’m thinking if you did then I need to order more fabric than what is required…..Hopefully you’ll see this soon..LOL


    1. Hi Betty! Thank you! Yes it would be a great coat in Florida! I did not worry about pattern matching since it all blended together well it wasn’t really an issue for me. I also turned my fabric so the print is going horizontal rather than vertical. Because I shortened the pattern, I was still able to fit all pieces in. Take a look at the pattern piece layout on the pattern instructions. You should be ok, but if you are thinking about turning the print you may need more. Hope this helps!


  6. What a beautiful coat! Hard to believe that awesome fabric is from Joann’s. I have such a hard time finding things I like in their collection, but I’ll have to take another look now. You put so much work into this coat and it shows. It looks really professional and warm. Great job.


  7. Nice looking coat! How is the fit? I have the pattern, I have the fabric and all the notions. It just seems there’s a big difference with the finished measurements and my measurements. I made the Minorou a few years ago, and could have easily cut out 4″ and still fit. Just trying to figure out what size to make🙂


    1. Thank you! The fit is amazing on this coat! I made a size two, per my measurements and it was perfect. I can’t wear too many layers underneath because it will be too tight, but that wasn’t my goal with this version. I’m not sure how the Minorou would compare but it’s still pretty simple to make adjustments to fit before stitching it all together, especially since there isn’t a lining. I would also recommend a muslin if you feel your size is super far off. For myself, I pretty much have the upper body of a 12 year old so if you are bustier, I would check out some of the other sewists who made a version and see their suggestions! Hope this helps!


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