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Refashions – Past Projects

I haven't had a chance to sew many new things so I thought I would post my past refashions. I love refashions because the basic garment is already intact so the hard work is done for you!

The first refashion I did was for my junior prom in 2007. I bought a dress (that did nothing for me) and decided a few days before prom that the dress wasn't going to cut it. My grandma had given me her dress from the 50s a few years before that was sitting in my closet.


the before-I added the belt.




I tried not to cut anything, since it is vintage, so the third tier is folded up into the skirt. It was an incredibly easy project, just enough for my beginning sewing skills to take on. I have almost no photos of me in the dress, but here are a few that show the added buttons, and my jewelery from the night.

My sister and I have the opposite taste in fashion and you can really tell just from our prom looks.


The next refashion I wanted to share is my favorite! I took an old vest of my moms and made a dress out of it.





Refashioning is a great way for beginners to get the hang of sewing. It's really how I started and to this day, refashions are some of my favorite pieces.

Have you refashioned lately? I would love to see some creative ways to use old clothes!


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