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Polka Dot Moji Pants

Happy Monday! I have a project to share that has been on my sewing list for…months. No joke, I had the pattern printed, fabric chosen, everything ready to go, but these babies just kept falling further away from the sewing machine. I’m not really sure what took so long to make them, they were incredibly easy and only took a few hours!

Growing up, my mom refused to let me wear sweatpants out of the house. It was one of the biggest “no-nos” for clothing and I grew up only wearing sweatpants for sports and bed, never casual wear. The whole reason behind this was because my mom always wanted to make sure my sister and I looked presentable and put together. Later on, this also applied to leggings so the only time I wear them are for lounging and running. Old habits die hard guys, and this is one fashion rule I still follow. So finding a pattern for casual pants that aren’t jeans, could easily turn into a wardrobe staple.

Moji Polka Dot Pants - Trish Stitched

Moji Polka Dot Pants - Trish Stitched

Yes, another Seamwork Pattern. I can’t stop, the patterns are just too good! This time I made Moji pants and am so pleased with the result. To be honest, before deciding on Moji,  I was looking into Hudson Pants and was doing a Moji / Hudson comparison and what really stopped me from Hudson was that they are strictly for knits. Moji is great for twill, chambray and poplin.

Moji Polka Dot Pants - Trish Stitched

Moji Polka Dot Pants - Trish Stitched

Moji Polka Dot Pants - Trish Stitched

Before making Moji, I wanted to read reviews because I’ve heard some sewers had problems with the pattern. One of the most common problems is how tight the pants are. I made a size two, and the biggest fit issue I had was the length- which as a petite sewist, that’s to be expected. The calf area was a little tight, but not as bothersome as other bloggers faced. Another issue seamstresses had were how low the rise is on Moji. This actually works in my favor because anytime I make pants, the rise is way too high. These are fit issues that can be solved by making a muslin. I know, I know, making muslins suck. It takes time and you just want to get to the final product. But if you think these fit issues will effect you, a muslin is well worth it.

Moji Polka Dot Pants - Trish Stitched


Moji Polka Dot Pants - Trish Stitched

I did not make a muslin for my version, because I didn’t think the fit issues would effect me. Like I said before, the only alteration was in the hem. I hemmed the bottom up 2.5″ and decided not to add the cuffs because I wanted crop pants. To make them fall where I wanted them to, I just rolled the bottom twice. You see my unfinished seams but I like the look.

I love these pants. They are so comfortable and casual but can still look polished with the right styling. I would love to make a black and white check pair, like in Seamwork’s version. My pair are made out of Robert Kaufman Cotton Chambray. This is the same fabric I used in my fall vest (olive dot no longer available) and part of the same collection as my Western Peplum. The more I sew with Robert Kaufman, the more I would love to have this fabric fill my wardrobe. It’s so beautiful! Click the “shop now” button below to go right to the fabric!

8 thoughts on “Polka Dot Moji Pants

  1. These look great, I love spots and this fabric looks perfect, they fit so well and they make me want to give them a try, I’ve never attempted trousers/pants before, they scare me!


  2. Yippee i just joined seamwork and these were my first choice.i would love to make a check cuffed pair like the model. I am a littleun with small calves so (eek)am going for it with no toile!happy to be on seamwork and looking forward to sharing makes xx


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