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Making Your Own Craft Labels

If you follow me on pinterest, you'll know I've been planning this project for months. I have wanted labels with my business name on them for years, but have never found the right source with the right price. The past year has made it very apparent to me that it isn't just a want anymore but a need for my business. It isn't enough to have tags and business cards that can just be discarded when the bag is in use; my name needs a permanent spot on my bags.

I've been looking into custom labels, and while it is not hard to find a source to make them, it is rather expensive. I've seen websites with custom labels ranging from $50-$100 for 100-200 labels. To me, that cost isn't worth it. I would rather take that money and use it for fabric. Of course, the more you purchase, the lower your cost, but I'm not at the point in my business to buy 5000 labels. My taste could change over time, I want flexibility.

I've researched some "make your own custom label" options  (the one below is a fantastic option from Patchwork Pottery) and while there are great ideas out there, I've found the solution for my own business.

Patchwork pottery label

After my research, I decided to make my own labels because it would drastically reduce the cost, and most of the supplies are re-usable for other projects. In this post I'm going to share my process and sources for my custom labels.


The Process:

Stamp name onto twill tape with fabric ink

Separate labels by cutting and use frey check for ends

Sew label into bag.

Easy enough right?!


Materials and Sources:

Custom Stamp:

talktothesun on etsy. I've blogged about this artist before, but have no problem repeating that this seller is fantastic. I was nervous because the stamps are made in Japan and I'm always more inclined to purchase from a small business in the United States because I want to support a more local seller. After looking on etsy at stampers, this seller was far better than most I saw. Again, there are MANY stamp designers on etsy, I fell in love with talktothesun's style and knew it was best for me (and at only $35 for a custom stamp)! 


I was more interested in stamping because it lets me reuse the stamp for more than just labels. It also makes customizing the label very easy. I can change the color of the stamp with a quick switch of ink pads.

Ink Pads:

Versa Craft for fabric, paper, wood, etc. I did some research on ink pads and knew I wanted a fabric stamp pad so the ink wouldn't bleed through the twill tape. Not only did talktothesun sell VersaCraft , but I read some blogs also stating this ink was great. I purchased three different colors from JoAnn Fabrics online because I had one of their many coupons. (they are also on sale right now!) What I love about these stamp pads are the range of colors and the size of the pad. I bought Burgandy, Emerald Green and Spring Green because these colors will work well with my bags. I'm sure my color collection will be growing soon. The ink pad is only 1" but makes stamping simple because the stamp pad itself is raised so you don't hit the sides like on larger stamp pads. It also doesn't bleed through the twill tape!


Twill Tape:

I debated on many different sources for twill tape and did many different "research missions" for a source. I was originally going to purchase from Save-on-Crafts but I found a much better source for what I was looking for. If you only need a few yards at a great price, definitely check out save-on-crafts, but if you are looking for more for your money: is your resource. This site has so many colors, widths, weights, all for fantastic prices. I purchased the Heavyweight Natural at 3/4". This bolt has 72 yards for $9.75. 72 yards. That's impressive.


There are many reasons people purchase custom pre-made labels. Yet there are also many reasons to make your own. I know this process is very time consuming but it works for me. When I want to step away from my sewing machine, just relax but still do work, this is a great project. It's mindless so I can watch tv or hang out with Drew while still working on a task that needs to be done.

mini pip custom label

If this is a process you think would work for you, I hope my resources will help. I'm so excited to start putting labels into my bags and can't wait to give it that professional, but still handmade, touch.


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