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Fall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt

One of the things I love most about the area of New Jersey where I grew up are the flea markets and festivals. Towards the end of the summer, there are two in particular my mom and I attend. The Peach Festival, which I’ve mentioned before, and the Tewksbury Flea Market. We’ve been going to that flea market for the past three years and each year I’ve found a great score of fabric and buttons. This year wasn’t as successful and I only walked away with one piece of fabric. At the flea market I was debating whether or not to even get it, and was wondering what I would do with it. My mom immediately suggested tote bags and I thought that would be a great use for it.

A few weeks went by and the fabric sat in my “to make” pile for bags. But since it was constantly in front of my face, I started to become a little too attached to it; the texture and colors were too beautiful to let go (I know, I have a fabric hoarding problem). I decided it would just need to become something for my wardrobe.

I thought the print would make a great skirt, and going against every goal I had to make more basic pieces, I was determined to have this statement piece in my closet.  After a bit of research, I came across the Rosari Skirt from Pauline Alice. It’s the perfect pattern for a button up skirt and thought that look would be great with the print.

This pattern comes with a bunch of options, which I love because there is so much freedom to create exactly what you want in a piece, or add details you didn’t think about adding to begin with! This pattern has two lengths and multiple pocket options. I went with view A in the mini length and decided against back pockets. Because I omitted the back pockets, I did end up cutting the back piece on the fold, which is not in the original pattern.

Fall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish Stitched

Fall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish Stitched

This pattern has wonderful instructions which made sewing it up a cinch. I just had one tiny problem when sewing the belt loops.  I read the measurements as inches instead of centimeters, so the front belt loops are super close to the center front. I don’t mind, but just as a tip if you make this pattern, the main measurements are in cm (my bad…)

I cut out a size 36, which is another quick thing I have to mention about this pattern. Usually I have to cut the smallest size, and on most of the big four patterns I cut small and still have to take in. This skirt needed no size adjustments and I didn’t even make the smallest size! The measurements were right on which is a huge plus. Even the length for the mini was perfect for my petite frame!

Fall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish StitchedFall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish StitchedFall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish Stitched

One of the parts I love most about this skirt is the weight. It’s basically tapestry material, hence the title of this post, so it has an awesome feel.  With a shorter skirt, I hate having to watch the wind and keep pulling at my skirt so it doesn’t fly up, but no worries about that here! I can actually see myself wearing this quite a bit and I’m excited to style it with tights and boots in the colder weather.

Fall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish StitchedFall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish StitchedFall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish Stitched

I’ve also been trying to get out of my comfort zone a little more and didn’t take photos on my parent’s farm for once! I dragged Drew with me to Bayonne, about a 20 minute drive from Hoboken, to Stephen R. Gregg Park where we did a quick photo shoot. This park is beautiful! Drew and I did a 5k there a few years ago and we’ve always wanted to go back. It has these awesome structures and I can’t wait to photograph here more often. The night turned out to be really stunning and on the drive back to Hoboken, the coolest pink sky led us home. The picture doesn’t do it justice but I wanted to share.

Fall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt - Trish Stitched

AND in super exciting news, MY SISTER HAD HER BABY! I’M OFFICIALLY AN AUNT! I am so excited and little Molly Claire is the cutest thing. I won’t be sharing a photo here, but there is one on my Instagram. I can’t wait to sew a ton of baby pieces, and I’m even looking into handmade toys for when she gets older. Any suggestions on what to make for her?



9 thoughts on “Fall Tapestry Button Up Rosari Skirt

  1. Beautiful skirt! I love the shape of it! AND CONGRATS YOU’RE AN AUNT YAY! My sister’s name is Molly, great name choice 😉


  2. Your skirt is fab, I think it’s wonderful and so unique that it’s awesome, love it!! Congrats on being an aunt, I’ve made a few bits most recently a travel changing mat that was funky, not exciting but practical.

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