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Handmade Christening Gown from Piece of Wedding Dress

This past weekend was my Sister’s Baby Shower! It was a lovely day and after months of planning and weeks of making, I was finally able to give my sister her handmade gift.

Handmade Christening Gown- Trish Stitched

This little piece has quite a story and a bit of a journey that I am so excited to share.

When my sister got married, she decided to get the train of her dress hemmed off because she was just a little short for all that fabric. She asked me if I wanted the extra material and of course I said yes. I didn’t know what to do with it, since not every project calls for bridal fabric, so it sat for years. When my sister said she would be having a little girl, I thought it would be super special to make a christening gown with the fabric.

It took weeks to get the courage to cut into the material. And then another week to to actually start sewing the dress. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous making a garment since I had such a limited amount of fabric to work with and it had to come out perfect.

I used the smaller sides (technically the center front) for the bodice pieces and the sleeves. The center back was used for the skirt.

Handmade Christening Gown- Trish Stitched

After some gown research, I went with Simplicity 2457 view A for the final piece. I didn’t want something extremely frilly or vintage looking because that isn’t my sister’s style. I loved the small details on this pattern and I was able to customize with just a little bit of lace to compliment the fabric itself.

Funny story about the lace! I forgot to bring a swatch of fabric with me when buying the lace trim so I had to go based off memory. In the store there was a stark white and then there was an off white, then it went into some yellowish tones. I went with the off white and bought about 6 yards total. I brought it home and put it up to the fabric and it looked just like the stark white! So instead of going back to the store, I tea dyed the lace! I thought black tea would make it too dark so I soaked the pieces in chamomile tea and after 10 minutes, it was perfect! The work we put into a garment…haha

Handmade Christening Gown- Trish StitchedHandmade Christening Gown- Trish StitchedHandmade Christening Gown- Trish Stitched

I wanted to keep the original hem so the bottom of my dress is different from the pattern but I did follow the pleats on the waist. I also had a set of vintage pink buttons in my stash and used them to close the back.

Handmade Christening Gown- Trish Stitched

I am so proud of this piece and it is special garment for her new baby to treasure.

Handmade Christening Gown- Trish Stitched

 I also made my own dress and my sister’s dress!

Handmade Christening Gown- Trish Stitched


12 thoughts on “Handmade Christening Gown from Piece of Wedding Dress

  1. What a sentimental gift, really special. It is funny to think about how much work we put into our sewing projects. Congrats on your sister’s baby shower! When is she due?


  2. Such a beautiful little dress, and so special using the wedding dress cut off and that so much thought and love went in to making it.


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