Project 365

Project 365: Week One

Yay it's Monday! Which means photos from the first week! Here is July 1st-July 7th. And I'm happy to say that the boyfriend will be joining me in this challenge! He is starting a new job soon and he wants to document the transition.

July 1st:

Photo 1

I'm working on a "recycled" collection, and will have a new post up this week with these bags.

July 2nd:

Photo 2

Drew and I have wanted to try doritos locos tacos since our trip to Canada last year. They weren't that great.

July 3rd:

Photo 3

A few of the new bags I made.

July 4th:

Photo 4

Bagel Smash in Hoboken. Sorry no Firework shots for 4th of July, I think social media had it's fill so here's a bagel.

July 5th:

Photo 5

Photo 1-1

We were coming home from the mall and stopped at the zoo but it was closed. We took a walk around a pond nearby but it was too hot to stay. Drew goes to training for work in a few days so I don't have much time left with him.

July 6th:

Photo 2-1

Photo 3-1

Home for the weekend to work. I picked snap peas in my bathing suit again, but got a nice sunburn on my back. The cows were eating in a line right by the market, perfect picture moment.

July 7th:

Photo 4-1
Photo 5-1

Laminating lace for a new project and dinner at the Melting Pot.


I see a pattern emerging here: food and sewing. I'm excited to see my year in pictures. Again, I'm trying to post these to twitter the day I take them, and the Collect App I use gives the picture a caption, which is really cool. And let me know if you start this challenge too!


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