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Adventures in Guatemala

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to travel to Guatemala for work. I'll blog more about my job eventually, but for now I just want to share some pictures of where I went. First stop was Cajola, then Shala (Quezeltenango) and ended in Antigua. It was such an incredible experience and I do hope to go back one day. I tried to get a few photos while traveling to each location but they drive so fast it was difficult to get a clear shot!

Here's some pictures from the week.

















Every place we went had such beauty and it was really nice to completely surround myself in the culture. We weren't in typical tourist locations, besides Antigua, and even then you could feel the authenticity in all the architecture. I'm not very fluent with my Spanish so while I couldn't communicate very well, everyone was understanding and so welcoming.

 And just to share, I work for an ethical company, MayaMam Weavers. Our artisans are from Cajola, Guatemala and they make home and fashion accessories. It's a truly wonderful company to be a part of and shopping ethically has been a passion of mine for a few years. Here's the last picture I took in Guatemala…in the airport with a pair of TOMS and my travel companion, a stone and cloth backpack.




 If you are looking for great gifts for the holidays this year, all three company's have fabulous AND ethical ideas. It's nice to give more than just a gift.


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