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The Patchwork Wristlet

I am so happy with my new design The Patchwork Wristlet. I designed this about three years ago, wanting to work on it but not having the time with school. The design has been stuck in my mind since I first sketched it out and a few months ago I finally made a mock-up.



original sketch. good thing my mind remembers what I want.


I've mentioned before that I am NOT a quilter. I don't think I could have the patience for the amount of work that is involved in a quilt. This patchwork definitely took some time, but I've been making it in small batches, just enough for two bags at a time, which allows me to enjoy the process rather than dread it.


Photo 1
Photo 4
Photo 5
work in progress photos-the fabric has a total of 9 patches across and 7 down.


The finished bag. More photos and info on etsy.

AND in other news:

Photo 2

Photo 3-001

The fabric and design for my new dress


Photo 1-001
and my fabric from monaluna arrived! stay tuned for some new products!


wow. that was a long post. it is also making me realize how much sewing I have to do. more to come.


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