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Week Three: Me Made May 2016

Almost to the finish now with Me Made May. Week Three finally saw some repeats in handmade- but I’m happy it took to week three to get there! This tells me I’ve been making enough pieces to build a useable wardrobe- one that I actually want to wear. It’s also taught me that it’s ok to get rid of the handmade pieces that I think I’ll wear but just sit in my closet. There are a few pieces I no longer reach for so why keep them around, even if they are handmade? I used to think it was something sinful to get rid of a handmade item- I know how much time and cost went into the piece, why would I toss it? But just like any clothing item, it has seen it’s day in my wardrobe and now it’s time to make room for something that better fits my life and style.


Day 15: My Aires Leggings from Seamwork Magazine. I now have Sunday’s off and for the first time in like, 6 years, my Sunday’s are real rest days. It’s so cool having a day to spend time with Drew and my Sunday Style will definitely start reflecting the change.


Day 16: Pneuma Tank from Papercut Patterns. Monday was a day in the sewing studio and I took out my Pneuma Tank to wear.


Day 17: Band of Florals Tee and a Refashioned Skirt. I always forget how much I love this skirt until I wear it. I just can’t wear it for work on the farm so it doesn’t get as much use as it could.


Day 18: Another Copy & Paste Tank. This one (unblogged) has a band of sparkles with fabric left over from Rainbow Fish.


Day 19: First Repeat! Florals and Stripes Boat Tee– and a basket full of Asparagus


Day 20: Kimono. Made this piece last year during Me Made May. I wear it more in the Summer time but it is a great piece for an easy outfit.


Day 21: Another Repeat- Cranberry Anorak. I also toted my handmade Vinyl Tote.


And I wanted to share a picture I found the other day! Remember this dress I refashioned? It was my Grandma’s and when I was cleaning, I came across a picture of her wearing the original dress! Here we are side by side. I think she would like the modern version as much as hers.



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