New Name – New Place

The past few days my camera has gotten a workout! I've been playing around with photography and different ways to show off my bags. I've been adding little props to my photos, like buttons and spools of thread, to add a little spark to my pictures.




I'm not doing this just because I have lots of free time, I actually have a huge announcement to make! Over the last year the name "Mini Pip" hasn't felt like me. I started my blog to go with my etsy shop but over the years, half of my posts are about etsy and half are about other creations I sew, mainly apparel. I started to feel like I had outgrown Mini Pip.

I wanted to change my name but had NO CLUE what to call myself. When I was first thinking of names years and years ago, my mom always told me to have my name in my shop name but I didn't want Trish in my title. Don't ask me why. Little life lesson: Always listen to your mother. A few weeks ago, the perfect name popped into my head and I've spent those weeks getting ready to move everything around.

I am so very happy to announce my new name: Trish Stitched.

Over the next week or so–hopefully no longer than that– I will be transferring all social media links and titles to Trish Stitched.

I'm also leaving the Typepad world for WordPress. Typepad was great at first and a site I thought I could grow into but it isn't user friendly and I'm ready for an upgrade. My new blog can be found at It isn't ready just yet but I wanted to give plenty of notice. I've been reading up on the "blog moving" process and learned that the Bloglovin reader will move everyone over after I tell them about the change of address. So if you follow on Bloglovin, I don't think you'll have to do anything! But if you do follow from another reader, you may have to follow the new blog once it is up and running.

I hope you continue to follow me even though I'm changing things up a bit. I'll have more info when I do some more work. And one last update: I did put my Mini Pip etsy shop on "vacation mode" but my new shop TrishStitched is up and ready to go!

Find it here:


2 thoughts on “New Name – New Place

  1. Congratulations on the new name and welcome to WordPress! I’m thinking about setting up an Etsy store, and found it so hard to come up with a name that worked for me.


    1. Thanks Laura! I had the same problem when I first started, what’s cool about etsy is that you can open up shop and change your name ONCE while still keeping your shop intact. (your username won’t change, just the shop name). naming is difficult! Takes a lot of time-but once you have it you know!


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