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Bombshell on the Beach

It happened! I finally got to the beach, at the very end of the summer. But that's ok because I busted my butt to have my one piece bombshell to wear! Drew and I visited his family on Long Beach Island on Sunday and we got 3 whole hours of sun and sand!! (and a half hour of some of the best ice cream I've ever had)

You may remember my swim skirt from the bombshell pattern. I made that first to get an idea of how the one piece would come together and fit. It went together super quick and very easily. I even added cups to the top for a little added support.

bombshell on the beach- minipip

bombshell on the beach- minipip

What I wish I did was take into consideration that this pattern is made for a woman 5'6" tall. Being 4'10" I had quite a few inches flapping in the midsection. It wouldn't have been that bad if I made a solid color suit but with the print, the overlap was very noticeable. All I did to fix this was sew down a few inches in the side, basically making a tuck to hide the extra bits. It isn't perfect, but I'm happy with it and I've never felt more comfortable on the beach.

bombshell on the beach- minipip

The fabric is from Spandex House and I can't tell you how much I love this print. It's been hard finding a swimsuit fabric that had a print other than polka dots. This has polka dots, but those giant florals give this such an awesome look.

bombshell on the beach- minipip

After making my own swimwear, I'm not sure if I want to buy a bathing suit again. This was such a lovely pattern and it has really opened my eyes to sewing more active wear…which might help with my upcoming half marathon…

bombshell on the beach- minipip


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