Handmade Leggings

Working from home has its perks. Walking a few steps to get to the office, streaming netflix in the background…but it's also really difficult to stay motivated. The best way for me to work is by breaking up my day and avoiding that late afternoon crash. With my marathon training schedule, I'm at the gym 4 days a week and I've tried the whole early morning workout and the "after work" workout but I hate a busy gym. So I go at 2:30, right before I feel like I need to take a nap but still enough time to get plenty of work done before and after running.

I work all morning, go to the gym in the afternoon, come home to shower and eat then get right back to work. My afternoon work is usually computer stuff so comfy clothing is totally acceptable. Enter the easiest apparel sewing project ever: handmade leggings!

One Little Minute has a great tutorial for making leggings with your exact measurements. It takes some time to make the pattern, but after that pattern is in your hands, you can make leggings in no time at all.

handmade leggings-mini pip

I made my first pair out of a solid red from Girl Charlee and wound up wearing them every day after that. So I knew I should have more than one. I whipped up a second pair out of a printed knit pretty quick. It is the perfect thing to wear after the gym. If you are looking for a quick easy project this one should be on your list!

handmade leggings-mini pip

Next version will be in a thicker knit and with all this cold weather here in Jersey, these will be great to wear as long johns as well.

handmade leggings-mini pip

Fun Fact: When I was younger, I wanted to be a cartoonist. I fell in love with drawing cartoons and became obsessed with the Peanuts Gang. I got this sweatshirt as a Christmas gift when I was probably 12 and still love it. It's just a tiny piece of my very large collection.


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