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Day 20: Color and Colette Shorts.

The topic of Day 20 is: If you had to be a color, what color would you be?

This instantly reminded me of the song "Little Numbers" by Boy.

"Looking at the cars that drive on by
While spring is making promises outside
Red cars are quite rare I realize
Then I wonder which color you like"

It is such a cute song and I think you should take a listen!

I would be the color green. Not only are shades of green my favorite colors, I love the feeling that "green" implies. I do think of myself as an ethically responsible person, (buying fair trade/made in the usa, recycling and buying/using recycled products, buying organic and being a part of a family who raises "natural" products) so I think green also applies to that.

I did a little research and read that green is also the color of balance, harmony and growth. I do find it interesting that the color green also relates to money and wealth and being very concerned with financial status. (I don't relate to that meaning as much.)

So I didn't craft anything "monochrome" for the challenge, but I wanted to post the shorts I made a few weeks ago (that I finally took pictures of).

I call these "Shorts for a Shorty". I am under 5' and have a pretty hard time finding nice shorts, doesn't everyone?? If I purchase kids shorts, they are too high in the waist, but Juniors shorts are way too short and I still don't fit in Petites. So when I won a gift card from Kollabora, I knew I wanted to buy Colette's Iris Shorts Pattern and a yard of  Sea-foam Poplin from Mood.

I was VERY nervous about making bottoms, since zippers scare me and the thought of sewing legs just doesn't appeal to me. But, here they are, in all their blue glory….








I made size 2, because I was afraid size 0 would be too small. The waist fits great! (I just added the belt for styling) I didn't want to do just a regular hem so I made a small cuff on the bottom of each leg. The invisible zipper came out nice, so I don't mind actually showing the side off. The only problem I really have with the pattern is the placement of the pockets. They are a little too close to the front of the shorts for me to like them. I feel awkward when putting my hands in a pocket and to put something inside, forget it, it would be way too bulky.

I have been wondering what all the fuss was about Colette Patterns and after using this one, I'm hooked! Everything fits so nicely into the pattern envelope, the instructions are like a little book and the back pocket is so convenient to add my own pattern pieces inside. 

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